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An ex-demo car is a great choice if you’re looking to save some money on your next car deal. It’s a money-saving opportunity to drive away a low-mileage vehicle that’s as good as new, but because it’s an ex-showroom display model, you get a chunk off the price!

With a wide-ranging stock of ex-demo cars available for sale across all Sandicliffe Ford sites, you’ll be able to choose from hundreds of nearly-new Ford cars at an exclusively discounted price. Find an ex-demo car for sale near you by browsing through our latest offers below:

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What is an ex-demo car?

Ex-demo is short for ex-demonstrator, which is a showroom model used within the business, for test drives and other demonstrations. Whilst some ex-demo cars will have been test driven by potential new car buyers, others will not have even left the forecourt.

For that reason, ex-demonstration vehicles are highly sought after and a smart choice for those looking to save some money on a ‘new’ car with minimum mileage.

What is the difference between an ex-demo car and a used car?

An ex-demonstration car is somewhere between a new car and a used car. Since a vehicle requires to be registered in order to be test driven, the dealership is technically the vehicle’s first owner, classifying the car as ‘used’. However, due to the impeccable condition and extreme low mileage of the showroom model, an ex-demo car is almost brand-new when put up for sale.

Sometimes ex-demo cars may clock up higher miles if it’s seriously popular, but even then it’s kept in excellent condition and will be regularly serviced, washed and valeted.

Should I buy an ex-demo car?

Owning an ex-demo car means driving away with a nearly new car having saved up to thousands of pounds. The cheaper price is an obvious advantage of buying an ex-demo but other benefits of buying an ex-demonstration vehicle include:

  • No Previous Owner
  • Low mileage – some come as low as 100 miles!
  • Excellent showroom condition
  • Most likely a higher spec level – we like to have our best on show!

These are just some reasons why our range of ex-demos are the perfect choice for your next ride. Browse our stock of nearly-new ex-demonstrations to find your next car today or book your appointment to see it in-store.

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