SMART Insurance


Minor Cosmetic repairs using Small To Medium Area Repair Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

SMART insurance covers against small scratches, scuffs and dents to the body work that can often occur outside of your control.

It is a separate insurance policy to your standard motor insurance so will never affect your No Claims Bonus

The damage is repaired using SMART repair techniques (Small Medium Area Repair Technology) and can even be done at your home.

Claims reported more than 30 days after the incident occurring

Vehicles used for Hire & Reward, Business Use or Commercial Purposes, or used for any Competitive Driving Events

Damage that has been accumulated over an extended period of time which the administrator deems to be wear and tear

Cosmetic Damage showing signs of rust and corrosion

Vehicle Features Specialist Paintwork such as self-healing, matte and textured finishes and bodywraps

Alloy Wheels are not covered by this policy

Sandicliffe do offer a separate policy which covers Tyres AND Alloy Wheels which is explained here.