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Unlock your car's full potential with FordPass

Hassle free ownership

Your Ford in the palm of your hand

Keep all your Ford’s important information in one place.

Ford financing, the fast and easy way

Access and manage your car finance through Ford Credit.

Ford Service Booking at your finger tips.

Book a service stress free.

Effortless Connectivity with FordPass Connect

For the first time, you and your Ford can stay seamlessly connected wherever you are.

FordPass Vehicle Found
FordPass Parking

Spend less time going round in circles

Find the best parking spot at the best price. FordPass Park is only available for busy cities and it allows you to pay for a parking spot on your phone then all you need to do is present your phone at the car park. Whether you’re on your way to somewhere, and can’t find a spot, or you are planning ahead, you can use the app to locate a parking space then chose when you want to use it.

FordPass Parking

Find fuel near you

FordPass lets you find petrol conveniently en route. The app can show you nearby fuel stations along with the fuel grade, the brand and the price. You can also add your vehicle and get information about its service history and it will alert you when your car needs servicing.

FordPass Fuel
FordPass Hertz

Fit everything in, even the kitchen sink

Instantly access a Hertz 24/7 Ford Transit. Find one at selected IKEA, Bunnings, B&Q and Costco stores.

FordPass Hertz

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