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Ford Transit Vans for Sale

Here at Sandicliffe we have a wide range of new Ford vans for sale. Our vans, once branded ‘the backbone of Britain’ remain the world’s most popular commercial vehicle, and it’s easy to see why! Its classic design and car-like performance partnered with ample space and reliability make it a first choice for hardworking industry professionals all over the globe. This iconic vehicle has continued to evolve since its introduction in 1965, all created with the customer in mind ensuring comfortable and enjoyable driver experience. Our Ford trained Sales reps have years of experience and knowledge to answer any questions you may have and test drives are available at our Nottingham and Leicester Ford dealerships for your convenience. We are positive we have a vehicle suitable for all your work needs!

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The Transit Van boasts a contemporary and modern design however is built with practicality in mind. The Ford Transit is available as a short or long wheelbase vehicle, along with different body trim options, allowing you to tailor-make the perfect van for your business. Its exceptional load space can hold a payload of up to 1,507kg depending on the body style chosen, because there is no such thing as too much space! Its impressive height enables an unrestricted view of the road on long and tiresome journeys, great seat positioning and our adjustable steering wheel guarantee a comfortable driving experience. Personal touches such as drink holders, USB ports and storage compartments have been incorporated into the sleek interior design for your benefit. Finished with flush alloy wheels and a range of colours for you to choose from, the Ford Transit Van remains the most popular choice for businesses throughout Britain.

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Exterior Features

Apart from its obvious striking appearance, the Ford Transit excels with its exterior features. Ford love to take the stress out of driving and the rain sensing wipers, auto headlights, folding wing mirrors, easy-fuel system, Quickclear windscreen and auto high beam do just that.

If the British weather has taught us anything it’s that even a quick drive down the M1 from Nottingham to Loughborough, you can expect around 5 different weather conditions! Rain or shine we’ve taken away the hassle of constant fiddling with the window wipers. It’s a small feature that makes a big difference especially when driving on the motorway. Available with another very helpful feature, the auto headlights. Loosing track of time is easy when you’re driving throughout the day. To ease the pressure, Ford have installed clever sensors that can recognise the change in daylight. Why worry about driving without the correct lights on when the auto headlights can do it for you?

Understandably, driving through the UK it can be tricky to find a safe place to park your vehicle. Parking on busy or compact roads can be difficult, especially with a commercial vehicle. Wing mirrors can easily be damaged by passers-by. Wouldn’t it be nice to walk away from your van without worrying? Well now you can. Folding wing mirrors are now an option on most of the Transit models, putting your mind at rest.

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Fords easy-fuel system is perfect for quick and easy refuelling and now comes as standard for all our Ford models. Long journeys can be a pain when you’re having to pull over every few hours for fuel. Ford have designed a simple device that doesn’t require a fuel cap and will only allow the correct fuel hose in, meaning no AA call outs! It couldn’t be any easier to fill up.

The Quickclear windscreen is winter essential and a fantastic option to consider. It’s the quickest, safest and laziest way to de-ice your car. From one touch of a button your front windscreen begins to melt away any ice and snow and it should be cleared within one minute. No hassle and no stretching over the windscreen with an ice scraper first thing in a morning!

The auto high beam is a very clever night-driving aid. This option allows you to concentrate fully on your driving accuracy and speed in dark surroundings, without having to worry about blinding on-coming traffic with your high-beam. The device can sense when on-coming traffic is approaching and temporarily dims the light. This is safer for all drivers involved and enables you to focus on the road.

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All of these features have been designed for the driver’s convenience and comfort and have proved more popular over the years. If you wanted any more information regarding the options, you can arrange a test drive with our dedicated Sales team by contacting our Ford Transit Centre

Interior Features

The interior features have been incorporated into its sophisticated design, adding to the model’s modern appeal. The cab of the vehicle is perfect for working life on the road, with hidden stowage compartments and fold out tables, again without compromising the minimalistic interior. The central entertainment system hosts Ford Sync and Emergency Assist, along with advanced hands-free technology. The Ford Transit continues to combat stereotypes of untidy and uncomfortable driving by introducing new comfort seating with fully adjustable seats and steering wheel. Not only is there a built in arm-rest for extra comfort but heated seats and lumbar support are also available options.

All of these interior options make for easy and enjoyable driving. Who ever said that work can’t be relaxing? You can find out more about these features on our Ford Technology page.

Available Colours

We have ten different colours available for you to pick from! From Panther Black to Race Red we have something suitable for any business. Stand out in Deep Impact Blue or stay classic with Frozen White! Whatever your style we are confident you will find the perfect colour to match the vehicle’s contemporary exterior.

