The Brand New Ford Fiesta for Sale

The Ford Fiesta falls into the super mini category and is one of Ford’s most successful models, first launched in 1976, it now has the reputation of being the UK’s bestselling car of all time, and it’s still a staple on British roads today. The Fiesta is still one of the most desired models on the road, fun to drive and primarily cheap to run there is a lot of choice with the current Fiesta, from body styles to engine sizes to colours and optional extras.

With plenty of engine choices, from the economical Ecotecnic to the speedy 1.6 ST there is sure to be a Fiesta to suit your wants or needs. Whether you are after a well performing sporty car or a cheap and cheerful run around, the Fiesta is probably best known for its versatility.

As one of the most seen vehicles on our roads it’s safe to say the Fiesta has been styled well, with the latest inspiration taken from the new Ford ‘look’ with the Aston Martin style front grille and clinched in waistline. The Fiesta is a striking model to look at with its sporty design and extensive range of trim levels.

Ford Fiesta Specification Features

Being the most popular Hatchback on the road means it has a reputation to protect.


Is it possible to have too much choice? We didn’t think so either! With 10 different variations of alloy wheels and wheel covers to choose from, we're sure you’ll be able to find the perfect one for you. They have all been carefully designed to reflect different personalities and style, what do you want your car to say about you?


The choices don’t end there. In fact, they’ve only just started. We have 11 striking colours for you to consider! Make a statement with Race Red or stay cool with Frozen White, we’re confident the Ford Fiesta will turn heads either way.

Race Red (Standard)

Frozen White (£250)

Moondust Silver (£495)

Deep Impact Blue (£495)

Magnetic (£495)

Shadow Black (£495)

Copper Pulse (£625)

Bohai Bay Mint (£625)

Candy Blue (£745)

Candy Red (£745)


Over the years the Fiesta has continued to move with the times. Ensuring it’s always on the cusp of cutting edge design and craftsmanship, as well as packing in technology and practicality. Plush leather finishes draped over the handbrake and seats (optional) create a clean, luxurious driving environment as well as providing comfort.

Front seats are fully adjustable to make them just right for you and provide maximum comfort for both driver and passenger, while heated front seats are optional.

The sweeping dashboard in the Fiesta features a central screen, and dials have been inspired by the mobile phone in order to seem familiar and easy to use. Ambient lights frame the sleek dashboard design and showcase the wealth of space as well as accentuating the Aluminium Foot Pedals that sit beneath.


Branded as innovative and dynamic the Fiesta’s award winning design has never faulted on style. The sporty face of the vehicle blends seamlessly into the hatch with modern panel detailing and optional spoiler. Each model promises a different finish however remains faithful to its instantly recognisable shape.

Basic features such as the grille and headlights have been redesigned and detailed with LED lights and wraparound rear headlights promoting its all new squarer body style. Prominent wheel arches frame your choice of alloy wheel, once again showcasing the vehicle’s individuality.

Ford Technology

Renowned for its cutting edge technology, Ford’s Technical Engineers have once again presented the most advanced driver technology available. The technology on offer makes for easy and comfortable driving as well as a few added features purely for entertainment purposes.

Keyless Entry

Just walk to the car, keys in pocket and voilà! You’re in. Perfect when you have bags full of shopping resting on your arms. The car will even start with the touch of a button, no need to twist the key. Who needs manual keys anymore? They’re so… 2008.

Power Start Button

Have you ever needed a quick getaway and your attempts have been impaired by fumbling with your car keys and 25 assorted keyrings? It happens to the best of us, but with the Power Start Button you no longer have to worry. Pulling off has never been so simple. Simply hold the clutch down and press the start button. So whether you’re late for work or an appointment, you’ll never have to worry again.

Sony DAB Radio Sound System

This state of the art entertainment system has everything you need for an enjoyable journey. With crisp sound output through 8 individual speakers in total, it’s something that everyone in the vehicle can enjoy. The MP-3 compatible CD player as USB and Bluetooth options available, allowing you to connect your phone and external music devices as you please. Ford SYNC is integrated into the system, featuring Hands-free Bluetooth, Voice Control and Emergency Assistance. All commands can be activated from the Remote Control Audio controls on the steering wheel, making it the safest and most convenient system available.

