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The New Nissan Leaf

The New Nissan Leaf, with prices starting from just £26,490, will be available at your local Sandicliffe Nissan dealership from early 2018. Go green this 2018 with the all-electric Nissan Leaf. Want to be kept up to date with everything Nissan Leaf? Sign up for updates and we will share the latest news with you!

The New Nissan Leaf runs on zero emissions and is powered by a 40 kWh battery, which can travel up to 235 miles on a single charge and gives a power output of 110 KW. With the improved range you now have the freedom to travel anywhere and feel confident that you will make it to your destination.

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"Fast, sophisticated to drive, bigger inside and, perhaps most importantly of all, capable of much longer distances between charges."

Nissan Intelligent Mobility

The New Nissan Leaf is bundled with Nissan Intelligent Mobility. Diving is made simpler with only one pedal, allowing you to accelerate and brake in one smooth motion. With ProPilot, sharing driving tasks with your vehicle couldn’t be easier, allowing you to enjoy a more relaxing ride. Giving you features like Intelligent Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection, Intelligent Lane intervention and more!


Set your speed & then remain centred in the lane, ProPilot maintains your speed and keeps your distance, it can even bring you to a complete stop.

Intelligent Cruise Control:

Watches the flow of traffic to maintain your speed, but at the same time, responds to traffic changes around you to maintain your chosen distance from the car in front.

Intelligent Lane Interventions:

Helps keep you where you want to be. It applies the brakes to help gently guide you back if it detects that you’re unintentionally straying out of your lane for too long.

Intelligent Auto Headlights with full LED:

Your headlamps light your way by automatically turning on when it gets dark and then dip temporarily when an oncoming vehicle is detected

With Nissan’s intelligent driving system, you can rest assured that whether you’re cruising down the motorway, in stop-start traffic or attempting to parallel park, The Nissan ProPilot has you covered, it will keep the Leaf centred and maintain your current speed and distance with the vehicle ahead. It can even go to a complete stop.

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The Nissan LEAF 2.ZERO

Enquire now to reserve the exclusive Nissan LEAF 2.ZERO, you can get it in Spring Cloud or Pearl Black and includes all new Intelligent Mobility features: e -Pedal, ProPILOT and has a range of up to 235 miles.

Charging and Technology

Semi-Fast Charging (Home and Public)

8 hours = 100%

Quick Charging (Public)

40 Min = 80%

The Nissan Connect EV App

Control for your car, in the palm of your hand.

The Nissan Connect EV App is available for free on both IOS and Android. Its main features include:

  • Charge your New Leaf on a timer and avoid peak hours
  • Find the nearest charging station
  • Bring your New Leaf to the perfect temperature before you even get in
  • Get up-to-date traffic reports
  • Keep tabs on your New Leaf

Get a better view of the world around you.

The New Nissan Leaf is installed with Intelligent Around View Monitors, an advanced system that allows you to see everything around you. It uses four cameras to give you a virtual 360 ° bird’s eye view.

The New Leaf can detect movement around you including potential risks approaching the vehicle and features Rear Cross Trafic Alert, Blind Spot Warning and Intelligent Around View Monitor.

The Innovative e-Pedal

The New e-Pedal is no normal pedal It allows drivers to start, speed up, slow down and stop, simply by adjusting their input on the accelerator pedal.

To accelerate you press the e-Pedal as normal, but to slow down, simply take your foot off the pedal and the car will automatically reduce its speed and come to a complete stop should you want it to.

There is still a normal foot brake for sudden breaking, however, if you are in slow moving traffic or a busy town, the e-Pedal will improve efficiency.

For more information download our brochure, register your interest to stay updated or visit your local Sandicliffe Nissan dealership.

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