Frozen White (Solid)

Race Red (Solid)

Panther Black (Mica)

Moondust Silver (Metallic)

Lunar Sky (Metallic)

Blazer Blue (Solid)

Deep Impact Blue (Metallic)

Tectonic Sliver (Metallic)

Stratosphere (Metallic)

Magnetic (Metallic)

Metallic and Mica body colours are options at extra cost

Available Body Styles

Choosing the right body style for your vehicle is very important. The Transit Custom is available in 3 body styles; Van, Double-Cab-in-Van and Kombi and the classic Transit Van comes in countless variations, along with a Bus M2 option. With the full width and full height bulkhead separating the cabin from the load space, the choice is then yours with regards to seating and doors. Two or three seats are available and sliding or rear hinged doors are also an option. The vehicle’s general size and optional layout demonstrate its functionality.

Short wheelbase and long wheelbase are available to choose from with a variety of payload options. Generally speaking, long wheelbase vehicles have a larger interior. Long wheelbase vehicles are perfect for your business if you are looking to haul a large amount of stock. Our trained Sales advisors would be more than happy to run through the benefits with you.

As well as this, each body style comes with different levels of trim and equipment options.


Are you looking for a versatile 7 seater Transit Van for your business? The Double Cab-in-Van is perfect if you have a larger crew that need to travel together. Of course, the extra seating area eats into the load space however depending on the wheelbase chosen it can still load an impressive 10.5m3. The wheelbases available on this variation of commercial vehicle are medium wheelbase, extended wheelbase and extended wheelbase with high roof. The interior design is not compromised as the modern, car-like design continues to impress throughout.

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Chassis Cab

The Chassis Cab in some cases is the most important aspect of a commercial vehicle and the Ford Transit doesn’t disappoint. Ford have designed the loading area so that you can use the space in the most efficient way possible. They have altered the side wall angles, making them more upright and have also extended the height of the roof. These revisions have maximised useable space. Not only this, but Ford have also increased the load length, allowing you store longer loads with no problem! In addition to the huge loading area there are other useful extras included such as tie-downs, for security and brighter cab lights for convenience. The Chassis Cab is accessible via sliding and hinged doors, depending on the variation chosen. The sliding doors often become a vital part of day-to-day use as they allow for easy access to the loadspace. They operate smoothly however are built with durability. Not only this but a ‘positive check’ latch secures the door when closed and will notify the driver if the door isn’t secured properly, putting your mind at rest. Our rear hinged doors have also been designed with you in mind as they can open to the side of the vehicle and can be locked open at a 90-degree angle. The strong doors have been reinforced with a 360-degree seal to protect your cargo from wet weather conditions, it also reduces noise as an added bonus! On the inner walls of the doors, reflective decals have been added for your protection when unloading goods in darker surroundings. The Ford Transit has earned its reputation by delivering security and capability since 1965 and it upholds this reputation with continuous improvements.

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Bus M2

If you’re looking for a commercial vehicle to transport passengers rather than a payload then you may want to consider our Ford Transit Bus M2. This 11-18 seater vehicle could be the perfect addition to your business. Popular for transport services, the vehicle offers spacious and comfortable driving experience for all larger parties. The layout is simple and minimalistic which ties in with the overall look of the vehicle. The Bus M2 comes fitted with a Power Side Step. Once the sliding door is pulled all the way across an electric step automatically folds out to aid passengers into the vehicle. The vehicle runs off a Euro 6 engine and is also fitted with an ‘Adblue’ system.

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Transit History

History of the Ford Transit

The trusty Ford Transit has been a common sight on UK roads for half a century, remaining the best-selling light commercial vehicle for over forty years. A title that the Ford Transit is reluctant to part with, the commercial has seen many transformations and unique one-off editions. The first Transit had a very basic design when launched in 1965 lasting over twenty years until the diesel and V6 engines were introduced. The new engines influenced a ‘pig snout’ nose design and a more contemporary look. The iconic van cost just £560 when first unveiled to the nation’s builders, plumbers and electricians and has sold more than eight million vehicles worldwide.

The van’s versatility is the primary reason for its continuous success. From transporting band’s equipment to venues, groceries to people’s doors and all of your belongings to a new home, the van is much more than just a work tool. Over the decades the Transit van has seen a number of facelifts to improve aerodynamic performance and to accommodate the modern worker. The Ford Transit has become ‘the backbone of Britain’, a mobile work station and more importantly an essential staple to business owners and self-employed tradesmen. The Transit has also seen many makeovers from milk floats, mini-buses, police vans and even ice cream vans!

