Recapping Mental Health Awareness Week

In support of Mental Health Awareness Week, we has been offering information on how to improve your mental health. Recap our efforts in this blog

Recapping Mental Health Awareness Week

Recap Sandicliffe’s Mental Health Awareness Week celebrations. This week, we’ve been offering information on how our staff and customers can boost their moods.

Mental Health Awareness Week 2022 is ending and we are incredibly proud of all the efforts taken by the Sandicliffe team to promote positive mental health. Working to support the Mental Health Foundation, we want to make a difference in our community.

Mental health issues can affect all of us. So, as part of our Mental Health Awareness Week efforts, we have also been offering our staff and customers top tips and information about how to master their mental health and improve their general wellbeing.

We want our Sandicliife dealerships to be happy and healthy communities, and we hope that our work this week has helped boost the mood of our staff and customers alike. Here’s a recap of our efforts to support Mental Health Awareness Week.

We started the week by recommending some simple ways for our staff and customers to improve their general health and wellness. By practising meditation and mindfulness, you can become less distracted by intrusive or negative thoughts. If you’re struggling with your mental wellbeing, improving your physical health can also be a massive help. Getting active and partaking in regular exercise is proven to be a great help for those struggling with their mental health.

Stress is one of the biggest factors associated with poor mental health. We offered our team tips for busting stress including eating well and getting active, which are essential for our health. Talking to friends, family and colleagues is another fantastic way to boost your mood and relieve stress. Just as important as getting active is taking the time out to rest and recover. When we are low on energy, the symptoms of stress can affect us in an even greater way.

We also spent some time raising awareness about the impact of food on our mental health. Stress drives us towards comfort eating and making unhealthy choices. To make a positive change, you don’t have to starve yourself of flavour. Instead, small taking small steps to change your eating habits can have a significant impact on your mental health. Be sure to have a wide range of colourful fruits and vegetables and eliminate highly refined sugars from your diet. Both of these can improve your mood and energy levels.

Our final efforts for Mental Health Awareness Week saw our team get better informed on how sleep can affect our mental health. This is especially important, as we can often overwhelm ourselves with the activities that we can be doing to help our mental health. Instead, we should prioritise time to switch off and recover. During sleep, our brains and bodies recover from the stresses and strains of the day. As a result, getting a good night\'s sleep is essential to our mental health.

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