Ford Offers New Customers 6 Month Payment Holiday Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic

Ford is implementing a new Peace of Mind programme which offers financial support to new car and van customers during global pandemic outbreak.

Ford Offers New Customers 6 Month Payment Holiday Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic

The Blue Oval brand has committed to supporting new customers during these challenging times by providing a 6-month payment holiday to anybody who is wanting to order a new car or van in the months of April and May.

The programme which goes by the name of “Peace of Mind” aims to relieve any financial stresses that may have been caused through the rapidly evolving onset of Coronavirus and enables customers to drive away a brand-new Ford vehicle despite personal financial impacts.

Andy Barratt, Managing Director for Ford of Britain, said: “Ford wants to reassure customers that unprecedented times should not prevent them opting for a replacement new car or van. Customers are putting a new-found priority on reliable motoring from a trusted brand and our innovative ‘Peace of Mind’ programme helps achieve that.”

As a result of the brand’s timely response to the virus, new car customers can opt into a 24- or 36-month finance deal with the amazing advantage of not having to worry about the first 6 monthly payments – how? The scheme presents customers with a 3-month deferred payment plan with Ford Credit as well as 3 months’ equivalent cashback paid by Ford themselves no later than the point of handover.

By deferring the first 3 monthly payments and providing funds for months 4, 5 & 6, Ford is able to deliver a 6-month “Peace of Mind” period to all new buyers. Customers may also opt for a finance reduction whereby they would receive the 3-month equivalent cashback as a finance discount applied to their vehicle deposit and therefore benefit from lower costs of remaining monthly payments.

Ford continues to hope its efforts provide “flexibility for our customers” and the Peace of Mind programme can “help those customers who need support during these challenging times”.

The Peace of Mind finance offer can be applied to Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) deals on Ford Options (24- or 36-month plans) as well as Ford Acquire van Hire Purchase (HP) without balloon payments (24-, 36- or 48-month plans).

What’s more, customers are able to use the newly introduced Peace of Mind offer on top of eligible 0% APR finance deals available on most Ford cars and vans at Sandicliffe Ford, making buying a new replacement car or van even more affordable. Way to go, Ford!

Is Ford Peace of Mind the offer you’ve been looking for? Find out more by visiting our Ford Peace of Mind webpage or enquire now and be one step closer to securing your next Ford with an exclusive 6-month payment holiday.

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