The clichéd ‘white van man’ term stems from the notorious white Transit. The colour was chosen to keep drivers cooler long before air conditioning was a standard feature. Long gone are the days where the MK1 and MK2 came with very little features. Today the Transit offers a choice of four models in its line-up; Courier, Connect, Custom and the original Transit. Contributing over £120 billion to the UK economy and with 600,000 vans being built globally every year, the Transit shows no signs of declining anytime soon. Here’s to the next fifty years!

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Performance Features

There are some great performance features incorporated into our Commercial models, particularly to help with your fuel economy. The Ford Transit is purpose built to improve business, and it’s our belief that if we lower the cost ownership you this will maximise your overall profit and investment.

Auto start / stop technology is fast becoming a must have throughout most of the manufacturers and it’s easy to see why. Studies suggest that start / stop technology can save the average driver around 10% on fuel consumption, therefore, it was a no brainer for Ford to incorporate the technology into their Commercial vehicles. It works by the van simply turning off when idle, once stationary the driver takes the vehicle out of gear and removes their foot from the clutch and the car will turn off. Once the clutch is pressed in again to select first gear the car automatically re-starts ready for the journey ahead. After using the feature a few times, it almost becomes unnoticeable however all of our models have the option for this to be disengaged by the touch of button if you didn’t want to use it. Auto start / stop technology is particularly beneficial for town and city driving.

Have you ever wondered how good you are at driving? Well our state of the art Eco Mode System can tell you. This clever gadget monitors everything from your driving speed, gear shifting, anticipation, braking, long and short journeys and general driving behaviour. It’s continuous assessment of your driving can then pin point areas you need to improve to increase fuel economy.

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As if stop / start technology and Eco Mode weren’t enough, Ford have even updated our battery system to Smart Regenerative Charging. Unlike traditional systems this smart technology will only charge the battery when the vehicle really needs it. It will also avoid charging whilst your accelerating, unless necessary. These minor changes also help to reduce emissions.

Finally, the Ford Transits now come with a Shift Indicator. It’s a small prompt that appears on the instrumental cluster panel. A little arrow pointing either up or down will indicate when you need to shift your gears. This is based purely on which gear the car recognises will have the best fuel efficiency for what speed you’re travelling. Following the guide can be a very effective way of cutting fuel costs.


A range of three 2.2 litre TDCi diesel engines, with 6 speed transmissions power the Transit, delivering high power and 385Nm of torque to maximise fewer gear changes and pulling power. The three variations of engine deliver either 100, 125, 155PS. Pioneering technology has allowed for Ford to combine power with efficiency as results confirm low emissions, impressive fuel economy and fast warm up in cold conditions. Not only this, but the engine can be further improved by the Ford ECOnetic technologies. Ford have designed a reliable and economic engine without compromising on power and we believe this is exactly what a work vehicle needs.

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"Innovation is the very DNA of Ford" Discover a wealth of technology at your fingertips every time you use your vehicle. Hours of studies and invention have been packed into every Ford vehicle and that also applies to the Commercial models. Some of the technology has been displayed in clear view for you to use such as our Ford Sync system, however technology such as our intelligent All-Wheel-Drive you can’t see but will definitely notice!

The SYNC system allows you to stay connected throughout your journey via Bluetooth/AUX/USB whilst being entertained. Not only can you take hands-free calls, but your messages can be read out loud and you can control the music from your phone by voice control or the steering wheel controls. The AppLink feature built in to the SYNC 3 system also allows you to control and receive info from popular apps, such as live Football results from It’s a safe and easy to use system and has proved very popular with drivers who spend a lot of time on the road.

The intelligent All-Wheel-Drive system continually assesses the terrain for wet and icy conditions. It will monitor this against the grip on the road, balance and cornering before sending a signal to both axels if All-Wheel-Drive is required. This will ensure exquisite handling and a safer driving experience. In slower conditions the system will focus on improving traction control for manoeuvring on unsteady surfaces and to support pulling off. For example, if the car recognises that the front wheels are spinning but not moving the system will apply power and extra torque to the back axle to get the car moving.

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Size matters, or does it? The ECOboost defies logic as it proves once and for all that bigger doesn’t always mean better. The 1.0 litre engine performance can reach up to 140PS, packing a similar power to a 1.6 petrol engine, whilst keeping emissions down and reducing fuel costs. With an ECOboost you really are getting the best of both worlds. Power performance and great fuel economy. It achieves this by injecting a very precise & pressured amount of fuel into the combustion chamber, this unique method means that the engine only uses the minimum of fuel required.

