Sandicliffe Celebrates 2021!

Join us as Sandicliffe celebrate 2021!

Sandicliffe Celebrates 2021!

As we look towards the beginning of 2022 and reflect on 2021, there’s something we can all agree on, it’s been one heck of a year!

We sadly started the year in a lockdown and our showrooms had to close their doors and our support staff return to remote working. It didn’t stop us though! We continued repairing, mending and making sure our client’s cars were on the road and safe to drive. Especially our NHS heroes who benefitted from our NHS discount scheme. Reopening showed up with a few problems too, our main priority was keeping our clients and staff safe whilst ensuring our usual Sandicliffe service. Our showrooms started to look a little different, with Perspex screens, one-way systems and of course, the ever-present hand sanitiser!

To cheer us up, the beautiful MX-30 2021 edition was launched! Mazda’s first electric vehicle the MX-30 has a driving range of 124 miles and a rapid charging time of only 40 minutes! This stunning SUV was certainly welcome in our showrooms with it’s beautiful RX-8 style freestyle doors. Mazda called it the “SUV alternative for people ahead of the times” and we definitely agree!

A white vehicle in motion on a street

Not to be outdone, Nissan launched their Qashqai in May and it was everything we expected! Absolutely jam packed with Nissan Intelligent Mobility technology, a hybrid engine as well as the bold SUV styling, the beautiful 2021 edition Qashqai really exceeded itself!

A blue vehicle parked outside

In April Ford followed on and released their beautiful Mustang Mach-E. Ford’s first all-electric vehicle that oozes Mustang whilst being 100% electric! The iconic pony badge sat proudly on the electric SUV and offers Mustang-speed, power and of course, adrenaline! Since then we’ve had a few come through our showrooms and we still have to take a second glance when we walk past!

A red vehicle in motion driving down a highway

In August we took a trip to Gloworm festival where we had an absolutely fantastic weekend! We had our ever popular “draw on a car” and our Nissan JukeBox carpool karaoke, we were even lucky enough to have a visit from Batman as well as a T-Rex!

An image of a man dressed up as Batman, drawing on a white vehicle at a festival

September was a huge month, as Ford announced their new Fiesta, Fiesta Van, Focus and Tourneo Connect! The updates across the range were all new and exciting and our customers were definitely thinking the same and orders came flying in! Sandicliffe were also nominated for an AM award for Best Online Customer Experience, narrowly missing taking the prize home, but we had a fantastic night anyway!

An image of a green car, with a person stood next to it, looking at the sunset

In October Mazda showed us the incredible new CX-5 facelift! With it’s 2.5 petrol engine, this hybrid SV is packing some serious power, whilst looking sporty and fresh with swooping lines and a technology packed interior!

An image of the front of a green vehicle, featuring headlights, grille and a wheel

We were also honoured to be able to hand over a new Nissan LEAF to Nissan Ambassador Richard Whitehead OBE after his competing in the Toyko 2020 Paralympics.

an image of two men, in front of a vehicle, which is covered with a cloth.

a group of people stood around a table, drinking a hot drink

And last but not least, December. Nissan launched their amazing ARIYA, their all-electric SUV whose speed rivals that of a Porsche Macan!

a side image of a beige vehicle in motion on a highway

It’s been a fantastic year at Sandicliffe, and for that we have to thank both our incredible team who work tirelessly to ensure our customers leave happy, and our amazing customers, without you we wouldn’t be where we are!

a group of people stood around a christmas tree, wearing festive attire.

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