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All the Ford cars that are Ford Pass compatible are listed below. By owning one of these vehicles, you can make your life so much easier by using the Ford Pass App! Get monthly fuel reports, live traffic notifications, vehicle health alerts and more.

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Benefits of the Ford Pass App

There are many benefits to the Ford Pass app which will make your life easier. Discover some of them below:


Never wonder again if you locked the car when you're too far away to check. Use FordPass to remotely Lock and Unlock from anywhere, and get on with your day without worry.


Cold morning? Get the car warmed and windows cleared, before you've even tied your laces. Remote start means your Ford is ready to go when you are.


SecuriAlert helps you to relax in the knowledge your vehicle is in a heightened state of security. If the doors are unlocked or opened, even with a duplicate key, it will send a notification to your smartphone.


Can't find your Ford in a busy car park? Or lent it to a loved one? Maybe you want to check your car is where you left it. FordPass can show you its last recorded location on a map.