Introducing the 2023 Juke Hybrid

The award-winning Sandicliffe team introduces you to the incredible new Nissan MY23 Juke Hybrid, and the future of Nissan electrification.

Introducing the 2023 Juke Hybrid

Combining the stunning Juke aesthetic and an incredible driving thrill, this next-generation hybrid is here to revolutionise your time on the road. Your all-new Juke features unique clutch-less technology that allows you to seamlessly switch between driving styles to match the conditions on the road. As a result, this is Nissan’s most convenient drivetrain yet.

You will also enjoy a choice of incredible accessories that allow you to make your Nissan Juke Hybrid entirely your own. Alongside all these new features you will also have the privilege of enjoying the Japanese design styling that has made Nissan vehicles popular all over the world.

Nissan has some huge plans for its hybrid and electric driving range during the rest of 2022. They aim to deliver “electrification done with excitement” to all their customers. This combines with the revolutionary Nissan design elements that make their petrol and diesel vehicles so popular.

If you aren’t quite ready to upgrade to all-electric driving, the Nissan e-POWER hybrid drivetrain makes your time on the road more environmentally friendly, without ever needing to plug your car in to charge. You will also enjoy a responsive, quiet and efficient ride that takes Nissan driving to a new level.

Nissan is harnessing this incredible new technology by releasing a series of new electrified vehicles. We have recently seen the arrival of the all-electric Nissan ARIYA. This is the first electric crossover SUV in the Nissan collection and we celebrated its arrival with a series of exclusive events.

This month, we will see the release of the incredible new Nissan Juke Hybrid. This revolutionary vehicle takes the extremely popular Juke and elevates it with an electrified drivetrain. We are excited to introduce this vehicle to our customers as we are sure it will become even more popular than its combustion engine equivalent.

By the end of the year, there will be two more fantastic electrified vehicles in the Nissan collection. September will see the release of the new Nissan Qashqai. Complete with an e-POWER drivetrain, this crossover will reinvent the urban drive. The Qashqai has been one of Nissan’s best sellers for many years, and this update elevates it to new heights.

Then, in October, the all-new Nissan X-Trail will arrive at Sandicliffe Nissan dealerships. This 4x4 crossover is designed for family driving and will first be released with an e-FORCE drivetrain. Joining the e-FORCE X-Trail in November is an X-Trail with an e-POWER drivetrain. This gives families even more choice and control of their driving experience.

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