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Ford Performance Parts Dealer in the Midlands

Sandicliffe Ford are a proud supplier of Genuine Ford Performance parts, official Ford accessories and the full range of Steeda customisation parts since 2020. We are 1 of only 7 Steeda dealers in the UK and are the only Steeda parts dealer in Central England.

So if you share the same passion and love for cars as us and are looking for a Performance Specialist to help modify and tune your car in the Midlands, you’ve come to the right place.

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  • Chassis & suspension upgrades

    Add more strength to your chassis for heightened driving dynamics or lower your vehicle for improved handling and thrill.

  • Exterior styling

    Personalise your Ford with our latest selection of emblems, spoilers, body kits and more. Don’t just turn heads, drop jaws.

  • Performance wheels

    Race on high-tech production wheels built significantly lighter for superior handling, comfort and acceleration.

  • Engine & power enhancements

    Increase power behind the pedal with engine and exhaust enhancements to enjoy perfectly calibrated sound and performance.

  • Interior kits

    Renovate your interior space with high-performance upholstery. Choose from special edition trim panels, gear shifts and more.

  • Drive upgrades

    For a true performance car feeling, upgrade your drive with short shifter kits, racing gear knobs and limited-slip differentials.

720bhp Steve McQueen™ Edition Bullitt Mustang

Sandicliffe Ford proudly becomes the UK’s first Steeda Steve McQueen™ Edition Bullitt Mustang seller, built in our Nottingham FordStore, England. With over 27 significant individual component upgrades on the chassis, suspension and drivetrain alone, this intricately modified Bullitt Mustang proves to be a true automotive masterpiece.

Want to create your own? Enquire now using the short online form below or call our Performance Specialists directly on 01156 710 155.

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What is Steeda Performance?

Steeda is a staple name within the automotive performance and motorsport industry. It has been the biggest car modification and tuning company for Ford performance for over 30 years and was founded by Dario Orlando in 1988.

Since then, Steeda has gone on to win major awards both on the track and off, including recognition as Ford’s number 1 premier performance company thanks to world class design and engineering.

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Full range of Steeda parts

You’ll be able to shop from the full range of Steeda parts and performance packs (suspension, interior, exterior, wheels…). We provide everything from racing and performance upgrades to neck-breaking cosmetic customisation to build limited-edition custom cars in the UK. Whether you’re preparing your car for an important track day or simply want to enhance everyday driving, your journey to fine-tuned performance starts here.

Better, faster, stronger

As your local one-stop-shop for all things Ford Performance, you can count on Sandicliffe FordStore Nottingham to help you achieve your Ford Racing fantasy. Our dedicated team of performance specialists will offer you a bespoke service to ensure you drive away with power, precision and performance you’ve always dreamed of. Ford tuning and modification upgrades are available on selected high-performance models including the Fiesta ST, Focus ST, Mustang and more.

Get your Ford transformed at Sandicliffe Ford today.

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