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Ford Van Leasing

Leasing a van for your business just got easier. At Sandicliffe, we ensure all Ford commercial vans are available through bespoke van leasing deals that cater to your specific business needs.

Having over 60 years of experience as your leading local Ford Van dealer, you can rest easy knowing your business is in good hands. Our dedicated Ford Commercial team will offer you expert advice and guidance, solve all of your Ford Van Leasing queries, and find your business the best possible Ford Leasing deal on the market. In other words, we guarantee you the peace of mind you need to drive away the van of your choice with confidence.

Wondering which van would best suit your business? Browse our fantastic range of Ford vans today and see for yourself why Ford Commercial are the Backbone of Britain.

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Current Ford Van Leasing Deals

What Is Ford Van Leasing?

Ford Finance Lease is similar to Ford Contract Hire, offering an easy monthly rental payment plan for a fixed time period. Providing all payments have been made, you will retain 100% of the value of the vehicle at the end of your agreement. Alternatively, you may agree a part exchange price for your current Ford commercial vehicle. Below is a simple step-by-step guide of how a Ford Finance Lease agreement works.

How does Ford Finance Lease work?

1. Choose the van you would like to lease.

2. Select an agreement term that best suits you and your business needs.

3. Calculate your initial payment and fixed monthly rental (with option of a balloon payment).

4. Drive away your new Ford commercial vehicle and commence with monthly payments.

What happens at the end of a Ford Finance Lease deal?

At the end of your agreement, you become responsible for the sale of your vehicle and you keep 100% of sale proceeds. Alternatively, you may agree a part exchange price with your local Sandicliffe Ford Dealer.

Other options include:

Extending the agreement of your Ford Lease hire period. You would then enter into a secondary hire period in exchange for a nominal rental of £100 + VAT per year.

If you opted for a Balloon Rental when taking out the lease, then you must settle the amount with Ford Lease at the end of the primary term before being able to sell.

What does a Ford Van Lease include?

If you opt for Ford Van Leasing with Sandicliffe, you will receive a variety of benefits only available to Ford Finance Lease customers. These include:

Minimal capital outlay – typically three monthly rentals

Fixed repayments to assist cash flow and budgeting

Tax & VAT advantages

An additional line of credit for your business

The chance to reduce your regular rentals by opting for a Ford Finance Lease ‘balloon’ option

Ford Van Leasing Vs Ford Vans Contract Hire

Both van leasing and van contract hire have advantages from buying a Ford van outright. However, it can still be tricky to distinguish the differences between the two and how to decide on the best option for you and your needs. We have summarised the differences between the two below to make your choice a little easier.

Ford Van Leasing

With Ford Finance Lease, you choose the hire period that’s right for you and your business needs. Your Sandicliffe Ford dealer will then calculate your initial payment and how much your fixed monthly rental will cost. You will retain 100% of the value of the vehicle after all payments have been made! Another incentive to choose Sandicliffe for Ford Finance Lease! At the end of the agreement you are responsible for selling on the vehicle on behalf of Ford Lease. You may also agree a part exchange price from your Sandicliffe Ford dealer, or alternatively you may extend the agreement. If you have taken the Ford Finance Lease with a ‘balloon’ option, you must settle the ‘balloon’ amount with Ford Lease at the end of the contract.

Ford Vans Contract Hire

With Ford Contract Hire, the lease is a fixed term agreement. You pay for the hire in monthly instalments for the duration of the agreement. At the end of the contract you return the vehicle to your local Sandicliffe Ford dealer at where you confirmed the agreement. Alternatively you can take out a new Ford contract hire agreement to choose one of the latest models for Ford van hire.

Benefits Of Leasing A Van With Sandicliffe

Here are just some of the reasons why you may consider leasing a van with Sandicliffe Ford:

Hassle-free process with expert advice on van leasing

Gets your business on the road without having to buy a van outright

Affordable monthly payments tailored to you

Option to enter into a secondary period if you wish to

100% tax relief on all your monthly payments

Exceptional aftersales care throughout your agreement period

Full manufacturer’s warranty on your leased van

Keep 100% of sale proceeds at the end of your contract

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