Why a Pre-Registered or Delivery Mileage Car?

We make sense of the jargon and explain why you could get yourself a great deal with a pre-reg or delivery mileage car!

Jun 28, 2017

Why a Pre-Registered or Delivery Mileage Car?

A pre-registered car is also often refered to as a Delivery Mileage Car and is essentially a brand new car that has had one registered owner already, usually a dealer. Often dozens of cars get pre-registered at a time and can save the buyer a lot of money off the listing price!

Why a Pre-Reg or Delivery Mileage Car?

  • If you are looking for a great deal on the latest model and know exactly what specifications you are after, then a pre-registered or delivery mileage car is an ideal choice. The only differences between a new car and a pre-registered car is that the dealer will be listed as the first owner and you will be the second and the car will have a shorter warranty.
  • A pre-registered car will still be in the same condition as any other brand new car found in the forecourt.
  • A delivery mileage car will have low mileage, with only delivery miles on the clock.
  • Due to significant discounts, you can benefit on the list price of an equivalent new car. You could save on average between £500 and up to as much as £2,000 depending on the model!
  • Effectively you are buying a new car which means that you will still benefit from the warranty and no MOT for three years (depending on what date it was registered – i.e., 6 months ago means it has 2.5 years before the MOT not three). Another great perk is that a dealer will also most likely offer you low cost finance and servicing deals!
  • Pre-registered cars have already been purchased by a dealer and are waiting to be sold. This means that you won’t have to wait for delivery and can take your car home on the same day!


How do I buy a Pre-Reg or Delivery Mileage car?

If a car is discounted by a significant amount and already has a number plate as well as low mileage, the possibility is that it is pre-registered. Make sure that you know exactly what type of specifications you want from your car so that you purchase a model that fits your needs. The best time to buy may differ and it is advisable to keep your eye out all year round. However, you’ll find that the majority of pre-registered cars are put on sale as early as a month or so after the new registration plates are released in March and September.

By opting for a Pre-Registered or Delivery Mileage vehicle you’re effectively buying a readymade, brand new car – just with a cheaper price tag! Contact your local Sandicliffe dealer for more information on all currently available pre-registered cars. 

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