New 2022 Ford E-Transit Revealed: Details, Specs, Features & Prices

Discover Ford's first-ever 100% electric van. Introducing the New Ford E-Transit. Explore E-Transit features and more here.

New 2022 Ford E-Transit Revealed: Details, Specs, Features & Prices

The 2022 Ford E-Transit was revealed at its global debut which you can watch here. Jim Farley, President & CEO of Ford Motor Company introduced the manufacturer’s intentions by saying that “Ford is committed to being fully carbon neutral by 2050,” and the New E-Transit is just the start of this plan for Commercial Vehicles.

He went on to describe the benefits of switching to the 100% electric Transit, explaining how Ford is “taking the world’s best-selling cargo van” and making it “fully electric and zero emissions…to make doing business even smarter, easier and more cost-effective for our customers.”

According to the President of Ford Motor Company, the New e-Transit is “a whole new digital business of services and data” that will “unlock an unlimited set of solutions for customers,” which will help reduce costs, increase uptime, improve productivity and grow their businesses.

He later touched on the impact that COVID-19 has had on the industry, explaining how e-commerce had risen nearly 50% in the US alone in the second quarter of the year – ultimately leading to an increase in delivery vehicle demand, and with it, increased emissions.

New Ford E-Transit driving on city street

Low and behold the 2022 E-Transit is introduced, putting higher vehicle standards, lower carbon emissions, and cleaner breathable air just a stone’s throw away for large commercial vehicles.

To put this into perspective, a small commercial fleet, of say 9 medium-sized vans, would collectively clock up around 150,000 miles a year. If we convert just that one small fleet of 9 vans, we can save more than 118,000 pounds or nearly 54,000 kilos of CO2 each year. That’s the equivalent of pulling 200 flight hours of a commercial airliner out of the atmosphere.

Improved Cost of Ownership

Turning the large Transit van into a fully electric vehicle has positive effects on the cost of ownership too as well as uptime.

Ted Cannis, General Manager for Commercial Business at Ford, made the resonating point of uptime being critical to van users: “if you’re not on the road, you’re not making money” and this is a worry for Fleet Managers and self-employed traders whose livelihood depends on their vehicles being on the road.

Plant business owner loading New E-Transit

The 2022 E-Transit is built using significantly fewer parts than the combustion-powered van – nearly 90% fewer parts in its propulsion system alone.

Fewer moving parts means a reduced chance of potential breakdown for expensive repairs, meaning reduced maintenance costs and more time on the road making money.

In fact, Ford E-Transit owners should save about 40% of operating costs by switching from petrol to electric.

Usha Raghavachari, Lab Director at D-Ford in London, explained how her team is the human-centered design team for Ford. It’s their job to deeply understand the customer’s needs and problems which she went on to say included the following:

Upfit standardisation, city congestions, reduced fuel costs, driver health & safety, increased uptime, sustainable vehicles, payload assurance, access to power, access to charging and data overload.

The electrification of the 2022 Ford E-Transit tries to tackle these areas to provide a solution for each, in other words, the 2022 E-Transit has been designed by humans, for humans.

E-Transit upfitting options

For example, the E-Transit is very configurable. Ray Eyles, North American Programme Engineer for Ford, goes as far as to claim "what you can do with E-Transit is really only limited by your imagination." Of course, he\'s talking about upfitting your van to your business\'s unique requirements.

Above we mentioned upfit standardisation was one of the things desired by most Ford Commercial customers and we see this being fulfilled as the 2022 E-Transit has been designed with the same cargo area, same easy access points and same dimensions as its non-electric equivalent. This not only means you receive uncompromised cargo capacity, but you can also carry over your current upfit with ease and no additional costs.

The New E-Transit electric van can be enjoyed in 8 body style configurations. These include the cargo van, chassis cab and cutaway versions with 3 roof heights and 3 body lengths.

3 different body styles of E-Transit cargo van

Different variations of the E-Transit parked next to each other

This is the first heavy-duty independent rear suspension used in any electric van and has been specially designed with rear-wheel drive for smoother riding and more traction when the vehicle has an increased payload.

E-Transit cutaway version

Your E-Transit battery is packaged safely under the load floor, protected with strong side beams in an insulated case.

The 2022 New E-Transit is rated at 265bhp with 430Nm of torque - a similar power with significantly more torque than the standard non-electric version.

