The New Nissan Leaf – Features and Benefits

At Sandicliffe we are here to tell you all about the new features and benefits of the new Nissan Leaf, so you can go green in 2018!

With Nissan Intelligent Mobility. Driving is made simpler with a range of intelligent features. Including ProPilot, sharing driving tasks with your vehicle couldn’t be easier, allowing you to enjoy a more relaxing ride. Giving you features like Intelligent Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection, Intelligent lane Intervention and more!

ProPilot, this allows you to set your speed and remain centred in the lane, ProPilot maintains your speed and keeps your distance, it can even bring you to a complete stop. With ProPilot Park activated the user can select what type of parking they want to do (parallel, perpendicular or diagonal parking). ProPilot will then use its range of cameras and sensors to find the spot and park in it, there\'s no need to change gears, turn the steering wheel or press a pedal during the manoeuvre.

Intelligent Cruise Control, it watches the flow of traffic to maintain your speed, but at the same time responds to traffic changes around you to maintain your chosen distance from the car in front.

Intelligent Lane Interventions, this helps keep you where you want to be. It applies the brakes to help gently guide you back if it detects that you’re unintentionally straying out of your lane too long.

Intelligent Auto Headlights with full LED, when it starts to get dark your headlights will turn on automatically, it will even dip temporarily when an oncoming vehicle is detected.

Intelligent Driving helps you with your driving, making it safer and more comfortable while leaving you in total control. The aim is to reach the goal of zero fatalities and the highest level of confidence in vehicles.

There are 3 types of charging for the Leaf; Semi-fast charging, this is the charger that will be at home and in some public areas. when using this charger your car will be fully charged from empty in only 8 hours, so whilst you are sleeping you can charge your car for when you wake up. Quick charging, which can be found in most public areas is able to charge your car from empty to 80% in 40 minutes. You can also buy an adapter to charge your car domestically from a standard plug socket in your wall. Which takes 21 hours to fully charge, this is great for if you end up somewhere without a charging station.

The New e-Pedal is no normal pedal It allows drivers to start, speed up, slow down and stop, simply by adjusting their input on the accelerator pedal.

There is still a normal foot brake for sudden breaking, however, if you are in slow moving traffic or a busy town, you can switch to the e-Pedal and improve efficiency.

As you can see the new Nissan Leaf adopts a more aerodynamic design to give a lower drag coefficient (improved by 4%). The badge placement has changed to incorporate a pedestrian recognition sensor, which along with the head lights give the front a more boomerang design. As you can see this new design is a bit bigger, but this is to incorporate the larger boot and battery which has increased by 33%. This allows the new Leaf to go 50% further than the original. Even with the bigger battery the new Leaf is quieter and has better weight distribution than the 2014 model.

However, the 2014 Leaf is still a great car and with the release of the new Leaf prices for the used 2014 Leaf will drop, making it an excellent car to buy for first time EV buyers.

For more information on the Nissan Leaf or to request a test-drive, visit your local Sandicliffe Nissan dealership, Or call 0115 9395000.

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