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The iconic design of the New Ford Transit Van has been modernised with a fresh facelift making the commercial Ford Van bigger, smarter and more connected than ever before. The 2019 New Ford Transit Van retains its practical, purpose-built design whilst accruing a heightened sense of sophistication with improved features such as a distinctive 3-bar signature grille, a more aerodynamic profile and new advanced engine technology. A first choice for hardworking industry professionals all over the globe, the 2019 New Transit Van brings together its exceptional performance, ample space and unswerving reliability.

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Ford commercial vans are committed to facilitate the lives of each tradesperson and since its introduction in 1965, the Ford Transit Van has done exactly that. Now offering 15.1 cubic metres of load space and a carrying capacity of up to 2.1 tonnes, the 2019 New Ford Transit Van continues to evolve, proving it is the perfect solution to all your commercial needs.

New Ford Transit Design: Endless Opportunities

The New Ford Transit Van comes with an endless choice of customisation for greater versality to suit all your business needs. A popular addition to the exterior is the tow bar which uses the smart Trailer Sway Assist feature to keep towing activity under control by preventing any trailer sway or ‘snaking’. Short wheelbase and long wheelbase models are available to choose from with a variety of payload options and drivers will enjoy a reassuringly long 12-year anti perforation warranty. The New Transit Van has been designed to increase efficiency and convenience with added durability.

Benefit from the hands-free Power Side Load Door which opens and closes from the push of a button on your key fob or dashboard for more efficient loading and unloading. When it comes to larger cargo, you can utilise the Wide Opening Rear Doors which can be locked open at 270 degrees. Closing of the rear doors is now easier due to improved air extraction vents within the cargo area which relieve any existing air pressure build-up.

Take the stress out of driving with Rain-sensing Wipers and Quickclear technology. Your New Ford Transit Van uses wipers that automatically detect and adjust to the weather around you while Quickclear technology is capable of de-icing, de-fogging and de-misting your New Transit windscreen with the touch of a button. When it comes to harsher weather conditions, Side Wind Stabilisation is activated by using Ford’s Electronic Stability Control to keep your new Ford commercial van unaffected by strong crosswinds.

The New Ford Transit Van now enjoys striking LED Daytime Running Lights for maximum visibility during the day and the night. The automatic headlights not only keep you visible on the road but also detect on-coming traffic and adjust the brightness to prevent dazzling others. Additionally, Ford’s Power Fold Mirrors with integrated indicators protect themselves by folding inwards when parked.

For added convenience, the 2019 New Ford Transit Van offers a wide, high-grip Power Step which is merged onto your rear bumper for easier access into the cargo area. This is particularly useful if loading is done by hand. If you’re somebody who works longer hours, why not opt for the new LED Downlighter feature (attached to the rear top) for improved visibility during evening light. The feature will automatically turn off when running low on battery to make sure you’re never left stranded.

Protecting your New Ford Transit Van is Ford’s Easy Fuel filling cap designed to only allow the correct nozzle shape to enter for quick and easy refuelling. This handy addition guarantees that you will never fill up your vehicle with the wrong fuel and its cap-less practicality means you never have to handle a dirty cap again.

Real-world Comforts: Applied Interior

The materials used in the New Ford Transit Van have been chosen to withstand the toughest of jobs whilst keeping you comfortable during long drives. Take for example the adjustable, heated seats available to keep you warm on even the coldest of winter days. What’s more, Ford’s Driver Alert System is designed to monitor your driving for any signs of fatigue, for example, lane slipping. If detected, your New Ford Transit Van will notify you through audio-visual alerts suggesting a rest break period.

Relax in a spaciously clean and uncluttered cabin. The New Ford Transit Van comes equipped with advanced SYNC 3 technology to deliver remarkable infotainment luxuries. Ford SYNC 3 is the manufacturer’s most up to date voice-activated infotainment system which allows you to stay connected whilst on the road. The 8-inch colour touchscreen can be used to swipe through a wide range of applications including music, navigation and much more.

Take for example the built-in FordPass Connect modem, now available on the New Transit Ford Van for the first time. Provide 4G WiFi to up to 10 devices, discover real-time traffic updates and use the FordPass Connect app on your phone to double check whether or not you remembered to lock your doors. If not, use your mobile phone app to lock/unlock remotely!

Enjoy unlimited supplies of power through various sockets, ports and inputs conveniently placed around your New Transit Van. Whether it’s simply your phone that needs a quick charge or your professional power tools, your New Ford Transit Van will be able to make sure you are charged and ready to work wherever you go. Boost your capabilities with a 240V socket (150 Watts of power).

As well as the obvious cargo capabilities in the back, the 2019 New Ford Transit Van is complete with useful stowage areas conveniently placed for easy access. From a lockable glove box large enough to hold A4 files, under-seat and overhead storage compartments and cubby holes capable of storing 2-litre bottles of water, the cabin of your New Transit Van is organised to create an orderly, effective and relaxed working environment.

