All-New Nissan ARIYA revealed: Details, Specs, Images & More

Nissan's first electric SUV is revealed! Discover features, specs, price and a get a glimpse of the All-New Nissan ARIYA.

Jan 29, 2022

All-New Nissan ARIYA revealed: Details, Specs, Images & More

Nissan's electric car range has just gotten bigger as the All-Electric Nissan LEAF is joined by the  Nissan ARIYA - a futuristic electric SUV promising a driving range of up to 310 miles. 

If you've followed the journey of this model you'll know that it was first unveiled as a concept (pictured below) and as many concepts go, you'll accept that the end result is never quite as good as the idea, but that doesn't seem to be the case here...

The Nissan electric SUV has managed to retain the bold and daring styling of the Nissan ARIYA concept and has brought it to life with advanced tech and intelligence never seen before. It's the first vehicle built on the brand's new CMF-EV electric architecture and as Ashwani Gupta, Chief Operating Officer nicely put, it's "a new chapter for Nissan...a true force of wonder that will take us into the future."

So what exactly is on offer?

Hikaru Nakajima, Chief Vehicle Engineer, says he “wanted to create a car that you can be proud of…A good car has everything in balance – control, handling, safety, comfort and quietness. The ARIYA offers dynamic performance with all these elements.”

2021 Nissan ARIYA exterior shot

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The UK will see 5 variants of the model available with single-motor Front Wheel Drive and dual-motor All Wheel Drive powertrains. Buyers will be able to choose from a 63kWh battery and a higher 87kWh battery. 

Dependent on which electric motor you choose (either the 63kWh or the 87kWh) will determine your electric driving range, power output and wheel-drive system. For example, the entry-level Nissan ARIYA is powered by a 63kWh battery, offering front-wheel drive and an impressive 223 electric miles driving range with 214bhp. Now if that's entry-level, what are we getting at the top of the range? 

Well sitting above this is the 87kWh front-wheel drive with an increased driving range of up to 310 miles. You also get an increase in power boosting the Nissan ARIYA's output to 237bhp.

2021 Nissan ARIYA rear spoiler

Then you have the new Nissan "e-4ORCE" equivalents of these powertrains which use Nissan's most advanced all-wheel control technology to date. The ARIYA e-4ORCE 63kWh model provides a driving range of 211 miles whilst the ARIYA e-4ORCE 87kWh variant offers 285 miles of electric power. 

But sitting at the very top of the range is the 2021 Nissan ARIYA e-4ORCE 87kWh Performance model promising up to 389bhp with a pure electric range of 248 miles and a 0-62mph time recorded at 5.1 seconds (notably faster than a Porsche Macan!)

Nissan's new e-4ORCE technology promises precision control technology that works in harmony with the Nissan ARIYA's dual-motor systems to provide unparalleled ride comfort. The system also applies brake control to each wheel to maximise cornering force, meaning your wheels turn just how you want them to with minimal steering. 

Other electric SUVs currently include the Jaguar I-Pace and Audi E-Tron, but if you're in the market for a stand-out electric SUV that can offer you the most miles and can get you the furthest without having to take a pitstop to charge, the Nissan ARIYA 87kWh front-wheel drive comes out on top (18 miles above the I-Pace and 58 miles more than the E-Tron).

2021 Nissan ARIYA e-4ORCE badge on rear exterior

Use the table below to compare all Nissan ARIYA versions to find the perfect spec for you:

  ARIYA 63kWh ARIYA 87kWh ARIYA e-4ORCE 63kWH ARIYA e-4ORCE 87kWh ARIYA e-4ORCE 87kWh Performance
Battery Capacity 63kWh usable - total 65kWh 87kWh usable - total 90kWh 63kWh usable - total 65kWh 87kWh usable - total 90kWh 87kWh usable - total 90kWh
DC Peak Power up to 130kWh up to 130kWh up to 130kWh up to 130kWh up to 130kWh
Electric Motor Single Single Dual Dual Dual
Driving Range Up to 223 miles (WLTP combined) Up to 310 miles (WLTP combined) Up to 211 miles (WLTP combined) Up to 285 miles (WLTP combined) Up to 248 miles (WLTP combined)
Power 214bhp 237bhp 275bhp 301bhp 389bhp
Torque 300Nm  300Nm 560Nm 600Nm 600Nm
0-62mph 7.5 seconds 7.6 seconds 5.9 seconds 5.7 seconds 5.1 seconds
Top Speed 100mph 100mph 124mph 124mph 124mph
Overall Length 4,595mm 4,595mm 4,595mm 4,595mm 4,595mm
Overall Width 1,850mm 1,850mm 1,850mm 1,850mm 1,850mm
Overall Height 1,660mm 1,660mm 1,660mm 1,660mm 1,660mm
Wheelbase 2,775mm 2,775mm 2,775mm 2,775mm 2,775mm
Boot Size 466 litres 466 litres 408 litres 408 litres 408 litres



Giovanny Arroba, Senior Design Director, says he wanted to shape a new future for Nissan Intelligent Mobility, and it seems his "clean, powerful surfaces and a more linear, horizontal motion that kind of cuts through the whole car” is symbolic of that very notion.

