2021 New Nissan Releases: Upcoming Nissan Models In 2021

Read all about 2021’s upcoming new Nissan releases, including the electric SUV Nissan ARIYA, new Nissan Z Proto and more.

2021 New Nissan Releases: Upcoming Nissan Models In 2021

Nissan has an exciting 12 months ahead of it with remarkable new car releases already planned for the year. Amongst the new releases, Nissan will launch a brand-new all-electric SUV – the first of its kind for the Japanese manufacturer – along with a new prototype of the Nissan Z, suitably named the Nissan Z Proto.

Also on the calendar for new Nissan releases are 2 new electrified versions of the extremely popular Qashqai crossover available as either a 1.3-litre mild hybrid or 1.5-litre e-Power hybrid.

New Nissan ARIYA exterior

One of the most exciting new releases from Nissan is undoubtedly the upcoming all-electric SUV – the Nissan ARIYA. What once was just a concept, will now launch and make history as the brand’s first-ever 100% electric SUV model. Currently, the manufacturer\'s EV range consists of the Nissan LEAF hatchback and E-NV200 van range.

Promising up to 310 electric miles on a single charge, the Nissan ARIYA is set to rival the Tesla Model Y for its high driving range that helps get rid of any \'range anxiety\' you may feel.

New Nissan ARIYA interior

The Nissan ARIYA has named itself a \'force of wonder\' and \'the purest expression of Nissan Intelligent Mobility\'. But best of all, there are multiple configurations of the ARIYA that you can choose from to make sure you drive home the best one ARIYA for your lifestyle.

Follow the link below to discover more details, features, specs and price information as well as exclusive images in our detailed blog about the Nissan ARIYA.

Set to arrive later this year are two new additions to the Nissan Qashqai range, but this time with an electric twist. The new 2021 Nissan Qashqai releases will see a 1.3-litre mild-hybrid version as well as a smarter 1.5-litre e-Power hybrid that is more similar to an electric vehicle than a hybrid.

The simplest way to explain the difference between the two models is that the e-Power electric motor driven system\'s main power source is an electric motor with a petrol \'range extender\'. In contrast, the 1.3-litre mild hybrid is powered by an internal combustion engine (petrol) with a small electric motor that helps recover lost energy for improved on-board efficiency.

New Nissan Qashqai hybrid models explained

Learn more about the new Nissan Qashqai hybrid models by following the link below.

In September 2020 - after 11 years since the 370Z debuted - Nissan revealed images of the famous 370Z\'s successor otherwise known as the Nissan Z Proto. It\'s also been speculated that the new Z sports car will take the 400Z name upon launch which is set to happen in a matter of months in the Spring of 2021.

The Nissan Z Proto / 400Z will rival the likes of the Ford Mustang, Porsche 718 and other popular sports cars such as the Toyota GR Supra. Though little is known about engine size and power, we can only assume we\'ll get more power than the Nissan 370Z, meaning we can expect anything above 325bhp from the Nissan 400Z.

In fact, it has been widely reported that the new Nissan Z Proto \'400Z\' will come equipped with a twin-turbo v6 engine boasting close to 400bhp. The 400Z with 400bhp? Makes sense.

Its main rival, the Toyota GR Supra delivers 382bhp, so we can only hope that Nissan has taken this into account and this time has got the upper hand on its Japanese rival.

Want to read more about the Nissan Proto Z? Follow the link below to a more detailed article on the upcoming Nissan sports car.

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