Ford’s Intelligent All-Wheel-Drive and the Power-assisted Steering Wheel both regulate your driving to provide the safest and most comfortable steering settings at all times. Enjoy lighter wheel turns and better manoeuvrability at lower speeds whilst achieving greater control with firmer steering at high speeds. Selectable Drive Modes include Normal mode, Slippery mode, Mud/Rut mode and Tow mode, designed specifically to tailor each situation. The latest setting to be added to the Drive Modes pack is the new EcoMode, intended for maximum fuel efficiency.

The 2019 New Ford Transit Van comes with a 6-Speed Manual Transmission. Enjoy improved fuel economy and efficiency when cruising in 6th gear as well as quick and seamless gear changes along the way. Further reduce your fuel consumption by up to 15% with Ford’s clever Acceleration Control. The innovative regulator determines your New Transit Van as un-laden or part-laden and adjusts your acceleration accordingly. This also helps reduce elements of abrasion on your new engine, brakes, tyres and more. Coming in 2020 is the excitingly new 10-Speed Automatic Transmission. Not only does the system promise to deliver outstanding acceleration and fuel efficiency, it will also use real-time shift-scheduling capable of adapting to your surrounding terrain.

By analysing your journey times, speed, gear shifting, braking and anticipation levels, the Ford EcoGuide is able to relay significant information about your driving and fuel consumption onto your dashboard. By doing so, the Ford EcoGuide can help you achieve maximum driving efficiency as well as reduced fuel consumption. Ford’s Auto Start-Stop feature can cut fuel consumption by up to 10% by temporarily deactivating the engine in idle situations such as traffic light intervals or heavy road congestion - perfect for city life.

The New Ford Transit Van comes fitted with load space lamps as standard for a safer and brighter cargo area. Choose the ultra-bright LED lighting add-on option for maximum illumination and easier loading. Take advantage of sidewall mounted, DIN and ISO compliant tie-down points to keep your cargo secure and stable when on the move. Smart Load Adaptive Control technology will further increase the stability of your New Ford Transit Van by adjusting your commercial van’s Electronic Stability Control.

Safety in Technology: Forward-thinking in every way

The 2019 New Transit Van was engineered to protect its occupants and the contents of its cargo space. Both driver and passenger are protected by front and side airbags designed to buffer the occupants away from the area of impact for heightened thorax protection. Curtain airbags further provide maximum defence as well as specially built headrests put in place to curtail whiplash injury. A Thatcham Category 1 alarm will protect you when you’re not in the commercial vehicle by deterring thieves and unwanted towing.

Using undeniably sophisticated technology, the New Ford Transit Van achieves levels of safety it has never seen before. With Pre-Collision Assist, your New Ford Transit Van can detect the risk of a collision and send you visual warnings onto your dashboard. If not responded to in time, the safety system will automatically apply full braking in order to prevent major collisions.

In the same way, the Ford’s Cross Traffic Alert uses cameras and radars to assist you when reversing out into oncoming traffic. The smart feature is part of the Blind Spot Information System able to detect things you are not able to see. With radars placed on either side of the vehicle, your New Ford Transit Van will be able to see into your blind spots, keeping you notified of any obstacles by displaying an icon in your wing mirror.

Traffic Sign Recognition ensures you never miss a road sign by displaying them onto your instrument cluster. Intelligent Speed Assist helps keep you inside the speed limit by automatically adjusting your speed setting using Adaptive Cruise Control. All three systems work closely together keeping you safe wherever you go.

Tiny cameras attached to the front and rear of your New Ford Transit Van connect to your 8-inch colour touchscreen to take the stress out of parking. Use Ford’s Active Park Assist and enjoy effortless parking – the system will even find a suitable parking space for you when driving past one, with all that’s left to handle is the accelerator, gears and brake.

Ford’s clever Hill Start Assist keeps your New Transit Van from rolling backwards, no matter how much cargo it’s carrying. The system retains brake pressure for an extra 2-3 seconds giving you the time you need to transfer your foot from brake to accelerator - particularly useful on slippery or wet surfaces. Ford’s Roll Stability Control uses sensors to monitor the vehicle’s roll rate 100 times per second. This allows the necessary adjustment of braking and engine power to keep your New Transit Van from rolling over.

Cleaner Engine Technology

More efficient and impressive than ever before, the New Ford Transit Van offers a fantastic range of award-winning 2.0-litre EcoBlue diesel engines capable of hitting 183bhp. Choose from four different powertrains to suit your commercial needs when you buy a new Transit Van.

The New 2019 Ford Transit Hybrid

Now available as an EcoBlue Hybrid, the 2019 New Transit Van uses Mild Hybrid technology to improve efficiency through the help of a small electric motor. Smart Regenerative Charging can further help save fuel and reduce emissions by charging the battery only when needed.

Intended to remove diesel emissions and other harmful exhaust pollutants, the solution based AdBlue SCR (selective catalytic reduction) is able to convert NOx emissions into nitrogen and water. Your New Ford Transit Van will let you know when your AdBlue levels become too low through a visual alert, giving you enough time to refill your new commercial van.

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