Welcome to Motability Car Adaptations

Discover the freedom of driving with Sandicliffe's range of new Motability vehicles. Our cars come equipped with the latest technology to assist with day-to-day driving, but we understand that sometimes you may need extra adaptations to suit your needs. Our Motability specialists can guide you through the wide range of Driving adaptations, Stowage Adaptations or Access adaptations available. Whether you require hand controls, wheelchair stowage, or vehicle access modifications, we have you covered. It's essential to have all the information before ordering your car, so contact us to discuss which adaptations are most suitable for your chosen vehicle. Let us help you make the best choice for a comfortable and convenient driving experience. Test drive a Motability vehicle at Sandicliffe today.


Steering Ball

Ease of Use: Attach the Steering Ball to the front of your wheel in seconds, and enjoy the ease of a 360-degree turning radius with just one hand.

Comfort and Convenience: Keep your hand in a comfortable position as you effortlessly navigate all directions on the road.

Versatile Adaptation: With your other hand free to handle additional driving tasks or hand controls, the Steering Ball allows for a seamless driving experience.

Hand Controls

Hand Controls are designed to provide a comfortable and easy alternative for drivers who find it difficult to use standard vehicle pedals. With a variety of devices available, including push/pull levers and trigger accelerators, we ensure that your driving experience remains safe and convenient. Our range of hand controls cater to different levels of assistance needed, from basic mechanical models to advanced options with air compression technology or electrics.

For those considering hand controls, we recommend looking at Automatic vehicles for an even smoother driving experience. Whether you prefer a Trigger Accelerator, Over Ring Accelerator, Under Ring Accelerator, or Ghost Ring Accelerator, we have the perfect solution for you. Drive with confidence and ease with our Hand Controls.


Car Rooftop Stowage

This adaptation allows you to conveniently store a folded wheelchair on the roof of your car, keeping it protected and secure during your journey. With the touch of a button, an electric hoist effortlessly lowers the chair for easy attachment, before lifting it back up into the stowage box. Available for fitting on either the driver's or passenger's side, this solution offers convenience and peace of mind. However, please be aware of height restrictions in some parking spaces. Contact our Motability Specialists for more information and guidance. Upgrade your vehicle with the Rooftop Stowage from Sandicliffe today.

Car Boot Hoists

Hoist packages are the perfect solution for effortless wheelchair or scooter transfer. Our hoists are designed to make your life easier, with a touch of a button transferring your mobility product in and out of the boot seamlessly. Tie downs are included to keep your equipment secure on the go. Our Motability specialists are on hand to guide you in choosing the most suitable hoist for your specific needs. With two types of hoists available, we ensure a perfect fit for every customer. Visit your local Sandicliffe branch today to experience the convenience and ease of our hoist packages.


Generally, people who rely on a wheelchair or scooter for mobility often look for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAV) only. This isn’t the only option and here at Sandicliffe we are more than happy to arrange a no-obligation appointment to demonstrate the different options available to you.

There are a number of adaptations that can be installed to improve the accessibility of any standard car. There are three different options that could help you, see below.

Transfer Plates

Fitted to the side of your seat it creates a surface from your seat to the wheelchair. This helps you transfer to and from the seats. Once in the car the plate can be folded out of the way to ensure comfortable driving. The plates can be manually or electrically controlled however the electric plates are more expensive. When considering your options, please understand to use the plates you must have the upper body strength to be able to move yourself from the plate to seat and vice versa.

Electric Person Hoist

A permanent hoist will be mounted into the car. Three sections are then clipped together to create a frame that’s able to lift a person entirely into the vehicle electrically. A canvas has been specially designed for this purpose. Once seated parts of the frame can be detached and stored in the boot however the sling would remain with you as it’s then easier to be put back into your wheelchair at the end of the journey. Some people see this as an alternative to WAV vehicles as they are then able to ride in the front seat with the driver rather than in the back in their wheel chair, making it a more comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Swivel Seats

A permanent Swivel Seat can turn, lower and tip to make getting in and out of the car easier. The seats can be manual or electrical depending on what is preferable to you. Wheelchair Swivel Seats can also be installed into your vehicle. Due to a specifically designed car seat the wheelchair base allows for it to be connected so that the seat can be turned and pulled out of the car completely by sliding onto the wheelchair frame.