The Nissan Feel Electrified Event Begins

From 8th October to 8th November 2022, the Nissan Feel Electrified Event takes place at Sandicliffe dealerships. Contact us to find out more.

The Nissan Feel Electrified Event Begins

From 8th October to 8th November 2022, the Nissan Feel Electrified Event takes place at Sandicliffe dealerships. Find out more about this event!

The Nissan Feel Electrified Event takes place at specialist Nissan dealerships from 8th October to 8th November 2022. Our Sandicliffe Nissan dealerships are taking part in the festivities and we would like to invite you to join us on a journey into the heart and soul of Nissan electric driving.

These events are here to introduce you to the Nissan electric range and help you to understand the benefits of electrified driving. Whilst being cheaper to run and kinder to the environment, electric driving also offers a number of practical benefits. This includes a quieter, smoother drive and fewer moving parts that might require maintenance.

You, like millions of others in the UK, may be considering the next step in electrifying your driving. Whatever your needs are, our Sandicliffe dealership staff can help you choose the best vehicle from our electrified lineup with a personalised test drive.

If you\'re not quite ready to make the switch to a completely electric vehicle, you\'ll learn how the New Nissan Qashqai with e-POWER technology or the little New Nissan Juke Hybrid will fit your needs. If you\'re ready to make the switch to a fully electric vehicle, the 100% electric Nissan LEAF or All-New Nissan ARIYA may be the ideal option for you.

You will have our full attention when you schedule a test drive at Sandicliffe Nissan during The Feel Electrified Event. We\'ll assist you in learning everything there is to know about the outstanding electrified range of Nissan vehicles. Our Nissan experts are introducing the whole lineup below to help you find the finest electric driving experience for you.

The ARIYA is Nissan\'s first crossover electric SUV and has a number of advancements. Dual motors are powered by cutting-edge e-4ORCE technology to maintain an all-wheel-drive system\'s peak performance. The Nissan ARIYA\'s ground-breaking design gives you the freedom and control to navigate any terrain.

The appearance of the ARIYA assures that heads will turn in addition to keeping you comfortable inside the car. Nissan\'s illuminated emblem and slim, fashionable LED headlights work together to give off a modern appearance. The ARIYA\'s rear roofline slopes downward, giving this big SUV a stylish, coupe-like aspect.

Nissan mixes an electric motor and a gasoline engine for optimum efficiency and lower fuel consumption, without compromising any power or comfort. This design was inspired by their work in Formula E racing. Clutchless technology and a clever multi-mode gearbox make driving a Nissan Juke Hybrid a comfortable and easy experience.

A highly responsive driving experience is provided by the Nissan Juke. You have the choice to drive short distances using purely electric power thanks to the hybrid drivetrain. According to Nissan, 80% of your urban driving may be completed with only electric power. This enables you to cut your emissions and save money on fuel costs.

For 2022, this venerable zero-emission car has been refurbished and will be available at Sandicliffe dealerships in April. The first mass-market electric vehicle in the world is getting a brand-new appearance from Nissan this year. The Nissan LEAF of 2022 builds on the success of earlier iterations while introducing even more cutting-edge technology.

With its Rear Cross-Traffic Alert, Blind Spot Warning, and Intelligent Around View Monitor capabilities, the LEAF has the ability to detect movement around you, including possible hazards approaching the car. Additionally, when it gets dark out, your headlights switch on automatically. They then temporarily dim when they detect an approaching car.

The Nissan Qashqai is striking and demands your complete attention, whether it is equipped with e-POWER or Mild Hybrid Technology. You will follow its sharper, more muscular, and angular lines everywhere your eyes land on its exterior until you fall in love with its improved new appearance.

The Nissan Qashqai has a 1.3-litre petrol engine with mild hybrid technology available. Enjoy either a 6-speed manual or CVT gearbox with 138 horsepower and 240 Nm of torque or 156 horsepower and 260 Nm of torque. The same engine can produce 156 horsepower and 270 Nm of torque when coupled to an Xtronic gearbox.

Sandicliffe dealerships will soon be receiving the brand-new Nissan X-Trail. This electrified family crossover skillfully combines cutting-edge technology with a sense of adventure. You will be able to take the entire family on enjoyable excursions if the vehicle has 5 or 7 seats. Then, every journey will be secure thanks to the advanced safety equipment on board.

Every inch of the 2018 Nissan X-design Trail\'s oozes attention to detail. The X-Trail is designed to stand out, from its sleek LED headlamps and commanding front air vents to its brilliant Diamond Cut Alloy wheels. Your X-Trail may be customised to fit your taste thanks to a variety of colour options and 5 amazing trim grades.

Ready to get involved in the Nissan Feel Electrified Event? Contact us or visit your local Sandicliffe Nissan dealership from 8th October – 8th November 2022!

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