Discover The Benefits Of FordPass and FordPass Pro

Discover the benefits of using FordPass and FordPass Pro app with your Ford car or van. Contact Sandicliffe to enjoy FordPass in your new car.

Discover The Benefits Of FordPass and FordPass Pro

FordPass is an innovative smartphone application that allows you to access useful information about your Ford. Whichever car from the Ford range you drive, the FordPass app is here to enhance your driving experience.

The FordPass app also offers a host of futuristic features that are designed to make Ford ownership more simple and intuitive. With real-time data, you can monitor your car\'s health status and plan your journeys more effectively.

With FordPass Pro, businesses can manage their vans with absolute ease. FordPass Pro can connect to multiple vehicles at once, offering you full control over your fleet of Ford vans. When you purchase a new Ford from a Sandicliffe FordStore, our expert team can help you connect to your FordPass app.

FordPass is perfect for getting more from your personal vehicle. Wherever you are in the world, you can monitor your car. This is particularly useful if you’ve lent your car to a friend. You can also remotely lock and unlock your car and track its location.

Another handy feature of the FordPass app allows you to control your heating and air conditioning from afar. This is perfect for cold days when the windscreen might be frosted over. Just turn on the heater from inside the house and cut out all the fuss. It is also ideal in the summer when you want to cool the car down before you get in the vehicle.

You can even use FordPass to plan your journey on your phone before you leave the house. The app will then send the directions to your car. FordPass will monitor live traffic updates and ensure your journey is always free of unnecessary delays.

FordPass will also allow you to understand your driving habits more accurately. The app will record information about every trip, including the number of miles travelled, duration of time on the road, and braking, corning and acceleration statistics.

If something is wrong with your car, the FordPass app will ‌tell you. You can then book servicing and maintenance at the touch of a button. Using FordPass makes owning a Ford Fiesta, Puma, Focus, S-Max, Kuga or any other Ford much more futuristic.

If you drive an electric or hybrid Ford, the FordPass app offers you a host of additional advantages. Alongside the benefits of FordPass for combustion vehicles, you can also effortlessly manage your EV charging schedule and charging status from anywhere in the world.

The benefits of FordPass for your electric vehicles and Ford electric and hybrid vans don’t stop there. You can use the specially designed EV Trip Planner to find the best route for you. This will factor in any public charging stations that you might need along the way.

The FordPass app will also provide you with more accurate driving range estimates using the Intelligent Range feature. This useful addition monitors your driving behaviour, weather forecasts and crowdsourced data to precisely predict the remaining range of your electric car.

FordPass Pro is designed for businesses that are powered by Ford vans and commercial vehicles. Whether it’s the iconic Ford Transit, the robust Tourneo Custom or any other van in the ford collection, FordPass Pro makes managing your vehicles far easier.

Ideal for businesses with more than one van, you can connect up to five commercial vehicles to your FordPass Pro app. You can then use the “My Garage” section of the app to seamlessly switch between vehicles and monitor their individual health, location and status. This includes fuel levels, washer fluid levels, brake disc status, tyre pressure and more.

With the FordPass Pro app, you can keep your business moving by identifying any problems with your van before they impact your work schedule. You can also access all of your Ford services in one place. This includes finding 24/7 roadside assistance and booking MOT and servicing at official Ford dealers like Sandicliffe.

There are also several additional safety benefits that come with FordPass Pro. With Remote Zonal Locking, you can control the cabin and load doors individually. FordPass Pro also has a dedicated “Guard Mode”. This setting keeps an eye on your van when you can’t. It then sends an alert to your phone if it senses any unauthorised access.

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