New Ford Electric and Hybrid Cars

Discover the new Ford Electric and Hybrid Car range and find the best electric car for you! There are plenty of benefits to having a Hybrid or Electric vehicle, No more trips to the pumps, zero emissions when driving, reduced maintenance costs, as well as tax breaks and low emission zone benefits. We know purchasing any type of electric vehicle for the first time can be very daunting. So, to make things easier for you, here’s everything you need to know about Ford Hybrid and Electric cars.

The Ford range is one of the most famous in the industry, find out why by purchasing one for yourself. Contact the expert Sandicliffe team for more information, or visit your local Sandicliffe FordStore to take one for a test drive. We are here to help you make the switch to electric power and start saving you money immediately.

All-Electric Mustang Mach-E

*Fully Electric.


*Available in Plug In Hybrid & Self-Charging Hybrid.


*Available in Mild Hybrid variant.


*Available in Mild Hybrid variant.


*Available in Mild Hybrid variant.

New All-Electric Ford Explorer

*Full Electric.

All-New E-Tourneo Courier

*Fully Electric

All New E-Tourneo Custom 

*Fully Electric

Whichever you decide, your journey to lower emissions and higher efficiency starts now.

Different types of Ford Electric Cars

The Ford electric range is here, and it’s just as versatile as you would expect from the world’s leading motor company. From Mild Hybrid vehicles that require no charging at all to All-Electric cars that you can charge at home, on the go and at your workplace, making the leap to electric feels is easier than ever before.

Ford electric and hybrid technology can be split into four categories: Mild Hybrid (mHEV), Hybrid (HEV), Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) and All-Electric (EV). Find out more about Ford’s variety of electric and hybrid cars below.

Ford Electric Mild Hybrid

Ford Electric Mild Hybrid

A Mild Hybrid Ford uses a small electric motor to help power your conventional engine. The car will never solely run on electric power, but it will support the performance of the engine and make you less reliant on fossil fuels. The electric motor can recover energy from braking, which it then uses to power the car's electrical systems.

Ford Electric Hybrid

Ford Electric Hybrid

A Hybrid Ford has two power sources, a conventional petrol engine and an electric battery. Your Hybrid Ford can switch from petrol power to pure electric power for shorter distances. You can also use both power sources at the same time for better efficiency. Your Hybrid Ford will never require plug-in charging as it will charge itself as you drive.

Ford Electric Plug-in Hybrid

Ford Electric Plug-in Hybrid

Plug-in Hybrids have a similar set-up to a Hybrid, but with a larger high voltage battery. This means you can drive on pure electric miles for longer distances. Once you’ve used your electric miles, your Plug-in Hybrid will run like a normal Hybrid and charge itself back up. You will also have the option of using a plug-in charger to power back up sooner.

Ford Electric

Ford Electric

The more environmentally friendly of the bunch, an All-Electric Ford runs solely on electric power. Your All-Electric Ford will be 100% emission-free and offers an electric driving range of up to 370 miles (depending on the model). You can charge your All-Electric Ford using a 230V power socket at home, a wallbox charger or a public charging station.

The Benefits of owning a Ford Electric or Hybrid Car

Why go Hybrid or Electric?

Going electric is easier than ever with Ford, it is also more beneficial than ever, with plenty of planet saving and cost saving advantages. We are here to let you know all the information you need before going ahead and purchasing an electric car with Sandicliffe.

Reduced costs and tax exemption

Because of their lower emission output, by driving an electric car you can expect to save money through zero road tax/VED (Vehicle Excise Duty), immunity from congestion and toll charges in low-emission zones, as well as 0% Benefit-in-Kind taxation. With the rise in low-emission zones around the country, this is something everyone will want to consider as it will make your holidays or weekends away around the country cheaper!

Simpler servicing for electric cars

Reduce the number of trips to the garage with simpler servicing at Sandicliffe Ford. You’ll be pleased to know that electric cars are made from fewer parts than their non-electric counterparts, so there are considerably fewer things that could go wrong (if any). Not only does this save you money due to less frequent servicing, but it also allows your to stay confident on the road thanks to the remarkable reliability of Ford electric cars.

Zero emissions driving

Drive with total peace of mind that your fully Electric Vehicle isn't contributing to air emissions while driving, meaning you are helping the planet and saving money driving through clean air zones.

Lower emission driving

If you are not ready to switch to fully Electric, there is a Hybrid option for you. Driving a Hybrid instantly cuts your emissions and gives you a better driving experience.

No more trips to the pump

Electric vehicles offer uniterrupted travel from origin point to destination, for all but the longest of journeys.

No charging points

Self-charging and Mild Hybrids use regenerative braking to keep the batteries charged. NO need to plug in.

Top tips for owning a Ford electric car

For more information on getting the best out of your electric or hybrid car, get in touch with the expert Sandicliffe team. Or, head over to the Sandicliffe blog to find out what it means to own a Ford electric vehicle and how to get the best out of your electric car during winter. Here, we also explain how our exciting partnership with RightCharge can benefit electric car drivers.

Electric vs Fuel - Cost Calculator

How much could you save?

During the time of owning your current vehicle, you will pay * in liquid fuel

However if you owned an electric vehicle, you would pay ** in electric costs

Total Saving:

Charge for electricity based on off peak. FOC charges excluded.

*Based on a pump price of £1.45 for petrol & £1.55 for diesel.

**The above is based off a Mach-E with a 379 mile range & 75.7kWh battery.

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