Rear View Camera

Optional on the Titanium and standard on the Titanium X, the Rear-view camera is quickly becoming one of Ford’s most popular features. Combined with the Satellite Navigation system, the camera is automatically selected when putting the vehicle in reverse gear. It displays a clear full colour live stream of the view behind the vehicle onto the central console. Reversing in to tight parking spaces has never been so easy, it’s like having eyes in the back of your… car.

Parking Sensors

Parking sensors are available as an option on most of our Fiesta models.

Electric Powered Assisted Steering (EPAS)

Electric powered assisted steering adjusts driving conditions for effortless cruising. For example, the steering will feel lighter when manoeuvring slowly into tight spots and will become firmer at high speeds on the motorway for more control over the car. Unlike other systems of this nature, Ford’s system constantly monitors changes in the driving conditions but will only kick in when needed. Contributing to good fuel economy.

Cruise Control

Kick back and relax on longer journeys. With Ford’s Cruise Control system, you can drive effortlessly down the motorway without your foot constantly pushing down on the accelerator. Speed can be maintained and altered using steering wheel controls.


Ford SYNC is the hands-free, voice activated system built into your Sony DAB Radio. It has the ability to make phone calls, play music and receive texts from your phone and can all be controlled through Voice Control. The AppLink feature also allows you to control specified apps through the console rather than through your phone, making it safe to use whilst driving. Emergency Assistance is also a feature incorporated into the SYNC system.

Adjustable Heated Seats

Both front seats are fully adjustable, ensuring that both driver and passenger are as comfortable as they can be. Not only this but they also come with a heated option so that you can keep warm through the coldest weather.

N Sat Nav 5" Screen

With full colour and DAB audio the satellite navigation system is sure to keep to keep you on track! The 5" screen makes for easy viewing, and its clever technology uses responsive real-time technology to re-route in cases of heavy oncoming traffic conditions. It delivers accurate delivery times ensuring you’ll never be late again!

Ford MyKey

“Can I just borrow the car to..." sound familiar? Worry less with stress free car sharing. MyKey allows you to tailor the vehicle’s settings to a particular driver. You can set maximum speed limits, volume control and seatbelt reminders to your key so that when it’s used all the relevant settings kick in. So now there’s no need to panic that your co-driver might end up on the 10’oclock news!

Heated Quickclear Windscreen

Heated Quickclear Windscreen, once you’ve had one you’ll wonder how you ever coped without one! This clever feature clears your front windscreen from ice and snow in cold weather. Just sit in your car and let the magic happen in front of your eyes. With the touch of a button it’s clear within a matter of minutes.

Interior Coloured Ambient Lighting

Purely for visual impact, relax in your cabin with the Coloured Ambient Lighting. Highlighting your interior with a soft red glow, creating a warm atmosphere. This feature comes as standard on the Ford Fiesta Zetec, Titanium and Titanium X.

Electric Automatic Headlights

This genius device can detect a change in lighting conditions, therefore it automatically turns your headlights on, taking the hassle away from driving through the day into night. Not only this but it can also sense sudden changes and adapt to them quickly, such as going through a tunnel.

Electric Foldable Wing Mirrors

Here at Sandicliffe we’ve seen our fair share of broken wing mirrors. Why not take away some of the risk? The Electric Foldable Wing Mirrors automatically fold in when the car is locked, protecting themselves from passing traffic. They will then resume the exact position they were in when unlocking the car so you don’t have to re-adjust to suit you.

30 Second Home Safe Headlights

The 30 Second Home Safe Headlights have been designed purely with consumer safety in mind. It’s a simple concept, once you’ve pulled up, flash the left hand indicator, proceed to get out and lock your vehicle and the headlights will remain on for 30 seconds illuminating your path home if it’s dark. For peace of mind, this handy feature has been installed across the range.

Emergency Assistance

Often over-looked but potentially lifesaving, Emergency Assistance is a great feature to have for peace of mind for you and your passengers. By constantly monitoring the fuel pump and airbag, the vehicle can detect if the vehicle has been involved in a collision. Once it recognises this, it automatically calls the emergency services and supplies them with your pinpoint location. This can save lives if the driver or passengers are unconscious or are unable to call for help for any other reason.

Engine Performance and Fuel Efficiency

At Ford, they believe that good fuel economy doesn’t mean they need to compromise on performance. Gone are the days that speed and power cost a fortune. Ford’s tireless efforts to improve in this area have really paid off, by introducing the award winning EcoBoost engine, delivering efficiency and performance.

