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The third-generation RS joins a long line of historic Ford RS models to become the hottest hatchback around. Equipped with All-Wheel Drive for the first time, as well as a four-cylinder 2.3-litre petrol engine that pumps out 345bhp! The engine, previously seen in the all-new Ford Mustang helps to make this RS the fastest Ford Focus ever produced.

Not only does this Ford Performance hatchback pack some power, it is provided with a sharp, low stance exterior and is available in a variety of colours. Reaching 0-62mph in a mere 4.7 seconds and with a top speed of 165mph, the RS is designed to please thrill-seekers. Have no doubt though as the RS is also a fantastic car for everyday driving. Well equipped, the RS features Ford SYNC, Recaro driving seats and even the choice of four different driving modes.





0 - 62

4.7 Seconds

Top Speed

165 MPH

Max Power

345 BHP


36.7 MPG

Competitively priced this hot hatch provides great value for money and most of all puts the fun back into driving. Packed with innovative Ford Technology including the AWD system the RS is a sports car that makes the most of precision driving with ease. Powerful acceleration, agile handling and firm suspension all create a four-wheel-drive car that has incredible stability and control.

Find out all you need to know from all of the features, available extras and most importantly performance figures. For more information visit the Ford site or contact your local Sandicliffe Ford Dealer. To order your very own Focus RS today, pay us a visit at our FordStore, Welford Road, Leicester or FordStore, Abbeyfield Road, Nottingham.

The Ford Focus RS Main Features

All-Wheel-Drive (AWD)

Handle corners at speed like a pro with Ford Performance AWD. The system provides exceptional grip and precise handling with Dynamic Torque Vectoring Control. Employing two electronically controlled clutch packs helps to balance engine torque between the rear wheels. This controls and optimises driving conditions as well as changing to suit road surfaces.

Track & Circuit Driving Settings

Mix things up when driving thanks to the four different driving modes. Tune to Normal, Sport, Track or Drift and the All-Wheel Drive system will automatically alter. As well as the damper controls, ABS systems, Electronic Stability Control and steering and engine responses.

  • Normal – all controls are set to default to make the car drive more normally. Softer suspension, a quieter exhaust and light steering for everyday driving.
  • Sport – In Sport mode the RS begins to tune and respond more to the environment. You feel the engine’s power via the steering wheel and the AWD provides a more responsive drive.
  • Track – The Track mode is designed to work corners at speed whilst maintaining control. All of the variables are set to sport mode to give a precise drive that makes the most of performance.
  • Drift – Select Drift mode on circuits and the AWD system will send power forwards. Softer damping enables a lighter and effortless slide with ultimate traction.

Öhlins Tenneco Suspension

Öhlins Tenneco suspension adapts to the way that you drive. The race-inspired suspension is stiffened to help keep the vehicle under supervision at all times. Improving road holding and overall control whilst connecting you to the road for an unforgettable driving experience. The two-mode switchable dampers offer a firmer setting when in track-mode so that you can enjoy the course at full throttle.

Launch Control Acceleration

Launch Control configures the chassis and powertrain to deliver exceptionally fast acceleration from a standing start. Torque is distributed via the AWD system to maintain maximum power, traction control and the dampers are set to maximum grip. Resulting in powerful performance every time no matter what the track conditions may be.

Gear Shift Indicators

Sophisticated features ensure that transmission and engine provide maximum acceleration through the gears. The Performance Shift Lift also enables you to see the optimum upshift point for every gear that you select. A light also flashes to warn you if the engine is close to hitting the limit of 6,800 rpm.


Control your music and make and receive calls all by using simple voice commands via Ford SYNC. The infotainment system reacts to voice control to play songs from a USB/iPod or stream music directly from your phone. Enjoy your favourite song and stay connected all whilst keeping your eyes on the road. Multi-tasking at its finest!

2.3 Litre EcoBoost Engine

The advanced 2.3-litre EcoBoost engine enhanced with revolutionary technology incorporates direct fuel injection, twin independent variable camshaft timing and a twin-scroll turbocharger. The engine has been specifically tuned and calibrated for the Ford Focus RS, resulting in maximum power of 345bhp and 440Nm of torque.

Bi-Xenon Environment Adjustable Headlamps

Different lighting modes adjust depending on your speed, environment and conditions. The modes include specific settings for when you’re driving on town roads, country lanes, motorways and in adverse weather. The Bi-Xenon headlamps are smart, following the road as you turn the wheel. Providing you with outstanding visibility.

Auto Start-Stop

Auto Start-Stop automatically switches off the engine when your vehicle stops at traffic lights or when you’re stuck in traffic. Whilst still supplying power to the rest of the car such as air conditioning, headlights radio and Ford SYNC. Cutting fuel consumption by up to 10%. Depress the clutch and select first gear to be on your way again.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring

If your tyres begin to lose pressure, the Tyre Pressure Monitoring system warns you by lighting up an icon. Early warning gives you the chance to stop your vehicle and fix the problem safely.

