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Discover Maxus Vans At Sandicliffe

Maxus vans are manufactured by the Chinese automotive company SAIC. Since they acquired the famous British brand LDV Vans in 2010, SAIC has been developing the Maxus range of vans for the European market. LDV has now been fully rebranded as Maxus, and we are incredibly excited to have them as a part of the Sandicliffe family.

With a range of vehicles available, including all-electric models, you will find everything your business needs in the Maxus collection. There is even a selection of specialist chassis cab adaptations that ensure you can always get the job done. If you want to know more about these incredible commercial vehicles, contact the expert Sandicliffe team today.

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Maxus van range

Maxus offers a variety of vans that are fit for all your commercial driving needs. With conventional combustion engines alongside electrified drivetrains, there is a vehicle to suit every type of driver. The Maxus commercial vehicle collection is now available at Sandicliffe dealerships and includes:

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Future-focussed innovation

Since its inception, Maxus has focused on the future of commercial van engineering. They have committed to a greener future by introducing two fantastic all-electric vans to their collection. The e DELIVER range features the e DELIVER 3 and e DELIVER 9, allowing you to make your business driving more eco-friendly. They also have two new electric vehicles, the Maxus T90 and Maxus MIFA, arriving in Sandicliffe dealerships by early 2023.

Maxus Intelligence Onboard

Maxus Intelligence Onboard is an all-new system that is featured in Maxus vehicles. This application monitors live data from your vehicle, including its location, speed and driving behaviour. With real-time updates about your vehicle, you can make your driving more intuitive and economical. This app will also provide everything you need to transition to electric driving, including your battery status and the location of the nearest charging station.

Maxus T90 - Electric pick-up coming soon

Available to pre-order now, the Maxus T90 EV will be arriving in Europe early in 2023 and we can’t wait to see it. Offering a range of 198 miles alongside a payload of 740Kg, the T90 is going to be the most stylish way to get the job done. Suitable for both on- and off-road driving, the Maxus T90 is an incredibly versatile electric driving option. You will also enjoy a 10.25-inch digital touch screen instrument cluster, putting full control of your vehicle within reach.

Maxus MIFA - the world’s first EV MPV

Expected to arrive at Sandicliffe dealerships during the summer of 2022, the Maxus MIFA will be the world’s first full-size, fully electric MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle). Boasting an incredible range of 323 miles from a single charge, the MIFA can get you anywhere you need to go. Designed to tackle nimble city driving just as easily as long-range motorway journeys, the 180 kW motor offers an impressive 350 Nm of torque.

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Frequently asked questions

Maxus vans are produced by the Chinese company SAIC. Maxus was born when SAIC acquired the famous British company LDV Vans in 2010. They soon rebranded as Maxus and now supply excellent vans to drivers all over the world. Discover the entire Maxus collection at your local Sandicliffe dealership.

Yes, Maxus has a reputation for quality and reliability that is known all around the world. Now that they are focussed on electric vehicles, their cars will be even more reliable. This is because electric cars have fewer moving parts, eliminating many of the mechanical systems that can malfunction in traditional combustion vehicles. Check back with Sandicliffe regularly for the latest information about new Maxus vehicles.

Yes, Maxus is focused on the future and is producing several electric vans as a result. They have already released the Maxus e DELIVER 3 and e DELIVER 9, and the Maxus T90 and Maxus MIFA will arrive in Sandicliffe dealerships by early 2023. For more information about Maxus electric vehicles, contact our expert team today.

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