Sandicliffe announces partnership with RightCharge

Find out how you could save money on charging your EV with Sandicliffe and RightCharge.

Sandicliffe announces partnership with RightCharge

More and more of our customers are beginning their electric vehicle (EV) journeys, and whilst they know they’ll be saving up to £1000+ a year on their fuel bill, they often ask us about the costs of charging their vehicle overnight and the impact that has on their energy bill as well as the cost of the EV charger.

It’s a question we can’t really answer with perfect accuracy as much of the savings depends on your energy supplier. But we don’t like leaving our customers without answers to their questions, and if you’ve shopped with Sandicliffe before, you’ll know we love offering you a good deal on your car which is why we’ve partnered with RightCharge.

RightCharge was founded by former EV engineer Charlie Cook and was designed to pair EV drivers with their perfect combination of charge point and energy tariff to maximise the savings that can be made! Their goal is to help drivers save over £10billion by 2030 through better home charging.

It might sound awfully complicated, but in reality it couldn’t be more simple. All you need to do is select if you’re looking for chargers or energy tariffs, put in your postcode and find the best prices from RightCharge’s network of government-approved charge point installation companies. RightCharge will even look at government grants that are available to you, and factor these into the cost! Charlie Cook, the CEO of Rightcharge, commented on the Ofgem investment, as well as the savings that EV owners could make.

Charlie Cook, founder of RightCharge said: “Smart charging is entirely feasible from every perspective today (technologically, commercially and regulatory). The electric vehicle revolution is happening quicker than ever today. Even for those who have been in the industry for many years, the pace of change…feels really exciting.

“Charging at home – even without switching from a standard home energy tariff – saves drivers hundreds of pounds per year. Ofgem’s support for smart charging and vehicle-to-grid are particularly exciting for us. Smart charging will mean that drivers will be able to save more than £500 per year on their energy bills by switching to an EV-friendly tariff and using a smart charging point to schedule for low, overnight rates.”

How to get started?

Simply head over to RightCharge and follow their easy to use instructions and wait for the results to show you the most cost effective options for your new electric vehicle!

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