Brembo Four-Piston Monoblock Brake Calipers

Incorporating the most powerful braking system ever fitted to an RS model, the design maximises brake cooling to avoid fade. The front discs also feature ventilation fins for enhanced cooling.

Recaro Racing Seats

The RS is equipped with ergonomically designed Recaro sports seats featuring a signature RS badge and Nitrous Blue panels. Sit comfortably and securely with the side bolsters holding your position during performance driving. Recaro shell seats with authentic motorsport microfiber fabric panels are also available.

Speed Limiter Technology

Set a maximum speed limit anywhere between 12 and 70 mph preventing you from accelerating above a certain speed. When activated Ford Speed Limiter constantly monitors how fast the vehicle is travelling through small sensors mounted in the front wheels. As soon as the technology detects that the maximum set speed has been reached the amount of fuel being delivered to the engine is limited.

Heated Windscreen

Get on the move much quicker on frosty mornings at the touch of a button! The system will de-ice or de-frost your windscreen in seconds even if it’s below zero outside.

Rain Sensing Windscreen Wipers

When moisture is detected on your windscreen the rain-sensing wipers spring into action. Choose from six sensitivity levels that determine how much moisture can build up before the wipers activate.

Ford SYNC 2 Touchscreen & Ford MyKey

As well as controlling your music, phone and climate control via simple voice commands, you can also make the most of the 8" colour touchscreen. Programme specific restrictions for your vehicle with Ford MyKey. For example you can set maximum speed limits, seatbelt reminders and control audio system volume. Useful if you are lending your car to someone or simply want a few reminders or restrictions.

Advanced ABS

The refined Anti-lock braking system (ABS) and electronic brake-force distribution combine to provide more controlled braking. Improved brake assembly also gives a much swifter response.

Advanced Intelligent Protection System

Ford’s advanced Intelligent Protection System (IPS) coordinates a number of safety systems to protect both you and your passengers. The impact-absorbing bodyshell and array of airbags help to shield the occupants. Whilst the steering wheel and pedals are designed to collapse away from the driver. Significantly reducing the risk of injury in the event of an accident.

Hill Start Assist

The system maintains pressure to the braking system, allowing you more time and control to move your foot from pedal to accelerator. Preventing your vehicle from rolling backwards when making a hill start.

Electronic Fold Wing Mirrors

Power-foldable mirrors automatically fold inwards when you are parked, avoiding accidental damage. They also protect the stylish integrated indicators.

Optimised 6-Speed Transmission

Swift, accurate shifts are provided by the shorter gear lever and revised mechanism of the six speed manual transmission. The transmission and clutch have also been upgraded with stronger components to handle the increased torque output.

Rear-view Mirror Auto Dimmer

Lights from vehicles behind you can be a distraction when driving at night. The auto-dimming rear-view mirror detects headlight glare automatically and switches to a dimmed setting.


Easy-Fuel Fuel Cap

Ford Easy-Fuel is a capless system which means dirty fuel caps are a thing of the past! The wrong nozzle also won’t fit into the car, making it pretty impossible to fill up your car with the wrong fuel.

Active City Stop

Active City Stop detects when a car in front of you slows down unexpectedly. If you’re travelling under 30mph it will automatically apply the brakes to avoid or reduce the impact of an accident.

Thatcham Category 1 Alarm

The Thatcham Category 1 alarm is a sophisticated and powerful alarm that automatically arms when the vehicle is double-locked. If the vehicle is lifted, broken into or any movement is detected inside the cabin, the alarm will be set off.

Want to know more about all of Ford’s ever-evolving technology features? Go further and explore all of them on our Ford Technology page.

Available Extras

Luxury Pack

The Luxury Pack consists of powerfold door mirrors, rear parking sensors, Ford’s KeyFree System, cruise control with speed limiter and privacy glass. The pricing for the pack is an extra £1,000.

Door Edge Protectors

Protect the front and rear doors from bumps and scuffs with door edge protectors for an extra £85.

Power Tilt & Slide Sunroof

The power tilt & slide sunroof is available for an extra £575.

Painted Brake Calliper

Blue painted, branded front and rear brake callipers add a striking presence to match the Nitrous Blue exterior. Priced at £100.

19" Black Forged Alloys

Opt for dynamic 19" black forged alloys to complete the exterior for an extra £595.

Premium Sat Navigation System

The premium Ford SYNC2 DAB navigation system includes 10 premium Sony speakers, a rear view camera. Navigation includes 3D building rendering and Michelin guide. Pricing costs £465.