When asked how the battery capacity and range of the E-Transit was decided on, Yaro Hetman, Global Marketing Director for Electric Trucks, Vans and Commercial vehicles said: "it was directly informed by insights from our customers," adding how Ford also "leveraged Telematics data, analysing more than 30 million miles of unique trips."

The Ford E-Transit is the "same Transit you know and love but with everything under the skin improved, with zero emissions and supercharged solutions."

Above we mentioned the D-Ford team had corroborated that access to charging and access to power were two of the things listed on commercial van owners needs.

Man plugging a charger into the E-Transit

The E-Transit can be charged with your standard Ford mobile charger using a 240-volt outlet for up to 10 miles of range per charging hour, or for faster charging times you can use the Ford Connected Charge Station (a home installed charge point).

Along with home-installed wallboxes and public charging stations, more and more workplaces are investing in charging stations too and we can expect warehouse and distribution depots to be a great place for electric van charging in the near future.

E-Transit cargo van charging at home

Many current Ford van owners commonly install inverters into their vans in order to power tools and equipment when on the job site, however, the new E-Transit offers ProPower Onboard which unlocks the convenient productivity to let you do more with your van without any need to rely on external power outlets.

The 2022 E-Transit van is capable of up to 2.4kW of exportable power to accommodate a variety of tools, making it the perfect companion on a job site.

Ford ProPower Onboard power output being used

Patricia Piedrahita, Global EV Digital Customer Experience Manager for Ford claimed the 2022 E-Transit is the “smartest Transit we’ve ever done by far.”

A built-in navigation comes standard as well as a real-time charging station locator which can tell you both the capability and availability of nearby stations based on your battery needs.

New E-Transit interior

A new \'Intelligent range\' also factors in real-time conditions, terrain and elevation of a given route including traffic conditions and even the temperature of your final destination. All of this is to provide a more accurate estimate of your vehicle’s range and to allow fleet managers to maximise uptime.

The 2022 E-Transit can offer you a powerful embedded modem with 4g LTE wifi for up to 10 devices as well as substantial additional benefits that include Over the Air updates to your latest SYNC 4 system, keeping all maps up to date and smarter enhancements to driver assistance tech.

New E-Transit SYNC 4 infotainment screen

What\'s more, fleet managers can look forward to simple and easy-to-use web and app interfaces to help with energy and vehicle management. Have you discovered FordPass Pro yet?

You will be able to remotely manage access to public charging for drivers as well as track vehicle level reporting should you need to reimburse your driers for charging at home.

Fleet managers will be also able to monitor and control individual vehicles, for example, if a vehicle is not plugged in when it should be, an alert will be sent alerting you of this.

The E-Transit is capable, fully connected and has a variety of charge options, but it also comes with an enhanced suite of driver-assist technologies that make each journey safer and more efficient.

That’s right the Ford E-Transit will come with Ford latest suite of Ford Co-Pilot360 technology including Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control, Speed Sign Recognition, Intelligent Speed Assist, 360-Degree Cameras, and Intersection Assist.

New E-Transit driver assist technology

New for the E-Transit is the Reverse Brake Assist system which applies your brakes whilst reversing when an object is detected - linked to the new 360-Degree Camera system.

A new Rotary E-Shifter is introduced to open up space and legroom around the steering area whilst keeping access to cup holders straightforward.

You’ll also see a new Electronic Park Brake on the instrument panel which frees up significant space between the front seats. It also makes it considerably easier to access the cargo area as you can simply walk through.

New E-Transit cargo space showing walk through option

Simple tweaks as such have been made to boost driver confidence and safety, and as Ted Cannis says “fewer accidents means more uptime and less cost to the business”.

If that doesn’t reassure you, maybe the 8 year/100,000 mile warranty that comes with the New E-Transit will.

We have been told that fleet trials of the New E-Transit will begin next year but we\'ll have to wait until 2022 to get our hands on one.

And how much will the E-Transit cost?

With the electric van being revealed in America, the price tag attached is shown to be $45,000 which converts to a rough £34,230. More details to follow.

2022 E-Transit driving on road

Interested in upgrading your business and making it more sustainable by investing in a 2022 New E-Transit when it hits UK markets? Drop your details in the short form below and we\'ll keep you informed with updates including the official UK price and release dates of the New Ford E-Transit.

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