Auto-Start-Stop EcoBoost Engine

The 1 litre, 3-cylinder engine promises the power of a conventional 1.6 litre engine however it uses 21% less fuel. It does this by measuring the exact amount of fuel needed to support that power, rather than using too much. This genius process has secured the EcoBoost as the leading petrol engine available.

The Auto-Start-Stop feature saves you from using fuel whilst idle. When it recognises that you are stationary and the clutch is off the floor, it will temporarily shut down the engine. Once the clutch is pressed it will automatically kick back in allowing you to pull off as usual. This happens regularly at traffic lights, in traffic and waiting at junctions. Other features such as the radio and air conditioning are unaffected by this and will remain on when the feature kicks in.

Advanced Trip Computer

The Advanced Trip Computer constantly monitors your driving techniques. Critiquing your driving whilst suggesting improvements you could make to improve your fuel economy. The areas it assesses are speed, braking, gear shifting and anticipation. It will also monitor the amount of short and long journeys you take and calculate an average. All of these factors contribute to data that is then relayed back to you. Fuel efficiency can be significantly improved if you take the feedback on board.

Smart Regenerative Charging

In contrast to traditional systems, The Smart Regenerative Charging battery will only charge when needed and whenever possible, it won’t charge if you are accelerating. This all contributes to better fuel economy.

Fuel Efficient Gear Changes

This simple yet effective feature will indicate when you need to change gear. A small arrow will point upwards or downwards to suggest changing into a higher or lower gear. The gear changes could benefit your economy by assessing the speed you’re doing and what gear you’re currently using.

Safety Features

We truly believe Ford are committed to designing and fitting the latest safety features available. With a 5 star Euro NCAP Reward Safety rating and advanced technologies designed specifically with safety in mind, this little hatchback has you and your safety well and truly covered.

Euro NCAP Advanced Safety Reward

The all-new Fiesta has received a 5 star Euro NCAP reward, the highest rating rewarded by Europe’s leading independent safety organisation. With intelligent technologies such as MyKey, Active City Stop, Emergency Assistance & SYNC. Just a few of the features that show Ford’s innovations designed specifically for protection.

Active City Stop Collision Avoider

An advanced technology designed to help you avoid collisions in slow-moving traffic. Travel at the pace of a snail and the system will detect if the car in front has stopped unexpectedly, automatically applying the brakes for you.

Auto Hill Start Assist

The system applies and maintains extra pressure to the braking system, giving you more control as you move your foot from brake pedal to accelerator when making a hill start.

Electronic Stability Control

Stay in control in all conditions with Electronic Stability Control as it monitors your car’s progress, correcting your road position. Helping you to maintain control and reducing stopping distances in an emergency.

Advanced Airbag System

Side airbags with thorax protection, curtain airbags with head protection and an airbag to protect your knees are standard.

Early Tyre Pressure Notifications

The Deflation Detection system notifies you if there’s a puncture or when your tyres start to lose pressure by lighting up an icon.

Advanced Breaking System (ABS)

The Anti-lock braking system ensures that your braking is more controlled.

Emergency Braking Assist (EBA)

Emergency Brake Assist sense how much pressure you’ve applied to the brake and automatically increases it if necessary.

Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror

The Fiesta’s auto-dimming rear view mirror automatically detects headlight gear from vehicles behing you by automatically switching to a dimmed setting.

LED Daytime Running Lights

These highly energy efficient, advanced daytime running lights help you to be noticed during the day and be seen more clearly at night.

Intelligent Protection System

A series of safety features make up the Intelligent Protection System giving you and your passengers maximum protection. The rigid bodyshell and advanced seat belt technology reduce the chance of injury in the event of an accident.

Security Features

Remote Global Closing

Open and close all of the doors and windows remotely using your car, preventing an intruder from unlocking the doors due to the double locking system. This is also includes a Perimeter alarm system.

The History of the Ford Fiesta

Mark 1 (1976-1983)

With the change in the global car market, Ford saw a gap to introduce a small, reliable model to drivers. The MK1 was born and quickly became a success, with over a million being sold by 1980! A range of specifications were introduced from the Spartan Base, Popular, Ghia and Supersport.

