Important Things Every Dog Owner Should Consider When Buying A New Car

Thinking of buying a new car? Check out our handy little guide for points to consider - a must-read for dog owners far and wide!

Important Things Every Dog Owner Should Consider When Buying A New Car

Our four-legged friends require the same level of comfort and protection when joining us on our travel adventures, and today we discuss some of the best cars which provide just that. The main things you want to ask yourself when buying a new car as a dog owner are:

So, as you ask yourself these questions, be sure to remember our handy tips on which cars will help keep your fluffy travel buddy happy and comfortable.

First thing’s first, you want your dog to fit inside your new car. This will obviously depend on the size and breed of your dog and your pet carrier, but it’s safe to say you can immediately strike out car models like small hatchbacks, coupés and convertibles. You’ll probably want to search for mid to large-sized MVPs and SUVs with large boot areas and high boot lids. This will manipulate your dog’s surroundings while being in a travel kennel or safety harness and keep them from getting agitated or claustrophobic.

NOTE: It is extremely important that your dog is protected at all times. Please use the correct crash-tested safety equipment (seatbelt, pet carrier, secured dog kennel or dog guard) to ensure minimal to no injury to your pet in the unlikely event of an accident.

Nissan X-Trail Paw Pack considers the safety and comfort of your pet

The last thing you want is your furry friend feeling ruff. To make sure your dog is comfortable at all times, find out whether the car you’re looking to buy has heating and ventilation in the back/boot area. Rear tinted windows may also be something you consider as they can help keep your dog cool as protect them from harmful UV rays. Other factors include interior height which we have mentioned earlier.

Cars with rear climate vents: Mazda CX-5, Ford Edge

AutoTrader New Car Awards - Mazda CX-5 wins Best Car for Dog Owners 2019

The Ford Puma MegaBox boot area is the perfect place to pamper your pup!

Depending on the breed, strength and age of your canine companion, you’ll want to ask yourself questions such as: is this car too high off the ground for my dog to jump out of? This is something that often gets forgotten about but can be damaging to some of our fluffy friends who suffer from weaker limbs. Here, you can look into whether manufacturers offer Pet Packs and accessories (as shown above with Nissan X-Trail) or you may want to opt for a low-ride height vehicle such as an estate or sportswagon which are lower to the ground in comparison to high-raised SUVs. Factors such as underfloor storage can also be extremely convenient as it means more room for your pup to bask in.

Dog-friendly estates, sportswagons and saloons: Kia Optima, Kia Ceed Sportswagon, Ford Focus Active Wagon, Ford Mondeo Estate, Mazda6

The Ford Focus Active Wagon was designed with your pet in mind

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