Why Its Important To Have Your Car Serviced By The Manufacturer

There Are So Many Advantages To Having Your Car Serviced By The Manufacturer, Here We Take A Look At The Benefits

Having your car regularly serviced helps to keep you safe on the road. A service can also identify minor problems before they develop into expensive repair jobs and help you to maintain your car’s warranty.

With a wide choice of garages available, who should you choose for your service? Well, there are lots of compelling reasons why it is advisable to get your car serviced by the manufacturer. For example, if you have a Ford, you should take it to a Ford dealer for its service.

We look at why it’s important that your car is regularly serviced and highlight the many benefits of having your car serviced by the manufacturer. Keep reading to find out more.

Taking your car in for a service means that a trained mechanic will give it a thorough check. A service will generally include an oil filter change, a brake check, a tyre and exhaust inspection, a clutch and steering check and an engine oil change. The three main reasons you should have your car regularly serviced are:

While you can take your car to any garage for its service, there are compelling arguments for why you should take it to the manufacturer. As well as giving you peace of mind, there are other reasons why you should take your vehicle to a specialist.

Over recent years in the UK there has been a problem with counterfeit spare parts which are generally of a lower quality than genuine parts.

To avoid this problem, head to a manufacturer as you’re much more likely to get genuine parts. Approved parts have been designed specifically for your vehicle which means they work more effectively, offer more safety and last longer.

Modern cars are evolving fast. When you take your vehicle to the manufacturer for a service, they will automatically check to see if any of your car’s features require the latest recall or service campaign related software updates – ensuring the durability of your car.

Independent garages deal with dozens of different makes and models of car. When you take your vehicle to a manufacturer you know that it will be serviced by a trained and approved technician who deals exclusively with your type of car.

Having your car serviced by a manufacturer can also ensure that you don’t encounter any problems with your warranty. We look at this issue next.

While you are free to have your car serviced by any garage that you like, if you don’t take it to an approved manufacturer dealer then you could encounter problems with your warranty.

The AA says: “Although you are free to have your car serviced at whichever garage you like - and benefit from the cost savings - you can\'t then expect much help and goodwill from the manufacturer if the car develops a major fault just after the warranty has expired.”

If you take your car to an independent garage, your mechanic will have to prove that they have 100% followed all manufacturer guidelines and used genuine manufacturer parts. This may include things as seemingly minor as which grade of oil they used.

If something goes wrong with your car, the manufacturer may claim the fault is down to a below-par service. Unless you can prove that’s not the case your warranty may not cover you and you may have to pay the cost of the repairs yourself.

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