Active City Stop

Active City Stop is an innovative safety feature that automatically brakes when a car in front of you unexpectedly slows down. To add the extra it will cost an additional £200.







Frozen White


Shadow Black

Nitrous Blue

History of the Ford RS Models

The 2016 RS has endured blistering heat in Arizona, sub-zero temperatures in the Arctic and been tested to its limit on some of the world’s most demanding tracks. Why you may ask; to earn the coveted RS badge that so many predecessors have been awarded with since the series was launched.

The coveted RS badge is one that isn’t given easily, it has to be earned. After Ford’s continuous success on the rally scene, Ford introduced the RS. Collaborating with the Ford performance division and the dealer network that marketed performance cars. The Ford Escort RS1600 is the car that started it all back in 1970. With a top speed of 113mph and a price tag of £1,447 the Escort RS introduced Ford performance to those who wanted a piece of the action. The RS badge has featured on many Ford models over the years but the Ford Focus was the first in quite some time.

The all-new Focus RS 2016 is in fact the 30th car to carry the badge, continuing the vehicle’s leading reputation for design and engineering. Here’s a breakdown of past Focus RS models and what made them exceptional and so popular among fanatics.


Ford Focus RS Mk1 2002

  • Top Speed: 144mph
  • Engine: 2.0-litre 16-valve 212bhp Duratec
  • Available Colours: Imperial Blue
  • Other: Front-Wheel Drive

The Mk1 was the first RS model in over six years and didn’t disappoint. With many critics praising the hot hatch for its WRC influenced styling and output. Launched in 2002 with a limited number available until the end of 2003, this Focus laid down the foundations for what was yet to come.

Ford Focus RS Mk2 2009

  • Top Speed: 163mph
  • Engine: 2.5-litre 301bhp Duratec engine
  • Available Colours: Ultimate Green, Frozen White, Performance Blue
  • Other: Front-Wheel Drive, 0-62mph in 5.9 seconds

Another six years passed until the next model was unveiled in 2009. The Mk2 also received front-wheel drive and the same engine as featured in the Focus ST. Although tweaks saw a performance enhancement with styling helping the second generation to stand the test of time in all three colours.

Ford Focus RS 500 2010

  • Top Speed: 165mph
  • Available Colours: Matte-Black
  • Other: Mountune Performance Upgrade to 345bhp

Launched a year later in 2010 the limited edition saw just 500 models produced! The model was also only available in one colour, received a Mountune Performance upgrade and was the fastest Ford Focus produced!

Ford Focus RS 2016

  • Top Speed: 165mph
  • Engine: 2.3-litre 345bhp EcoBoost engine
  • Available Colours: Stealth Grey, Frozen White, Magnetic, Shadow Black, Nitrous Blue
  • Other: Four-Wheel Drive, 0-62mph in 4.7 seconds

After a long six year wait the latest model is evidential proof that it has been worth it. With a choice of five colours, a turbocharged 2.3-litre four-cylinder engine as well as AWD for the first time. This is without a doubt the hottest Focus to date; supercar performance disguised in a practical yet aggressive hatchback.

Focus RS Reviews

The third generation model has scored top marks across the board from critics. From the sporty exterior to the smooth and agile performance, it looks like it is hard to find a fault. Not only does the engine perform well, it sounds impressive too; growls and crackles complete the RS’ aggressive presence. Find out what the reviews are saying and why this is an RS definitely worth owning!

Focus RS FAQ’s

What is the running cost?

Designed for power rather than energy efficiency, although Ford has added auto start/stop technology to cut down emissions slightly. The Ecoboost engine has also been tuned specifically for the RS, with CO2 emissions of 175g/km resulting in road tax costing around £205 for the year. A cheaper alternative in comparison to some fast hatch rivals. Take it easy from time to time and the running costs won’t set you back more than what is expected from an RS model.

How much is the price tag?

All-Wheel Drive, Launch Control and four different driving modes among other Ford technology features. This hot hatch provides a lot and at a competitive price to rival competitors. At just £31,000 and with a variety of extras available, customise your RS for the ultimate hatchback. Just the thing to top trump your neighbour’s standard entry Focus.

When is the release date?

Orders are being delivered as we speak! If you want one of the fast hatch’s though you need to be quick. Numbers are limited, but the good news is if you do order one you won’t have long to wait to say that you own a Ford RS model. Visit our FordStores in Nottingham and Leicester to see the model for yourself and why not book a test-drive for your arrival?

Where can I buy one?

At Sandicliffe, we have been passionate about Ford vehicles ever since we first started supplying them on Nottingham Road, Stapleford back in 1950. Our passion and expertise has grown over the years as well as our number of dealerships. We now have six Ford dealerships across Nottingham, Leicester and Loughborough all providing Ford models at exceptional prices. Come and pay us a visit to find out more and to put in an order for your very own RS today.


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