The Big Cars With Little Running Costs

Often, The Bigger The Car, The More Expensive It Is To Run. Here Are Some Bigger Cars That Don't Come With The High Running Costs.

Historically, buying a big car has meant buying something that guzzles fuel. Big cars have long held a reputation for being uneconomical but now, times are finally changing.

While the choice of fuel efficient small cars has never been better, it’s now possible to buy a big car that offers superb fuel economy. Diesel remains an efficient choice for many but now even some petrol engines offer previously unheard of economy.

If you want to buy a big car it doesn’t have to be expensive to run. Here are three decent sized cars that you should consider.

This car was named the best estate car in the Auto Express new car of the year where it was praised for its stylish looks, massive boot and great value. What Car? said: “The Skoda Octavia is decent to drive, has a huge, classy cabin and most versions are cheap to buy and run. Standard equipment is generous, too.”

The Skoda Octavia Hatch Greenline is powered by an ultra-efficient 1.6-litre TDI CR 110PS diesel engine and the resulting performance figures are impressive. Combined cycle fuel consumption is as high as 88.3mpg while CO2 emissions are just 85g/km.

And, when you buy a Skoda Octavia you don’t just get great fuel economy. You also get a well-equipped family car where even the cheapest models give you air-conditioning, alloy wheels, Bluetooth, a DAB radio and a USB socket.

If you want a brilliant big car that also delivers superb fuel economy then you don’t have to look further than the Mazda 6. Mazda’s SkyActiv technology means the powerful 2.2-litre diesel engine emits just 104g/km of CO2 and does 74.2mpg.

The petrol engines are also class-leaders in efficiency, with the entry-level 2.0-litre unit managing average mpg of 51.4 and emissions of 129g/km.

As well as being terrifically economical the Mazda 6 is also a great car, winning Best Family Car in the 2013 Auto Express New Car Awards.

The magazine said: “It’s not hard to see why we gave it that prestigious title either. The Mazda 6 is certainly one of the most stunning models in the family car sector, making rivals like the Volkswagen Passat and Vauxhall Insignia look dull by comparison.”

While the Kia Rio may not be as big as the Octavia or the Mazda 6 it’s still a perfect family car. And, when you buy a Rio you aren’t just saving money on fuel but also on your car’s overall running costs.

With a figure of 88mpg, the Kia Rio EcoDynamics is hugely economical but also comes with a market leading seven-year warranty. Kia also regularly offer cut price servicing packages to keep your costs down even further. The interior is quiet, relatively spacious and well equipped and the soft suspension gives a good ride.

Parkers said: “The Rio 1.1 CRDi EcoDynamics CO2 emissions levels have been pegged back to 85g/km for all trims, which gives user-choosers low payments as well as the kind of generous kit levels needed for drivers who spends a lot of time in their car."

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