The Ford MS-RT commercial vehicle range

The Ford MS-RT commercial vehicle range is designed with motorsport experts M-Sport. Available at Sandicliffe, MS-RT vans are sporty and stylish,

The Ford MS-RT commercial vehicle range

Inspired by the M-Sport World Rally Team’s WRC Ford Fiesta, the Ford MS-RT range combines the power of a commercial vehicle with an exciting motorsport design.

Owning a Ford MS-RT commercial vehicle comes with a variety of unique benefits. All MS-RT cars are designed and produced by M-Sport, a company with a rich motorsport history. Over the last 50 years, M-Sport has competed in the World Rally Championship, Global Rallycross, and more world-famous races.

This means that every Ford MS-RT vehicle brings the sleek design of motorsports to Britain’s roads. With a Ford MS-RT, authentic racing design meets practicality and comfort. These vehicles are among the most exciting in the entirety of Ford’s range. Accelerate your business today with a new van from Ford’s brand-new MS-RT commercial vehicle range.

At your local Sandicliffe FordStore, you will discover an incredible variety of Ford MS-RT vans. Blending Ford\'s award-winning commercial vehicle range with the racing power of M-Sport creates a unique van driving experience. If you run your business from behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle, a Ford MS-RT can help you ‌rediscover your love of driving.

The new Ford MS-RT range is designed to stand out from the crowd and offer you the perfect combination of practicality and style. With the MS-RT range, M-Sport adds breathtaking sports styling to Ford’s award-winning vans. These vans and pick-up trucks supercharge the standard Ford commercial range with a host of new design elements.

Inspired by the M-Sport World Rally Team’s WRC Ford Fiesta, you will enjoy the aesthetic benefits of wider wheel arches, 18-20 inch OZ Racing alloys, restyled sports grilles and more aggressive air intakes. With these incredible modifications, a Ford MS-RT van would not look out of place on the track.

Here’s what Brendan Lyne, Commercial Vehicles Director for Ford of Europe, had to say about the incredible Ford MS-RT range:

“With stunning, authentic motorsport design and, for Transit Custom, the option to personalise with a huge range of head-turning colours, the MS-RT Transits are like no other vans on the road. MS-RT conversions mean our motorsport-loving customers can mix business with pleasure, safe in the knowledge that their modified vehicle is fully supported by Ford.”

Ford vans have an industry-leading reputation for their robust and practical design. M-Sport is a Qualified Vehicle Modifier for Ford Commercial Vehicles. So, you can be confident that all Ford MS-RT vehicles modified by M-Sport come with the same standards of quality, safety and reliability.

Qualified Vehicle Modifiers for Ford Commercial Vehicles have to meet stringent safety standards set out by Ford. All QVM converters are assessed regularly and must ensure that their vehicles follow strict quality control processes and offer a warranty for the conversion. They must also make sure that their vehicle adaptation follows the rules stated in Ford’s Body and Equipment Mounting Manual (BEMM).

A van from the Ford MS-RT range offers you even more customisation opinions. You will be able to choose between several eye-catching colours from Ford Special Vehicle Options (SVO). This is alongside a host of unique customisation options. When you arrive on-site in a Ford MS-RT van, you are guaranteed to make an impression.

If you are a motorsports fan, the Ford MS-RT range is perfect for you. Even if you aren’t, the striking aesthetic of an MS-RT van is guaranteed to turn heads. With four incredible Ford MS-RT vehicles available at Sandicliffe, you are sure to find your dream van. Discover the Ford MS-RT range below:

This compact van still offers a surprising amount of space. With a sharp and brawny look, the Transit Connect MS-RT will turn heads.

The Ford Transit Custom is one of the most famous vans in the world. A motorsport-inspired design makes the Transit Custom MS-RT a must-have.

The Tourneo Custom is already an attractive-looking van. With a Tourneo Custom MS-RT, the interior and exterior design are enhanced even further.

The Ford Ranger is an iconic rugged vehicle. With a redesigned and sporty exterior, the Ranger MS-RT is the pinnacle of pick-up truck design.

To find out more about any of the fantastic vehicles in the Ford MS-RT range, contact the expert team at Sandicliffe today. Our award-winning staff can help you ‌work out which Ford MS-RT is best for your business needs. With the right commercial vehicle, your business can drive off into a brighter future.

Additionally, if you want to test drive any of the breathtaking Ford MS-RT collection, visit your local Sandicliffe Ford showroom today. Once you’ve experienced the joy of driving a Ford MS-RT for yourself, you will want one as a full-time addition to your workforce. With a Ford MS-ST, you will have the most stylish van in town.

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