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New Ford Electric and Hybrid Cars

Racking your brain about which type of Ford electric car would best suit you and your lifestyle? Can’t tell a Mild Hybrid apart from a Plug-in Hybrid? You’re not alone. Demystify the complexities of electric technology and discover all you need to know about Ford electric cars and hybrids to make the right decision for you.

Sandicliffe Ford are excited to bring you the New Ford electric and hybrid range which is set to expand to 16 fully electric vehicles by 2022.

Feel the difference of Ford electric. Experience the future today.

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Different types of Ford electric cars

The Ford electric range is here and it’s just as versatile as you would expect from the world’s leading motor company. From Mild Hybrid vehicles that require no charging at all, to All-Electric cars that can be charged at home, on-the-go and at your workplace, making the leap to electric feels more seamless than ever before.

Ford electric and hybrid technology can be split into four categories: Mild Hybrid (mHEV), Hybrid (HEV), Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) and All-Electric (EV).

Mild Hybrid

A Mild Hybrid Ford uses a small electric motor to help power your conventional engine. The electric motor will never drive the car and the car will never solely run on electric power. The electric motor can recover energy from braking which improves efficiency and acts as on-board assistance.


A Hybrid Ford has two power sources – a conventional petrol engine and an electric battery. Your Hybrid Ford will be able to seamlessly switch between petrol miles and pure electric miles for shorter distances. It can also use both at the same time for better efficiency. Your Hybrid Ford will never require plug-in charging as it will charge itself on-the-go.

Plug-in Hybrid

Plug-in Hybrids have a similar set up to a Hybrid, but with a larger high voltage battery. This means you can drive on pure electric miles for longer distances (up to 30 miles approximately). Once you have used your electric miles, your Plug-in Hybrid will run like a normal Hybrid with the additional option of using a plug-in charger to get your electric miles back up sooner.


The eco-friendliest of the bunch, an All-Electric Ford runs solely on electric power. Your All-Electric Ford will be 100% emission-free and offers an electric driving range of up to 370 miles (depending on the model). It can be charged using a 230V power socket at home, a wallbox or a public charging station.

Benefits of a Ford electric car

In comparison to petrol and diesel cars, a Ford electric vehicle costs less to run and maintain and are much more efficient to drive! Read through some of the main advantages of going green with Ford.

Fuel savings

You’ll feel an immediate relief of fuel costs when opting for an electric car. To put this into perspective, your electric car be fully charged at home for as little as £3.00 - a fraction of the price you would pay for a full tank of fuel.

Whether you choose to drive a Ford Hybrid or you’re making the full switch to Ford electric, you can be certain you’ll be spending less on fuel from the very get go.

If we’re talking numbers, an electric car will cost you around £627 to run for a year compared to the yearly cost of £1,971 of a petrol car.* That’s a yearly saving of £1,344.

*Typical saving of £1,344 (£1,971 - £627) based on 12,500 miles per annum, fuel economy 36.7mpg (7.7L/100km), fuel cost £1.28/litre, domestic electricity cost of £0.19/kWh, an energy consumption of 16.5 kWh/100 km and all charging carried out at home.

Simpler servicing

Although it’s important to check in with your electric car every now and again, you’ll be pleased to know that the process will be a whole lot simpler and cheaper.

Your electric car will be engineered using fewer moving parts than a conventional petrol or diesel, meaning you can expect to say goodbye to servicing costs for oil changes, spark plugs, fuel filters and belt changers just to name a few.

Additionally, enjoy Ford’s 8-year battery warranty on the All-Electric Ford Mustang Mach-E.

Driving dynamics

Experience driving dynamics like no other. Your Ford EV will perform and handle better in the city than other petrol or diesel cars thanks to instant torque and increased driving dynamics.

The 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E GT promises 459bhp with 830Nm of torque giving the all-electric SUV the power to hit 60mph in less than 5 seconds.

All of this and not a single harmful emission produced.

Lower emissions

Whether you choose to drive a Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid or an All-Electric Ford, you will be emitting fewer emissions into the atmosphere than a conventionally fuelled car. Our Hybrids and PHEVs are more efficient comparably, so despite still relying on fuel, they’ll produce fewer exhaust emissions.

Of course, your fully electric car produces zero harmful emissions and are soothingly quiet to drive.

Charging an Electric Car

Charging a plug-in hybrid or fully electric vehicle used to be an understandable concern, but these days charging stations are much more readily available. Public charging stations are popping up more each day and Government grants are available for charging points, or wall boxes, for the home.

Charging at home

Thanks to generous government funding, you can now install an EV charging station at your home. Start your day knowing your car is fully charged up and raring to go.

Charging your electric Ford in the comfort of your home not only saves you money but it saves you time – something even money can’t buy.

Charge on-the-go

Did you know there are over 25,000 charge points in the UK alone (compared to 8,394 petrol stations)?

Ford have partnered up with Ionity in a bid to increase the number of High-Power Charging (HPC) stations across the UK and Europe to 400 (2,400 HPC plugs) by 2020. A 350kW Ionity HPC lets you juice up in less than 20 minutes.

Such advances in technology and infrastructure mean you’ll never be too far from a charge point again.

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