Which Type Of Electric Vehicle Is Right For Me?

Find out which type of electric vehicle would best suit you and your lifestyle with our quick guide on EV types.

Which Type Of Electric Vehicle Is Right For Me?

Our easy guide below will help you find the right type of EV for your lifestyle within seconds! Just pick the statement that best describes your feelings towards electric cars:

You would be best suited to a: Mild Hybrid car (mHEV)

Best Mild Hybrid cars in 2020: Mazda2, Mazda3, Ford Mondeo Hybrid, Ford Puma, Ford Fiesta Hybrid, Kia Sportage

You would be best suited to a: Hybrid car (HEV)

Hybrids are a fair balance between cost-savings and significant lifestyle changes. You’ll enjoy seamless switching between petrol and electric power in an effort to reduce fuel consumption. You’ll also never have to charge up.

Best Hybrid cars in 2020: Ford Kuga Hybrid, Kia Niro Self Charging Hybrid

You would be best suited to a: Plug-In Hybrid car (PHEV)

As close to zero emissions as you can get without fully relying on electric power. Simply charge up the battery and travel up to 30 miles without burning fuel and when you need it, there’s a petrol engine on standby.

You would be best suited to an: All-Electric car (EV)

Fully electric cars produce zero emissions, use no fossil fuels and drive like no other conventionally-powered car. The cost-saving potentials are enormous and the quiet drive is soothing for all occupants.

Best All-Electric cars in 2020: Nissan Leaf, Kia Soul EV, Kia e-Niro

Want to read more about electric cars and their benefits? Visit our electric and hybrid car hub with FAQs now!

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