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Kia Sportage 2016
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Kia Sportage

"This will appeal to customers seeking a sporty appearance as well as great handling and performance from a compact SUV."

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Kia Sportage Review

The Kia Sportage 2014, Europe’s most popular crossover and worthy competitor against other SUV rivals. Offering the same reliability as its predecessor whilst introducing an array of new features including a more spacious interior.

The new model has undergone rigorous testing from the desert heat of Death Valley and other extreme weather conditions. Sub-zero temperatures, monsoons, extreme heat; put through its paces the all-new crossover shows off with remarkable ventilation and heating systems.

A variety of both petrol and diesel engines with different outputs and impressive fuel efficiency power the new Sportage. The GT line trim is also a welcome addition to the line up with a turbocharged 175hp 1.6 litre GDI petrol engine similar to the one featured with the Pro Ceed GT.

The Korean brand’s SUV has been a success with UK car buyers over the years so what does the new Sportage have and how will it repeat the glory of the 2014 model?

A curvier exterior, refined handling and overall performance, upgraded cabin with an impressive infotainment system and new expensive trims are just a few improvements for starters!

Visit your local Sandicliffe Kia Dealer in Leicester, Melton Mowbray or Nottingham to test drive now!

Kia Sportage Interior Features

The 2016 Sportage receives a welcome upgrade to the interior. Similar to its bigger sibling the Kia Sorento, the cabin features soft-touch plastics and more luxurious trims than the previous model. An improved infotainment system, a more spacious design and a noise-free cabin are just some of the enhanced features of the all new 2016 model.

Passenger Space & Seating

Front seating provides generous leg room, an extra 19mm! as well as plenty of space for shoulders and head room for complete driving comfort. High-end models also benefit from leather seats that are not only ergonomic for ultra-comfort they also feature three levels of heating and cooling! Back-seat passengers can also benefit from the heating and cooling seats whilst making themselves even comfier with the seats reclining up to 14 degrees! Leg room has also increased by 7mm and head room by a generous 16mm! Perfect additions to make sure the children are happy on long journeys!

Boot Space & Storage

Boot space has also received an upgrade from 465 litres to 503 litres for the new 2016 Sportage. The longer wheelbase also means that you benefit from a bigger boot, and with the adjustable floor it enables more practicality when trying to fit all of your luggage safely and securely.

Cabin Features

The Kia Sportage 2014 had some minor issues with noise pollution so you’ll be pleased to know that the all-new Sportage for 2016 has enhanced noise insulation. The main sound proofing additions are the thicker side windows, seals for the panoramic sunroof and improved doors. Cancelling out wind, noise vibration and harshness from the exterior.

The dashboard has been split into two zones for both driver and passenger. The ‘display’ and ‘control’ zones feature Kia Connect providing real-time weather and traffic updates with speed camera alerts and a search function for local businesses. The infotainment system also has an impressive sound system with a 180w stereo or you can opt for the mighty 320w JBL system!


If you are really wanting to impress passengers with the tech that the model has to offer. Then the wireless charging system will not let you down! Activated when a device is placed on the pad, the battery charge is then displayed on the dashboard. Not only is the charging system the epitome of ‘cool’, you don’t have to worry about your phone running out of juice by the time you reach your destination!

The rear-view camera provides extra assistance and enables you to park with ease!

Smart headlights that bend with the movement of the steering wheel providing greater visibility around corners on dark nights!

Fancy tricking your children into thinking your magic? Well now you can do more than just a lame card trick! The smart welcome function detects your key within 1.3 – 1.7 metres away and turns on your interior and door handle lights! Pure magic.

Exterior Features

The new Sportage is 40mm longer than the previous model, with an extended wheelbase of 30mm not only allowing more room to show off inside but also on the outside. Visually, the Sportage has always been a fashionable and great-looking car, especially compared to some other models in its class! The 2016 model looks better than ever, with headlights that sit much higher on the bonnet enabling to show off the signature tiger-nose grille.

Longer and curvier the model makes the most of its shape for added performance and agility. The side glass windows have thicker glass and the panoramic sunroof adds to the sharp and refined styling. The all-new model will easily outshine some of the other class-leading SUV’s on the road based on looks alone!

Driving Performance & Engine

The 2016 Sportage comes with the choice of two four cylinder engines; two 1.6 litre petrol engines and two diesel engines; a 1.7 litre and 2.0 litre. Although emissions and figures for fuel economy are yet to be released, the new model is already set to be much cheaper to run! All promise to also feature much improved efficiency compared to other SUV’s on the market.

Petrol Engine

  • 130bhp 1.6 litre GDI petrol
  • 175bhp 1.6 litre T-GDI petrol; a revised engine that was used for the Pro Cee’d GT and only available on the new GT line trim!

Diesel Engine

  • 113bhp 1.7 litre diesel as featured with the 2014 model
  • 134bhp or 182bhp 2.0 litre diesel; revised engines that featured with the previous 2014 model.

If something isn’t broken, why fix it? That’s why the Sportage still offers a few of the features found with the previous 2014 model from engines to the front suspension. The chassis although more rigid delivers a smoother and more comfortable ride overall. The rubber bushes at the rear also help to reduce the suspension’s vibration.

Another advanced feature available with the GT line models is the all-new electric power steering system. More responsive, the electric system provides complete control around sharp corners.

The Sportage comes with the same dual clutch transmission as available with the Kia Cee’d and is only available with the 1.6 litre T-GDI petrol engines.

Safety Features

The new model gets a whole bunch of standard and all-new safety features. Along with the strong steel that builds majority of the Sportage, you’ll feel safer than ever!

  • Stability Control
  • Vehicle stability management; helps to keep control of the vehicle when braking and going around corners
  • Lane departure warning system
  • Lane keep assist
  • Blind spot detection system
  • Rear cross traffic alert
  • Speed limit indication system
  • Automatic dipping headlights
  • Six airbags
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KIA's Famous Crossover SUV

A seven year warranty is standard on all Kia models and although it adds to the Sportage’s winning formula, what is it that makes this model an award-winning SUV?

The all-new Sportage was first unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2015. Along with previous models the SUV has become an important part of Kia’s line-up at Motor Shows worldwide. The Sportage was first introduced over fifteen years ago and was one of the only available cross SUV’s on the market. With an eye-catching interior and a smoother rider than most SUVs, the competitive price tag also matches the well-engineered model that you pay for

The Sportage has also won countless awards over the years;

  • J.D Power 2012 Award for Satisfaction Among SUVs
  • Red Dot Design Award 2011
  • Carbuyer Best 4x4 and Car of the Year Award 2012
  • Diesel Car Magazine Best Crossover 2011

Kia Sportage For Sale

We have every model for sale in the range with the option to test drive them all at all our Kia dealership locations in the East Midlands. Before you do come and test drive, you'll be excited to know each trim level comes with the following standard equipment;

  • keyless entry
  • power windows
  • USB/Ipod connectivity
  • Alloy wheels
  • Bluetooth
  • air conditioning
  • a tilt steering wheel
  • Kia Connect infotainment system.

The more expensive trim levels also have these extra features;

  • Leather seating
  • Keyless start
  • Steering wheel
  • Audio and phone controls
  • Satellite radio.

Kia Sportage Release Date

You can contact your local Sandicliffe Kia Dealership now to pre-order the model to pick up on the date of release! Remember to look out for our special launch weekend event to be one of the first to see the SUV up close and personal!

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