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Meticulously designed to take you anywhere, the Ford Ranger 2019 proves you can go further than ever before. Whether you’re travelling end-to-end on a motorway or plummeting through forest dirt tracks, the Ford Ranger handles brilliantly in even the harshest of terrain thanks to a remarkable ground clearance of up to 237mm. Leave your mark on the world when you pave your own way in the Ford Ranger.

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2019’s Ford Ranger builds on its relentless go-anywhere nature which falls hand-in-hand with its impressive towing aptitude of up to 3,500kg and 500Nm of torque. The highly versatile utility truck stays ahead of the curve with wading capabilities of 800mm, proof that nothing stands in your way when you choose to drive the Ford Ranger.

Projex Ranger

Designed by Projex and supplied exclusively through Sandicliffe, our "Fuel Edition Rangers" all come with an uprated 2.5-inch lifted suspension kit for higher ground clearance, steeper approach and departure, and a higher ride position.

A Raptor Front Grille, Ranger Front Guard and Mustang GT Style LED Headlights (dependent on trim) sweep the face of the Ranger Wildtrak Fuel Edition, as well as several other unique touches. Sitting on 20-inch Fuel Contra wheels in a Gloss Black Milled spoke finish, these unique wheels come wrapped in 33-inch Fuel Offroad tyres. Perfect for any adventure on any terrain. Wheel arches receive 4-inch Wide Arch Fenders either side of a durable footstep.

Rugged Yet Refined: Superior Exterior

A design that demands attention, the robust and ever-durable Ford Ranger has always dominated the road wherever it goes, but now it does so with a carefully refined exterior. Not just your average pickup truck, the Ford Ranger utilises advanced technologies in order to deliver a safer and more comfortable driving experience.

The ruthless Ranger has been trial-and-tested under extreme conditions confirming the undeniable reliability you can enjoy with Ford’s famous utility vehicle. Using its payload of over 1 tonne, 3,500kg towing capability and Easy Lift Tailgate design, the Ranger helps you take on huge challenges at ease. Never stress about storage capacity or safety with the Ford Ranger’s reliable lockable pickup box able to stow anything from Euro pallets to camping equipment. Keep your cargo safe with additional security features such as tie down hooks, integrated load rest and exterior rope rails all of which are DIN compliant. Some models also offer water-resistant roller shutters which can be triple-locked and are able to carry an additional 500kg of freight.

Through the aid of Automatic Headlight Sensors, the Ranger’s Xenon headlights will detect failing light and automatically turn on without you having to manually check your settings. Ford’s Auto High Beam feature detects on-coming traffic and temporarily adjusts your headlamps to prevent dazzling any other road users. It then re-adjusts back to high beam to ensure you experience maximum visibility on your journeys. Ford’s auto-power-foldable wing mirrors, which also act as modish indicators, are capable of turning in when parked so they are protected from any potential accidental damage.

The updated utility vehicle comes equipped with a range of additional sensors that make chores like parking feel like a breeze. Not only will your Ford Ranger judge the distance between your vehicle and any obstructing objects, but Active Park Assist can also locate an available parking space as you drive past and then steer you in! A rear-view camera automatically displays onto your centre console screen when you select reverse gear which allows to see objects behind you as well as aid parking, even in the smallest of spaces. Never worry about bumping a bollard, reversing into railings or hitting low walls again.

With automatic wipers that detect rainfall and adjust their speed setting depending on the severity, you really do stay ready no matter what the weather throws at you. When temperatures fall below freezing, don’t waste your time on tasks such a de-icing because with Ford’s Quickclear feature you can now de-ice, de-fog and de-mist your windscreen in a matter of seconds. Simply push a button to activate ultra-thin filaments that will also defrost your wipers, ready for them to spring into action whenever needed.

So far you have an excellent utility vehicle with desirable features to aid in easier and safer driving, but Ford further ensures the safety of your Ranger’s engine with a fool-proof fuel feature. Ford’s Easy Fuel filling cap guarantees you will never mistakenly fill up your vehicle with the wrong fuel again. By creating a specific mould that will only allow the correct nozzle shape to enter, it will be impossible to accidentally put diesel in to your petrol motor and vice versa. The system comes crafted with cap-less practicality, meaning you’ll never have to handle dirty fuel cap again.

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Versatility at Your Fingertips: Intelligent Interior

Sticking with the theme of practicality, the 2019 Ford Ranger offers you a pragmatically designed spacious cabin seating up to 5 people. Depending on which model you choose, the materials used to line the interior of your car will complement. Expect intricate finishes such as colour-matched stitching and carefully sourced fabrics and leathers that make up the inside of a roomy yet intimate cabin space.

The ergonomic Ford Ranger 2019 pickup truck also cleverly places stowage areas inside of the cabin for increased comfort and convenience. Take for example the Double Cab spec which provides augmenting under-seat storage capacity for extra equipment. All Rangers are equipped with clever cubby consoles able to store various items such as food, drinks, phones and so on. Not to mention the larger-than-usual glovebox in which you can safely store away a laptop up to 15 inches.

