Road Trip Essentials

Planning a Road Trip over the summer? We'll ensure that you don't forget any of those last minute essentials!

A Sat Nav may seem like the obvious option but why not get the most out of a road trip, go old school and use an actual paper map? Or at least take a spare in case the Sat Nav decides to give up. Nothing worse than getting lost or taking a wrong turn!

If you are going to use a Sat Nav, make sure to buy a decent one. Some of the cheaper models are often not to up to date; claiming that there is a roundabout that may have not been there for a year or two! Not that helpful…

Purchase a good travel guide or book from your local retailer, or if you would rather keep the amount of books, leaflets and maps to a minimum, then you could always check out some useful and trusted travel apps to download;

This may seem like a no-brainer but you’ll be surprised that even the most simple of items will be left behind in a hurry. Keep a torch to hand in your glove box so that tasks such as changing a wheel in the dark are made easier.

A first aid kit is essential if you or a passenger falls ill or gets injured. The nearest service station or pharmacy may be miles away!

If you do happen to breakdown and are registered with a breakdown service, this will save some time in helping you getting back on the road in no time or back home!

Need Inspiration for where to visit? Here is a list of our recommended scenic routes. Why not see here for many of the items mentioned in this post at great prices!

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