Mark 2 (1983-1989)

Although the second generation wasn’t radically different when it came to looks, the first diesel engine was offered. The MK2 also gave birth to a multitude of special editions from Finesse, Festival, Bonus, Olympus Sport… the list goes on. There was no doubt that Ford made sure there was a MK2 to suit your needs.

Mark 3 (1989-1994)

Bigger and better, the third generation model also offered a five door version. Two millions were sold in just the first two years including many of the special editions; Quartz, Azura, Sapphire…

Mark 4 (1994-1999)

Britain’s bestselling car from 1996 – 1998 was heavily revised with a new range of Zetec engines. Not to mention the colour variations!

Mark 5 (1999-2002)

Taking styling advice from the Focus the MK5 was actually a MK4 with a facelift. Fresher and more stylish, the MK5 also introduced the Zetec-S with an impressive bodykit, 101 bhp and a firm chassis.

Mark 6 (2002-2008)

Another best-seller the MK6 was marketed as a ‘world car’, going on sale in Japan, India & Australia. ABS and airbags were standard whilst hot hatch fanatics were treated to the new Zetec-S and a ST model.

Mark 7 (2008-2016)

Known for its reputation as one of the best front wheel drive cars, the current Fiesta offers a whole array of features. From keyless entry and power steering to the stylish grille, the budget hatchback has upped its game, whilst remaining formidable.

Mark 8 (2017)

The Fiesta RS has been rumoured for a while and it seems more like a reality than ever. The 8th generation model will offer completely new styling and enhanced interior quality. Ford recently stated that refinement shouldn’t be compromised due to size. So expect a model to reflect those who have more expensive taste when it comes to a supermini. That isn’t reflect in the price tag!


Fiesta 2017 Series

Britain’s bestselling car; the Ford Fiesta; demonstrates its versatility in a series of new 2017 models. Whatever your style and whatever your needs, there is a Ford Fiesta designed to complement you. The Fiesta range showcases the all-new Fiesta Active alongside the Vignale, ST-Line, ST and Titanium derivatives. So, forget everything you think you know about the Ford Fiesta and discover the new line-up.

Fiesta Titanium

Big in style and high in specification - the Ford Fiesta Titanium, as expected, delivers premium quality and drive. Being one of the highest specifications in its class, the technology incorporated into the vehicle is nothing short of genius. The Ford SYNC3 system with Voice Control, perfectly accompanies the 8-colour touchscreen that has been framed in chrome and leather surroundings. The Fiesta Titanium has been purpose built to compete at a premium level, in which it has been successful. Bold and brilliant, this vehicle does not fail to impress.

Fiesta ST-Line

Power, energy and endless excitement – introducing the all-new Ford Fiesta ST-Line. The vehicles distinctive sports styling and unique badging encompass the traditional ST design; however, fitted with the award winning Eco-Boost engine, it remains economical and practical to own. The drive of the vehicle is exciting and promises the high-level of performance the styling demands. The optional red trimmed seats not only add personality but also allow you to command the road in ultimate comfort. This model is perfect for the thrill seekers.

Fiesta Vignale

Renowned for its contemporary and luxury finish, the Ford Fiesta Vignale exceeds expectations as it breathes life into the Fiesta’s modest design. The distinctive front grille accompanied by the 17” alloy wheels instantly resonate with the Vignale range. Inside, the driver is immersed into an oasis of quality materials and innovative technology that have been finished to the highest standard. The craftmanship presented in each individual aspect of the design sets the Feista Vignale apart from its predecessors, creating a unique and exciting driving experience.

Fiesta Active

The first Fiesta crossover of its kind has arrived to satisfy the adventurous, introducing the Fiesta Active. The stunning SUV-inspired vehicle boasts practicality, convenience but most of all, exhilaration. The Fiesta Active is equipped with everything you’ll need – roof bars, a higher driving height and additional cladding. Live a little, discover open roads and explore where this dynamic vehicle can take you when the Fiesta Active is released late 2017.

Fiesta ST

Preserving all the things you know and love, the Ford Fiesta ST sticks to what it does best. It delivers power performance as well as ultimate sport styling. The vehicle is a firm favourite with car enthusiasts and continues to turn the heads of onlookers. It’s cool exterior encases an exciting interior with optional personalisation. The heart of the Fiesta ST sits underneath the bonnet, even more responsive and controlled than before. Arriving in 2018, unleash your inner thrill seeker and discover what the ST has to offer.

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