The minimal contouring and line sculpting of the All-New Nissan ARIYA embodies Arroba's vision. The design is carefully minimalistic without being basic. It's sleek pioneering in an industry that sometimes tries to do too much on the outside and fails to deliver on the inside and the Nissan ARIYA is a great example of less is more.In fact, Nissan themselves say "a single horizon line replaces fussy contours".

Giovanny Arroba describes this as "a striking aesthetic that shows that electric is beautiful."

LED Headlights and Front of Nissan ARIYA

The face of the ARIYA is something we haven't seen before on a Nissan with a new illuminated badge, futuristic Japanese-DNA front grille equipped with radars and cameras, and super sleek LED headlights that shine at night and disappear in the day.

All-New Nissan ARIYA rear exterior

The swooping roofline leads you to a full-width LED light strip across the boot lid at the back that fills in the gap of rear indicators, giving the ARIYA the sleek finish it deserves. You also get 19-inch alloy wheels as standard whilst higher-spec models have the choice of 20-inch wheels. The unique alloy design features 5 spiraling shard elements in a chrome-like finish, adding to the futuristic feel of the Nissan ARIYA.

Nissan ARIYA alloy wheel design close up

The electric coupe-crossover gets even more interesting when you open the doors and take a seat. Makoto Fukuda, Development Chief Product Specialist, adds: “The future of mobility is in the ARIYA – there are no obstacles between the outside and the inside of the car.” 

Of course, what he’s talking about is the seamless experience ARIYA owners will enjoy thanks to the abundance of technology and artificial intelligence deep-rooted within the electric SUV. 

Capability, precision and style can be effortlessly felt in every inch of this vehicle. Everything feels refreshing and strikes curiosity. Nissan claim the inside of the Nissan ARIYA is "not an interior, it's a living room", and what they mean by that is that every ARIYA driver and passenger will feel at one with the vehicle instantly. It's a space comfortable and spacious enough to spend the majority of your day in, willingly.

Arroba, said: “The elimination of the drive shaft, the flat floor and open space with the slim seats, it stretches this interior roominess…We wanted to create an EV spatial architecture for the interior of the car.”

Nissan ARIYA interior carpet

The layout is sweeping and open and mixes high tech with high quality. The upholstery is interesting, using a combination of premium finishes including soft materials, leather and engrained wood. The dashboard is predominantly digital with two 12.3-inch screens fixed side-by-side where one acts as your infotainment hub and the other sits directly in front of you replacing your instrument panel.

You’ll be able to operate your infotainment station via voice command which will recognise activation phrases such as “Hello Nissan” or “Hey Nissan”.

2021 Nissan ARIYA dashboard and infotainment system

What’s more, all controls that would usually be buttons on your dash or infotainment system have been replaced with haptic touch-sensitive controls. These have been integrated within the grained surface that runs across the fascia of your ARIYA and are only lit when your ARIYA is on.  

The  Nissan ARIYA is able to pair to and wirelessly charge your smartphone whilst also offering 4G connectivity with the ability to receive over-the-air updates to ensure your ARIYA is at its most capable – a first for Nissan.

These updates can include anything from app updates on your infotainment system to chassis and EV calibration. But going back to smartphone compatibility, the Nissan ARIYA seamlessly connects your life outside your ARIYA with your life inside. For example, you can set reminders to pop up on your infotainment display, you can feed through navigation routes and climate control instructions to your ARIYA in advance of any journey and much much more.

You’ll even be able to connect your ARIYA to Amazon Alexa so you can check the status of your battery or remaining range remotely from the comfort of your home. And the system works both ways – so you can control or activate household smart devices in your home through the Nissan ARIYA’s infotainment system. For example, you can get your lights and heating switched on in our house ahead of actually arriving home.

The Nissan ARIYA also offers a suite of safety and driving assistance technology to deliver a 'high-tech, low-stress driving experience'. For example, the Nissan ARIYA will come equipped with ProPILOT 2.0 - Nissan's latest iteration of driving assistance tech. It will include advanced features such as lane centring, stop-and-go, cruise control, semi-automonous driving, lane changing and so on. 

ProPILOT Park helps alleviate any parking stresses by being able to detect free parking spaces and guiding your Nissan ARIYA into the open space. The Nissan ARIYA is capable of front, reverse and parallel parking through this system.

What's more, the Nissan ARIYA will come with a ProPILOT Park Remote, adding the ability to park your vehicle with an intelligent key from outside of the vehicle so drivers and passengers can exit the vehicle with ease and avoid the trouble of tight spots (as seen in the video above). 

When it comes to safety, the All-New Nissan ARIYA has your back. Well, actually, thanks to its innovative 360-degree Safety Shield, the Nissan ARIYA has you covered from all angles. Features include Intelligent Around View Monitor, Intelligent Forward Collision Warning, Intelligent Emergency Braking and Rear Automatic Emergency Brake.


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