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Ford Finance

What is Ford Credit?

Ford Credit is one of the world’s biggest automotive finance companies. Ford Credit supply a variety of finance options for both privately owned vehicles and business commercials. Since 1963, Ford Credit have supplied finance plans to cater for millions of Ford customers in the UK. Finance from Ford is an easier solution to either lease or purchase a vehicle with affordable and straight-forward payment solutions.

All payment plans are different and it is important at Sandicliffe that we help to find the right Ford Finance plan for you. Whether purchasing a vehicle for your own needs or for business needs, our professional team with over 60 years’ experience as a Ford dealer will make the choice easier. We have provided a breakdown of each option as well as a decision tree to point you in the right direction. If you require more advice or assistance than why not pay us a visit to view the vehicles we have to offer via Ford Finance? Visit your local Sandicliffe Ford dealer for more information.

Ford Acquire

Ford Acquire is a Hire Purchase finance plan. Hire Purchase is one of the most straight-forward finance plans. Ford Acquire allows you to pay regular fixed payments with the flexibility of both repayment periods and deposit levels. At the end of the agreement, providing all prior payments have been made you own the vehicle. Ford Acquire is the perfect Ford finance option for anyone that doesn’t want the financial stress of paying a lump sum to purchase a vehicle.

You can find out more about Ford Acquire on our page or talk to a member of the Sandicliffe team at your local Ford dealer.

Ford Options

Ford Options is a Personal Contract Purchase Plan. A PCP is one of the most popular finance options. You don’t pay for the whole value of the car in monthly instalments. Instead you just pay for the depreciation value with regular payments. You also have the option to renew your Ford vehicle more often for a current model. You choose the deposit along with the length of the agreement and an estimated average annual mileage. At the end of the agreement you can choose to either re-new, return or retain your Ford with an optional final payment.

You can find out more about Personal Contract Purchase on our page or talk to a member of the Sandicliffe team at your local Ford dealer.

Ford Options Cashplan

Ford Options Cashplan is a variation of Ford Options, although you are not tied down to a regular payment. You choose the length of agreement as well as your estimated annual mileage. Ford deducts the optional final payment from the car so that your advance payment is the balance plus interest. There are no fixed monthly payments and at the end of the agreement you have the choice to renew, return or retain your Ford vehicle with an optional final payment.

Ford Personal Lease

Ford Personal Lease is also known as Ford Contract Hire. Personal Leasing enables you to pay a fixed monthly payment based on your estimated average annual mileage. We will calculate your initial payment as well as arrange with you a hire period between 24 and 48 months. Maintenance is included throughout the duration of the contract. At the end of the agreement you return the vehicle to your local Sandicliffe Ford dealer or you can take out another personal lease. The finance plan is beneficial for anyone that doesn’t want to own or have to sell a vehicle at the end of the contract.

For more information about car leasing and contract hire on our page. Alternatively pay us a visit to talk to a member of the Sandicliffe team at your local Ford dealer.

What you Need to Know About Ford Finance

What is Residual Value?

Residual value is relevant to Ford finance leasing options and refers to the estimated wholesale value of a leased vehicle at the end of the agreement. The longer the lease contract the lower the residual value as compared to the original RRP of the vehicle at the time of your leasing agreement.

What is a Balloon Payment?

A Balloon Payment is a lump sum payment that is attached to specific Ford Finance plans. The lump sum can be paid at the end of an agreement or at regular intervals throughout the repayment period. A Balloon Payment can help to reduce the interest rate and/or the cost of regular monthly payments. The Balloon Payment must be paid in full at the end of the agreement in order to either keep or sell your Ford vehicle.

Do I Need GAP Insurance?

GAP insurance is the difference between the overall cash value of a Ford vehicle and the balance that is still owed on a Ford financing plan. If your car is stolen or written off, GAP insurance covers the difference between the value and the amount that you are paying.

Ford Insure has been designed specifically for your Ford vehicle and includes GAP insurance for your vehicle on Ford Finance. These are just some of the benefits with Ford Insure;

  • If your vehicle is involved in an accident, your commercial vehicle can be repaired by a Ford-trained technician in a Ford Accident Repair Centre using genuine parts
  • All repairs at Ford Accident Repair Centres are guaranteed for 5 years
  • No matter who is to blame for the accident that keeps your vehicle off the road, you will have access to a small van while your commercial vehicle is being repaired
  • 24 hour accident recovery service
  • Broken or damaged glass will be replaced with no impact on your No Claims Discount
  • Up to £500 cover for tools if they are lost or damaged by fire or theft whilst in your vehicle
  • Personal belongings in your vehicle will be covered up to £100.

Ask about Ford Insure and GAP insurance at your local Sandicliffe Ford Dealer when opting for any Ford Finance plan.

Finance & Leasing Association

The FLA is the leading trade association for the motor finance sector, providing advice on motor finance products. They offer help and advice so that you can find out more about affordable and appropriate finance deals.

Sandicliffe is proud to be recognised and registered as a SAF approved dealer via the FLA. You can find out more on their site.

Ford Finance for Business Customers

You can find out more information about Ford Finance options for business vehicles and commercials on our following pages;

Benefits of Cars on Ford Finance

There are many advantages to opting for Ford Finance with Sandicliffe. All of our Ford Finance options are catered to suit individual needs, whether you would only like to hire a vehicle or would like to purchase without buying outright. Ford Credit offers a manageable and affordable solution with a variety of repayment period options.

By opting for Ford Credit with Sandicliffe you are unlocking priority to the latest Ford vehicle information, special offers and even pre-approval for your next Ford purchase or lease!

Ford Finance Deals

At Sandicliffe we offer a wide range of Ford vehicles and commercials for Ford Finance. From the latest Fiesta to the all-new Ford Ranger you can browse the whole range of Ford Vehicles available on Ford Finance on our Ford home page.

Ford Finance FAQS

Is there something that we haven’t covered? You can find out all the answers that you need to know about financing your vehicle with Ford on the Ford Site. Alternatively contact your local Sandicliffe Ford dealer for more information.

Your protection

Ford Credit is a member of the Finance and Leasing Association (FLA) and adheres to their Lending Code. You can view this Code at the FLA website. The code sets out key commitments and principles that we believe are fundamental in providing excellent customer care. As well as setting out industry guidelines, the FLA offers a Conciliation and Independent Arbitration Scheme for complaints less than eight weeks old. For more information please feel free to ask our Customer Service team or contact the FLA direct on 020 7836 6511. If your complaint is still not closed to your satisfaction after a period of eight weeks, you have the legal right to escalate the complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) by calling 0800 023 4567 or by email to [email protected] You can view further details of this service on the FOS website. Finance subject to status. Guarantees/indemnities may be required. Freepost Ford Credit.

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