Why Buy From A Franchised Dealer When Looking For A Used Car?

Buying A Used Car Is A Process You May Want To Consider Carefully. That’s Why You Shouldn't Settle For Anything But The Best, Here's Your Options Explained!

If you’re looking for a used car your first decision will be where to find the model of your choice. Used cars for sale can be found everywhere - from the classified ads in your local newspaper to your local Ford, Kia or Nissan dealer.

When buying a used car many people turn to a ‘franchised dealer’. These are dealers who hold franchises from car manufacturers to sell their models. Many have more than one showroom and some specialise in selling cars from a range of dealers.

To help you find the best place to buy your next used car, we’ve put together a guide to three of the best reasons to consider a franchised dealer for your next used car.

Good customer service

When you are buying a used car, customer service counts for a lot. Many people return to the main dealers they know if they\'ve had good previous experiences.

When you go to a franchised dealer you know you’re dealing with someone that knows their cars inside out. You will benefit from face to face service and you’ll have someone that can answer all the questions you have about the car you’re considering.

Franchised dealers tend to specialise in used cars from the manufacturers whose franchises they hold. This means that you will benefit from speaking to someone with in-depth product knowledge. You’ll also benefit from dedicated workshops and manufacturer-trained mechanics.

Many franchised dealers are also backed by manufacturers\' \'approved used\' car marketing schemes and advertising campaigns, and have access to stocks of ex-demonstration cars.

Great choice of cars

When you approach a franchised dealer you will be sure that there will be a wide range of models for you to choose from. Big dealer groups often have hundreds of cars in stock at several outlets meaning that if they don’t have the perfect used car at a particular location they can normally find one at one of their other dealerships.

Having a wide range of cars to choose from saves you time. You don’t have to look through every single newspaper advertisement to compare the cars available and drive around lots of smaller dealers.

A franchised dealer with their own premises should be able to show you a number of cars that fit your budget and requirements. They will also have a great choice of cars for you to test drive.

Peace of mind

Buying from an independent dealer or a private seller is fraught with risk. If you don’t get a history check on a car you could end up buying a car that has been ‘clocked’ – where the mileage is higher than the mileometer shows – or that has been involved in an accident.

When you go to a franchised dealer you will only find the best used cars. These tend to be newer cars in top condition, looking as good as new and backed by a generous warranty. These cars will typically have had a thorough pre-sale inspection and service.

Franchised dealers usually have access to greater technical and mechanical expertise than a private owner. This means that any car you buy will go through a technical inspection and will have significant faults corrected.

A good franchised dealer will also offer you a warranty on your used car. And, because you have bought from an established company, you have better comeback if something does go wrong.

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