Benefits of Joining the Motability Car Scheme

There are many benefits to the Motability scheme, which is why the scheme continues to grow in popularity each year. A brand-new vehicle can offer people with limited mobility a sense of everyday freedom that can be invaluable to someone’s day to day quality of life. The Motability Scheme covers the greater cost of a new vehicle, meaning it’s within reach for people who are unable to work due to disability or illness. The simple and affordable scheme has created a solution for people who have additional transport limitations and accessibility

Sandicliffe Motability Specialists Support

Our Motability Specialists are at the heart of the Motability application and process. When making your initial enquiry, you will liaise directly with a Specialist located at your local Sandicliffe dealership to ensure a smooth and easy business transaction. Our specialists benefit from a wealth of experience and training, making us the perfect team to help advise you through the process and help you choose a suitable vehicle. Once the car is ordered, the Specialist will track the progress of your vehicle’s build and pass on any important information to yourself. They will also organise the supply and fit of Motability Adaptations to your new vehicle before you take delivery. When the vehicle arrives on site, you will be invited down to the dealership for the vehicle handover. The one on one handover procedure allows us to demonstrate how to use each feature available in your new vehicle, as well as encouraging you to ask any questions or express any concerns you may have. Once confident, you can drive the vehicle away in the knowledge that you have a Motability Specialist on hand at any time for any future enquiries. At Sandicliffe, great customer care doesn’t stop at the showroom doors.

Sandicliffe Disabled Facilities

At Sandicliffe, we understand how important designated parking and disabled access is, and we pride ourselves on making this a priority. All our dealerships are equipped with disabled parking bays, access ramps and disabled toilets, ensuring your visit is comfortable and stress free. Our staff have been trained to be respectful and helpful towards your needs always and are happy to assist if required. We are more than confident our motability facilities are held to a good standard with regards to disabled accessibility, however if you would prefer to call ahead before any visits, we are happy to take extra precautions in preparation for you arriving.

Free Car Servicing and Maintenance

If you’re worried about the cost of maintenance on the vehicle, don’t be. As well as paying for the car, the Motability Scheme will also cover the cost of servicing, repairs and general maintenance. An annual service is required annually for the first 2 years, the vehicle will then need an MOT and quality check before it’s handed back to Motability. Any repairs or wear and tear items, such as replacement brake pads, that are needed during this time are all covered by Motability, so you don’t have to be concerned about any costs, to make sure this is as stress free as possible, we even offer a free courtesy car or collection and delivery service! This means, all you have to do is drive, fuel and enjoy!

Free Motability Adaptations

Motability Adaptations to some people, are the most important aspect of your vehicle, so it’s important to know that you order the right one for you! The adaptations can help to aid steering, gear change, accessibility, stowage and pedal control and can all be supplied and fit free of charge. If you think you may benefit from one of these adaptations it’s worthwhile to discuss with your Motability Specialist, they can help with information and advice and can even arrange for you to test some of them before ordering. Once you have decided on your chosen adaptation(s) simply let your Specialist know and they can have this supplied and fit to your new vehicle in time for your collection date. It’s as easy as that!

Free Window and Windscreen Repair and Replacements

As part of your agreement, all window and windscreen repairs and replacements are covered completely free of charge. It’s always better to let us know sooner rather than later if you spot any cracks or chips in your windscreen. This can help prevent the glass being completely replaced. Simply call Glassline on 05000 355 355 to arrange a booking with your local, or mobile repairer. You will need to explain that you are Motability Customer and present your Certificate of Motor Insurance as proof.

Free Tyre Replacement

There’s nothing worse than popping a tyre whilst on your travels, but not to worry we’ve got you covered. With full roadside assistance throughout the EU, the RAC are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to come and rescue you. Just a puncture? Simple, just drive to your nearest Kwikfit or call them on 0330 123 1531, explain you’re a Motability customer and they’ll change or repair it there and then for you! No hassle at all.

1 Years Free Road Tax

When you take delivery of your new car, the vehicle will already be taxed for the first year. If you live in Great Britain or Nothern Ireland, Motability will arrange for the car to be taxed automatically each year through your lease agreement, unless you have chosen to pay for your tax privately. If you think your vehicle may not be taxed or overdue, you can check the vehicle tax details online.

Fully Comprehensive Insurance

Insurance on the scheme is free of charge and is provided by Royal Bank of Scotland (RSA) and covers the Motability candidate and one additional driver (terms and conditions apply). Allowing an additional driver on the insurance policy makes the Motability programme suitable for people receiving a disability award who cannot drive themselves. It introduces a freedom of transport that they haven’t had before, as even people without a licence can apply for the scheme.

100’s of New Cars From Nil Advanced Payments

An Advanced Payment is a non-refundable payment made at the beginning of the agreement, this amount can differ depending on the model and specification of your chosen vehicle. But don’t panic, at Sandicliffe we have such a vast selection of Motability cars available, that hundreds of our New Cars have Nil Advanced Payment. This means, no upfront cost! So, don’t worry about breaking into your piggy bank just yet.

A Brand New Car Every Three Years

One of the biggest benefits of being on the Motability Scheme is being able to drive a brand-new vehicle of your choice every three years! After three years of hassle free driving, your local branch will invite you to get the vehicle MOT up to 60 days prior to the renewal date, this gives you the perfect opportunity to order your new vehicle! The Scheme diminishes the risks of owning a vehicle that could potentially cost thousands to maintain or repair, by offering a lease option with no ownership costs and a brand-new vehicle every three years! Why three years? As soon as the vehicle hits this age, it requires an annual MOT to be considered as safe to drive. This is because after three years of driving, certain parts of the car such as brake pads start to wear and some minor changes may be needed. It’s around this time that most manufacturers bring their warranty to a close also. At this stage, we do a full condition check of the vehicle and send photographs to Motability for them to estimate the vehicle. The vehicle is then bought by the dealership or sent back to Motability to sell on as an Approved Used Vehicle.

What’s covered by your insurance policy?

  • Loss / damage to your car
  • Accidental damage
  • Fire or theft
  • Repair / replacement glass
  • In-car equipment (such as a radio or CD player) standard / permanently fitted
  • Adaptations and modifications (terms and conditions apply)
  • Any accessories supplied with the car
  • Replacement locks where keys have been stolen and the theft reported to the police
  • Driving your car for voluntary or charitable work (terms and conditions apply)
  • Travel to and from your normal workplace

60,000 Mileage Allowance

All the vehicles on the Motability Scheme are available on a three-year lease with a mileage allowance of 60,000 miles. As the national average is 15,000 miles per year, the allowance is very generous and allows for you travel throughout the EU with no worries.

It really does depend on your needs; however the function of the device generally remains the same.

If you feel that hand controls are for you then we would also advise looking at Automatic vehicles when choosing your car.

When you take out a Motability vehicle from Sandicliffe you can come to expect all of the following benefits:

  • Sandicliffe Motability Specialist Support
  • Sandicliffe Designated Disabled Parking
  • Sandicliffe Exclusive Disabled Toilets
  • Inclusive Car Servicing and Maintenance
  • Inclusive Motability Adaptations
  • Inclusive Tyre Replacement
  • Inclusive Window and Windcreen Repair and Replacements
  • 1 Years Inclusive Road Tax
  • A Brand new car every 3 years
  • Fully Comprehensive Insurance
  • 60,000 Mileage Allowance
  • 100’s of New Cars at Nil Advanced Payments