Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles Guide.

Discover everything there is to know about Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles and the Motability Scheme at Sandicliffe. Make an enquiry today.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles Guide.

Discover everything you need to know about Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAV) and the Motability Scheme at Sandicliffe.

The Motability Scheme at Sandicliffe includes Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAV) and offers affordable and practical driving to people with disabilities in the UK. The scheme includes a government-funded mobility allowance towards leasing your new car. At Sandicliffe, our team are experts at helping you to find your freedom with the Motability Scheme.

By choosing Sandicliffe for all of your Motability needs, you will be fully covered in the event of a breakdown. You can also insure three people on the same vehicle and enjoy limitless driving with all motoring costs paid for. All that’s left to do is add fuel! There are so many reasons to choose Sandicliffe as your Motability dealer. So many that we had to list them all in their own blog!

With the Motability Scheme at Sandicliffe, you will also receive a new WAV every five years. This is longer than the three years between new vehicles for non-WAV cars because Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles are often more expensive than standard cars. This is largely due to the modifications they require. They are more affordable over longer periods as a result.

Additionally, the speciality work needed to convert WAV’s can be a costly process requiring expert engineers. Each Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle on the Motability scheme has also been extensively researched and tested, giving you the confidence that your WAV is perfect for your driving and accessibility needs. Read on for top tips for owning a WAV, and more information on how Motability at Sandicliffe can benefit you.

If you purchase a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) through the Motability Scheme at Sandicliffe, our award-winning team can offer you several top tips for running your WAV. The biggest piece of advice that we can offer Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle drivers is to take especially good care of their battery.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles often have additional adaptations and conversions that make them better suited for accessibility than the original model. Many WAV adaptations rely on the car’s electric battery as a power source and, as a result, your battery will have to work harder to keep your vehicle running effectively.

By purchasing a WAV through the Motability Scheme at Sandicliffe you will receive breakdown assistance if anything does go wrong. However, we have some easy to follow the advice that can help you maximise your battery life and get the most out of your Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle.

If your vehicle has been fitted with a hydraulic tail lift, you should ensure you have everything you need for your journey before entering the vehicle. This will help you to use the lift less and put less strain on the battery. Furthermore, whenever you park your vehicle, you should ensure that all of your electrical adaptations are turned off and not draining the battery.

You should also regularly use your vehicle to ensure its long-term battery health. If the car is switched off and stationary for a long period of time, the battery can deplete between journeys. Finally, much like your accessibility devices, you should ensure that your lights are switched off when you exit the vehicle. To go a step further, you could even try to keep your driving primarily in the daytime, as you will not need to switch on your lights in order to drive.

At Sandicliffe dealerships, you will find a number of vehicles eligible for the Motability Scheme. These include Ford Motability cars and Nissan Motability cars. Find out if you are eligible to access the Motability Scheme at Sandilciffe or receive further advice on owning a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle by contacting our specialist team today.

Our team can also help you find the best WAV for you and ensure you are accessing all the benefits of the Motability Scheme. To start your journey to accessible driving through the Motability Scheme, make an enquiry or visit your local Sandicliffe dealership today.

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