All-New Nissan Micra

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If you’re looking for a sporty amalgam of agility and practicality, choose the Nissan Micra N-Sport and experience adventure like never before.


The all-new Micra has evolved to rival leading manufacturers with state of the art technology and in-car features. The features have been designed to maximise style, comfort and convenience as well as adding energy to the driving experience. This 5th generation vehicle has worked tirelessly to improve on the traditional Micra design, stepping away from its more basic predecessors, the vehicle looks, drives and delivers cutting edge technology and performance making it; we believe; the best supermini on the market.

BOSE Sound

The BOSE Personal Sound System features 6 speakers throughout the vehicle, including 2 embedded speakers in the driver’s headrest. The professional system creates a 360° listening experience, heightening a multitude of senses. Exclusive to the New Nissan Micra, it’s the first vehicle in its kind to boast this incredible audio technology.

The high-tech BOSE system has been beautifully concealed within the high-quality interior and design, creating an exciting oasis of texture and sound. The driving experience is now incomparable to alternative vehicles in it’s class.

Advanced Driver Assist Display

Incorporated into your dashboard, the Advanced Driver Assist Display is framed perfectly by a visual exhibition of LED lights. The smart full colour screen features turn-by-turn directions, as well as Caller ID, Audio track details and numerous Safety features. As well as adding an extra dimension to your dashboard, it also improves user experience and provides useful information.

Display Audio with CarPlay

A first for Nissan, the new Micra showcases the Nissan-Connect Display on the modern central dashboard. The Smart Display provides convenient access to your music, messages and favourite apps, using Apple’s CarPlay. This intelligent technology allows you to simply plug in your Smartphone and drive without hassle.


The Nissan-Connect system has been designed with safety and simplicity in mind so you can focus on driving without distraction. The system incorporates Audio, Navigation and Handsfree communication technology. Everything is beautifully displayed on a 7” full colour, anti-glare touch screen.

Intelligent Around View Monitor

By using four cameras, the Intelligent Around View Monitor not only gives you a live on screen view of your surroundings, it also uses a split screen technology to display a virtual birds-eye perspective at the same time. This leaves no margin for error, relieving you of the stress of tight parallel parking. This feature if perfect for urban driving and makes parking your car a breeze.

Lane Departure Warning and Prevention

Lane Departure Warning and Prevention is a ground-breaking feature that has been introduced to the New Nissan Micra to increase safety and accident prevention. The state of the art technology sounds a visual and audio alert as it assists with your steering, essentially pulling you back into your lane if you drift over into a different one without indicating. Not only this, but it will lower your speed in-order to complete the manoeuvre as safely as possible.

Intelligent Emergency Braking

This pioneering feature allows you to drive confidently without hesitation. The Intelligent Emergency Braking system has been developed to apply the brakes when it recognises an upcoming obstruction, whether it be another vehicle or pedestrian. The upgraded system will also alert you when it’s kicked it so it isn’t mistaken for a fault. This feature is activated from the moment you start up, constantly looking for any traffic that could pull in front of you, leaving you to sit back and enjoy the ride

Intelligent Emergency Braking

High Beam Assist

Is there anything worse than being startled by a high beam light whilst driving in dark conditions? We’ve all been there and sometimes, it’s simply human error that this occurs. The High Beam Assist has arrived to ensure that you never fall foul to compromising another motorist’s vision and concentration. The New Nissan Micra has the ability to detect when high beam headlights are needed, not only this, but it will also temporarily dip the lights when it suspects there is an oncoming vehicle. This allows you to enjoy driving at night and it frees up your hands to concentrate on vehicle steering and control.

High Beam Assist

Traffic Sign Recognition

It’s never been easier to stick to the latest speed limits with Nissan’s Traffic Sign Recognition feature. Nissan have recognised that driving past a traffic sign and missing the information is easily done, especially at busy times of the day. Therefore, they’ve introduced some clever technology that automatically detects when there’s a road sign ahead and will display all the information you need on your Advanced Driver Assist Display in full colour. This way, you don’t have to worry about accidently taking a turn down a one-way street or exceeding a speed limit.

Nissan have made clear improvements to the vehicle’s overall design without compromising on reliability, safety and technology. The long awaited New Nissan Micra is set to makes waves in the Supermini class and Sandicliffe believe it has exceeded all expectations.