Celebrating Success: Sandicliffe's Journey to the Sunday Times Best Companies List

In a testament to its commitment to excellence and employee satisfaction, Sandicliffe has achieved a significant milestone this year by securing a coveted spot on The Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For list. This recognition underscores our dedication to creating an exceptional workplace environment where employees thrive and contribute to its success.

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A Triumph of Team Effort

Paul, the Managing Director, recently shared the exciting news with the team, emphasising how this achievement reflects the collective efforts and commitment of everyone at Sandicliffe. This accolade, which highlights the top 92 big companies in the UK known for their outstanding workplace culture, is particularly meaningful to all of us at Sandicliffe as we have strived to achieve this recognition in previous years. The Managing Director expressed gratitude to the team for their votes and participation, acknowledging that being a great place to work is pivotal in delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Continuous Improvement in Action

The journey to becoming a Best Company doesn't end here. Our HR at Sandicliffe has been proactive in addressing employee feedback and enhancing various aspects of the workplace experience. The commitment to continuous improvement is evident through several initiatives that have been implemented or are in progress:

  • Enhanced HR Systems: The introduction of the XCD HR system has streamlined access to vacancies, wage slips, and other critical HR information. Efforts are underway to further integrate relevant information into the company app for easier access.
  • Operational Efficiency: Improvements in systems and processes have been instrumental in simplifying day-to-day tasks for employees across the organisation.
  • Training and Support: The team signifies a focus on providing comprehensive training and support to employees and new starters, ensuring they are well-equipped with the knowledge and tools to succeed.
  • Fair Compensation: Regular reviews of pay and benefits ensure alignment with market rates, reflecting Sandicliffe's commitment to fair and equitable compensation for its workforce.
  • Employee Wellbeing: Initiatives such as the introduction of life insurance, enhanced access to healthcare apps, partnering with Menable, increased holiday entitlement, value days where we thank our employees, and the "Meet the MD" lunches for new starters demonstrate a holistic approach to employee wellbeing and engagement.

Engaging Employees for Future Success

To sustain and build upon this success, our HR department is dedicated to actively engaging with employees across all departments within the business. Through direct feedback sessions, they aim to understand what is working well, where improvements can be made and gather suggestions for future enhancements. 

Looking Ahead

As Sandicliffe celebrates its achievement and continues its journey as a Best Company to Work For, the focus remains on nurturing a supportive and empowering workplace culture. By prioritising employee satisfaction and operational excellence, Sandicliffe not only aims to retain its current standing but also to set new benchmarks in employee engagement and satisfaction within the automotive industry.

The journey to excellence is ongoing, and with the dedication and enthusiasm of its team, Sandicliffe is poised to achieve even greater milestones in the future.

If you're looking to start your career at one of the Sunday Times' Best Places To Work, then head over to our careers page to find your perfect job.

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