From Michigan to the East Midlands? Sports cars hit the headlines at the Detroit Motor Show

The Detroit Motor Show Has Housed Many Of The Top Sports Cars En Route Into The Car Market, Three Of Which Will Make Their Way To Sandicliffe!

The North American International Auto Show is one of the world\'s biggest auto events. Held annually in January, this year\'s event showcased a range of cars including three sports models that may be set to arrive in the East Midlands over the next few years. Detroit has been the home of the auto show since 1907 and while America\'s \'big three\' car manufacturers are based in the city, 2014 was the turn of some lesser known manufacturers to hit the headlines. We round up all the big motor news from Detroit. Kia release concept sports car Korean manufacturer Kia hit the headlines in Detroit when they unveiled their GT4 Stinger concept sports car. The company say that the car pays tribute to affordable sports cars of the past and, while Kia have no immediate plans to put it into production, they have a reputation for selling cars closely based to concept models. Paul Woodhouse, director of Sandicliffe, the new and used car experts, said: "The Stinger is a two-door coupe powered by a 315bhp version of the company\'s 2.0-litre T-GDi direct-injection turbo engine. It has all-wishbone suspension, 15-inch Brembo four-caliper brakes, direct steering and 20-inch carbon fibre and aluminium wheels. "It is a real throwback to the days when driving a sports car was a true experience that wasn\'t diluted by an on-board computer taking control." Ford unveils the Mustang that will come to the UK After fifty years of continuous production and more than nine million cars sold, the Ford Mustang is coming to the UK. The all-new sixth-generation model made its debut at its home motor show in Detroit, and will go on sale in the UK in right-hand drive within the next year. Mark Fields, Ford\'s COO, calls the Mustang the "emotional connection with the Ford brand," and has tasked it with raising the perception of the company in Europe. He also wants it to be seen as "a credible sports car in Europe", and engineers freely admit it has been benchmarked against the likes of the BMW M3 Coupe and even the Porsche 911. Nissan to double sports car range On the back of a great response to two new concept cars comes a pledge from Nissan to double its sports car range in the next few years. The Japanese manufacturer unveiled its IDx Freeflow and Bladeglider concept cars last November and, after a highly positive reaction, will expand its sports car range. Chief planning officer Andy Palmer revealed this news in Detroit. He said: "The IDx will be at one end of the spectrum and the Bladeglider at the other, and in the middle we will have a lower-end sports car and a new GT-R. "With the GT-R, we will do a renewal each year and there will be a new one. It will retain the mechanical look of the current car, but with more of the cues from the latest Nissan design. It will still be very aggressive." The IDx is seen as a way of re-engaging with younger drivers who regard "time spent in the car as wasted time away from social media", while the Bladeglider, with its very narrow front track, is aimed at those who see all cars as polluting. For more information on the latest Kia, Nissan or Ford models including the Ford Mustang, call Sandicliffe on 0800 988 7000.

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