Why a Pre-Registered or Delivery Mileage Car?

We make sense of the jargon and explain why you could get yourself a great deal with a pre-reg or delivery mileage car!

A pre-registered car is also often refered to as a Delivery Mileage Car and is essentially a brand new car that has had one registered owner already, usually a dealer. Often dozens of cars get pre-registered at a time and can save the buyer a lot of money off the listing price!

If a car is discounted by a significant amount and already has a number plate as well as low mileage, the possibility is that it is pre-registered. Make sure that you know exactly what type of specifications you want from your car so that you purchase a model that fits your needs. The best time to buy may differ and it is advisable to keep your eye out all year round. However, you’ll find that the majority of pre-registered cars are put on sale as early as a month or so after the new registration plates are released in March and September.

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