All-New Kia Sorento 2021: Exclusive Details, Specs, Price & More

The All-New Kia Sorento explored. Find exclusive details about the new model here.

All-New Kia Sorento 2021: Exclusive Details, Specs, Price & More

The 4th generation Kia Sorento has been revealed in Korea ahead of its scheduled global debut at the Geneva Motor Show later this year in March. What we know so far is that the family SUV is lighter, bigger and will be available in electric and hybrid options, but let’s get down to the specifics below.

You can immediately see a major redesign of the exterior to the current Kia Sorento model on sale. From the more aggressive and angular contouring along the doors and lower half of the body to the muscular ridges on the 2021 Sorento bonnet, it’s obvious Kia has chosen to go down the “boxier" SUV shape route with this one.

Where the previous model enjoyed curves and swooping lines, the 2021 Sorento dominates with sharp edges and straight lines embodied in everything from the addition of new Vertical Rear Lights, to the sleek new Tiger Eyeline Head Lights and new sharp-edged Tiger Nose Grille.

The South Korean manufacturer explains on the official Kia-Korea website that it wanted to “remove the boundaries of familiarity” with the new front grille, to “overwhelm with a strong eye” with the captivating new headlights and “go beyond the ordinary” with Vertical Rear Lights. The All-New Sorento 2021 model also enjoys new exhaust outlets – current round-edged square outlets have been transformed into slim trapezoids.

Other exterior highlights include subtle roof rails, a rear spoiler and the switch to central lettering on the rear of the SUV boot lid.

All New Kia Sorento 2021 parked on drive

Kia has claimed that “everything is renewed” for the All-New 2021 Sorento. Not only does the platform of the upcoming model provide a “new generation of life” but it goes “beyond all the standards” by delivering “optimal harmony of function and emotion”.

The all-new cabin features a new 10.25-inch infotainment screen, a 12.3-inch digital gauge cluster and a rotary gearshift selector.

Kia has always been good at delivering practical, versatile and adaptable interiors within the range, and one thing that stood out about the current Sorento model was its adaptable seating layout. The All-New 2021 Sorento interior has been reinterpreted with luxurious textures and delicate details to guarantee an SUV space where comfort is prioritised.

For example, the current Sorento model is built with a second row of three seats, however, the 2021 Sorento model will feature a pair of independent seats in the second row, giving rear occupants more space and privacy on their journey. So even though the new Sorento will offer 6 seats compared to its previous 7-seater model, the experience that the All-New Sorento 2021 is able to provide to buyers is on par with luxury automobiles.

Right now, we know that Kia plans to release the All-New Sorento in electric and hybrid options and have already done so in its domestic market.

The powertrains available in South Korea today include a turbocharged 1.6-litre petrol hybrid (with 44.2kW electric motor and 1.49kWh lithium-ion battery pack) mated to an 8-speed wet DCT (dual-clutch transmission)

Also available is a 2.2-litre diesel engine. We are yet to find out which engines will make it to the European market but we are convinced Kia will ensure each market receives powerful eco-friendly models for improved efficiency.

The South Korean brand has also announced that the All-New 2021 Kia Sorento will be the first of its kind to receive a Multi-collision Braking System – something never seen before on a Kia or Hyundai model. The system allows automatic braking when airbags have been deployed, further protecting and minimising secondary front and side impacts in a collision.

In short, the 2021 Sorento comes built on a newly developed platform which aims to provide a smoother ride with sharper handling as well as boosting safety features with up to 8 airbags. The face and shape of the model has changed, making it sharper around the edges. Inside, the 2021 Sorento feels immediately more premium with upholstery and features that look and feel remarkable.

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