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All-new limited edition Nissan Juke Kiiro

Now available to order from Sandicliffe Nissan dealerships, the limited edition Nissan Juke Kiiro is here to bring action-movie excitement to your driving. Released in association with “The Batman”, the Juke Kiiro is an SUV so stylish it wouldn’t look out of place on the red carpet.

Following on from previous special editions of the Juke crossover, the Kuro and the Shiro, this SUV is inspired by the Japanese word Kiiro. Kiiro means yellow and there are several yellow design touches that complement an all-new colour scheme. With a number of other special design touches, the Kiiro builds on the success of the Nissan Juke and takes it to a whole new level of driving thrill.

There will only be 5000 Nissan Juke Kiiro’s available in Europe and just 500 in the UK. As a result, you will have to act fast to get your hands on one. Contact the specialist Sandicliffe team today to register your interest in this exciting vehicle.

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Drive like a superhero

This special edition of the Nissan Juke will be promoted alongside Matt Reeves’ “The Batman” film. The Kiiro will become your very own Batmobile and allow you to harness your inner superhero every time you take the wheel. There are also several gadgets and infotainment inclusions that would not look out of place in Batman’s arsenal. To be one of the lucky 50 who can call themselves a Nissan Juke Kiiro owner, get in touch with the specialist Sandicliffe team today.

Special edition exterior

The recognisable Nissan Juke body remains unchanged with the limited edition Kiiro. However, it has been enhanced by an all-new aluminium trim and yellow trim accents on the side sills and rear bumper. New features also include a striking set of 19-inch glossy black wheels. The Kiiro completes its stylish redesign with an all-new paint shade. The Ceramic Grey colour scheme is sleek and effortlessly cool. Complemented by Kiiro-specific graphics on the roof and mirrors, this is one of the best looking SUVs in Nissan’s range.

Striking new interior

The limited-edition Kiiro retains the same layout and sense of practical style as the standard Nissan Juke. It shares the same eight-inch infotainment screen that offers you all the information you could possibly need. The seats have been re-trimmed in Kiiro colours, with black cloth, yellow stitching and unique metallic grey inserts. The yellow stitching continues along the armrests, doors, dashboard and centre panel. The new styling is completed with a Kiiro badge on the gear stick.

Heroic new design

Design is the focus of the Nissan Juke Kiiro. Here’s what Arnaud Charpentier, Nissan’s Region Vice President of Product Strategy and Pricing had to say: “Since the introduction of the first eye-catching personalisation options on the original Juke, we know how much customers appreciate the Juke’s styling, and the way its personality lends itself to playful additions. We wanted to create a special version which looks serious, with added presence and boldness - but that wasn’t sombre or boring. I’m confident the Juke Kiiro will be a great success”.

Classic Juke performance

The limited-edition Nissan Juke Kiiro comes fitted with the same turbocharged three-cylinder engine as the standard Juke. This 1.0-litre engine provides plenty of power with 112bhp and a six-speed manual gearbox. With the perfect balance of power and precision, it is easy to see how this car would be a hit with Batman himself. To see the new Nissan Juke Kiiro in action, keep your eye out for the adverts and marketing associated with “The Batman”. Here you will be able to see how comfortably the Kiiro fits into an action movie.

Want to be one of the lucky few drivers who get to own a limited edition Nissan Juke Kiiro?

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