Handling & Comfort

From motorways to country roads your Transit goes through a lot. It’s imperative that the vehicle is equip to handle different road conditions, widths and lengths with ease.

As minor as it sounds, turning can be quite difficult in a larger vehicle such as this, the chassis length and lack of rear window view can sometimes cause problems, especially on tight roads. Luckily with the advanced power steering Ford have made light work of this and the turning circle of the L2 (Medium wheelbase) is only 11.9metres. Reversing is also a breeze with the new rear view camera. A screen built into the rear view mirror displays a live camera feed of what’s behind you, with virtual guidelines to help you when reversing. It couldn’t be easier.

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Adaptive cruise control is also an option for motorway driving. This feature allows for you to set a speed to maintain until the driver accelerates or brakes. The speed can be adjusted from steering wheel controls if needed. In addition, the speed can also be limited by the on-board Adjustable Speed Limiter Device. It does what it says on the tin! And restricts the vehicle from going above a certain speed, lowering your chances of exceeding speed limits. Not only are both features very practical they also allow the driver to relax on long motorway journeys.

Of course, what use would all of this be without being able to park up at the end of your long shift? Parking sensors on the front and back can judge the distance between the vehicle and any obstructions. Take the stress out of parking and allow them to be your eyes and ears.

Safety & Security

It pays to be a safe driver. The dedicated team at Ford have created various safety and security features for yours and other road user’s protection.

In the event of an accident, Emergency Assistance can potentially save your life. Incorporated with the SYNC system, once a phone has been successfully connected the Emergency Assistant can be activated. This clever feature has been designed to recognise when the airbags have been deployed or when the fuel pump has been deactivated. It will then make a call to Emergency Services for you giving them vital information such as your geographical co-ordinates. All of this is done automatically without any assistance from yourself so even if your unconscious a call can be made. This is very reassuring if you often travel on quiet country roads.

By using a camera that continually monitors the road, it can detect if you are drifting into a different lane. To alert you the technology will then send vibration through the steering wheel and a visual warning will display on the dashboard. The system will not activate if you are travelling below speeds of 43mph so it doesn’t interfere with city driving and the whole system can be deactivated manually.

Driver alert is a feature designed to monitor the change in your driving behaviour and recognise changes that could suggest the driver is fatigued. If it notices anything it will alert you with a notification suggestion you need a break from driving.

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Turning headlights have been designed to increase visibility when turning into a road or parking the vehicle. As the steering wheel is turned, a light inside the headlamp illuminates automatically. This feature enhances your precision and safety.

Hill Start Assist is probably one of the most helpful features incorporated into the vehicle. The system works by holding the vehicle on the hill for 2-3 seconds when you’ve taken the brake off, to stop the vehicle from rolling backwards. This allows you time to get your bite and apply acceleration to move off. This particularly helpful if you’re carrying heavy loads.

The Electronic Stability Control system (ESC) monitors the vans progress and can sense if there’s any change in the road conditions. If they vehicle were to skid for example, the system would kick in and reline your road positioning. It helps maintain the control of the van and reduces stopping distances in emergency situations.

Ford Vans Available

Ford Transit Custom

The Transit Custom promises to deliver practicality and great economy. The mid-sized vehicle has proved very popular in the business sector and continues to add value to companies all over the world.

Ford Transit Courier

The Couriers compact size makes the Courier perfect for manoeuvring around busy and over populated areas. It has the best turning circle and largest load space in its class.

Ford Transit Connect

Purpose built to hold longer loads the Transit Connect boasts a generous 3.7cu.m load space. Its convenient size makes for easy city driving.

Ford Transit Centres

At Sandicliffe we have Ford Transit experts on hand to help you on your journey of picking the right vehicle for your business. We pride ourselves in knowledge and experience and we are confident we can help you. If you would like to know more about our Commercial models, then feel free to drop by or arrange a test drive today. All models are available with Ford Contract Hire and Ford Hire Purchase options.

Ford Dealers in Nottingham & Leicester

Our Transit Centres are based in Stapleford, FordStore, Leicester and Loughborough. We have a wide range of vehicles available for test-drives, so why wait? Contact us today for more information. Why not also check out our varied range of used Ford vans. All of our approved used vans are competitively priced and available via our excellent range of finance options.Visit your local Sandicliffe Ford Transit Centre to find out more!

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