The ergonomically built Ford Ranger offers you luxurious comforts including Ford’s most up to date SYNC3 infotainment software which can be controlled via voice and touchscreen. Pinch and swipe across the integrated 8” colour screen which now comes with larger icons for improved visibility. Enjoy an enhanced driving experience with features that connect to your mobile phone such as AppLink, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well as a real-time traffic navigation system which continually updates you of any traffic condition to improve the accuracy of estimated arrival times.

Experience convenience before you even step inside with keyless entry and engine start. Thanks to Ford’s KeyFree technology, the Ford Ranger will detect your key fob in your pocket or bag and unlock your doors. Once you’re in, you can start your adventure with the push of a button. Other fantastic features of the Ford Ranger include Dual-Zone Electronic Automatic Temperature Control which enables both you and your passenger to experience your ideal individual temperatures with advanced air conditioning.

The cabin also offers a source of electrical power wherever and whenever you require it. The Ford Ranger pickup truck is optimised with a 240-volt power socket to fulfil your leisure or business needs on-the-go. Although the obvious thought here is that you can now charge your phone or tablet whenever you need to, the tri-plug entry allows you to plug in equipment ranging from media devices to professional power tools further emphasising the endless opportunities available when you choose the Ford Ranger.

Engineered for Efficiency: Effortlessly Economical

When it comes to performance, the rugged Ranger prides itself on efficiency. Whether you choose the 6-Speed Manual gearbox or the advanced 10-Speed automatic transmission, both deliver extensive amounts of power and towing-capability. The automatic gearbox uses real-time adaptive shift-scheduling which allows the transmission behaviour to adapt to your driving style.

A 2.0-litre Ford EcoBlue diesel engine comes in three variants that offer different levels of performance and emissions. Choose from 130PS, 170PS, or the astounding 213PS variant that also offers 500Nm torque. The much-loved 3.2-litre Duratorq is still available on selected models, offering 200PS and 470Nm. Whichever engine you choose, they all meet the stringent Euro 6.2 emissions standards which were put in place to help improve the air quality by reducing exhaust emissions.

For everyday use, the Ford Ranger can take advantage of its Auto-Start-Stop technology that will switch off the engine when idle. This feature works particularly well when roaming city streets where you will constantly be met with idle-natured driving from traffic lights, stop signs and general traffic congestion. Cut your fuel consumption by up to 10% with this eco-friendly engine tech and make the most of your drive. Further improve economy by removing pollution through AdBlue®, a urea/water-based solution which works to convert NOx emissions found in the exhaust into nitrogen and water. The diesel particulate filter will then reduce more than 99% of solid particulates emitted into the atmosphere.

Ranger by Name and by Nature: Sophisticated Safety

This adventure-packed Ford is not only a ranger by name but also by nature. The marvel explorer makes sure you are always in control through strong handling and dynamic safety technology embedded into the heart of the vehicle, so you are safe in even the harshest of conditions.

The Ford Ranger’s co-ordinated safety systems enable sophisticated levels of stability within split-seconds of required assistance. These include fully compliant airbags, seat belt pretensioners and collapsible steering column and pedals to minimise any chance of injury in the unfortunate event of an accident. The boldly rigid and durable Ranger has earned a 5-star safety rating by Euro NCAP proving it was engineered to protect not only the driver but any passenger who dares to be driven in the exhilarating 4x4 Ford pickup.

Ford’s advanced Lane Keeping System keeps you on track by notifying you through visual warnings and sending vibrations through to your steering wheel in any case that you start to drift out of your lane. The Ford Ranger will be able to detect if this happening as a result of fatigue and will implement Driver Alert to suggest a rest break period.

Get ready to be impressed with the Ranger’s vast selection of driving assistance technologies that make driving safer, easier and more enjoyable than ever. Enjoy Adaptive Cruise Control when you drive around other road-users. The feature allows you to set a level of speed you wish to drive at which the system will then maintain for the entirety of your ride. Built-in sensors will ensure you stay a safe distance behind any vehicles ahead and will automatically slow down if you become too close. Similarly, if the road ahead is clear the system will accelerate to your chosen speed.

Traffic Sign Recognition will see road signs even if you miss them. Any traffic/speed signs you pass, whether on the side of the road or on motorway billboards, will show up on your display as an icon on your instrument cluster. Intelligent Speed Assist uses a front-facing camera to automatically detect the speed limit of the area and subsequently adjust your maximum speed setting to stay within the limit.

Stay focussed by effortlessly switching to different driving modes from the comfort of your seat without having to stop your vehicle. That’s right, you can now switch from the Ranger’s 4x2 regular driving option to its 4x4 High Range mode (ideal for poor road conditions and dirt track surfaces). If you’re faced with severely challenging terrain, switch it up once more to the 4WD (All-Wheel Drive) Low Range using the easily accessible Electronic Shift-On-The-Fly controller.

Hill Descent Control can also be used for downhill driving in rigorous off-road conditions. You won’t need to brake or accelerate when using this feature as the system will automatically regulate your speed to keep you both safe and steady. Equally, Hill Start Assist will stop you from rolling by maintaining brake pressure for an extra 2-3 seconds, particularly useful in icy or slippery conditions. Enjoy further stability with the Ford Ranger’s Electronic Stability Control, Roll Stability Control and Traction Control all of which work to intensify grip and handling on surfaces through advanced technology.

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