What Is Too Good For Trade? The Question On Everyone’s Mind

Looking for a Used Car at a good price? Find out why our Too Good For Trade vehicles could be exacly what you need.

Oct 07, 2019

What Is Too Good For Trade? The Question On Everyone’s Mind

A car and a price too good to pass up! Too Good For Trade is a separate division to our usual Used Cars range where you can get your hands on a perfectly good motor for a fraction of the price.

What are Too Good For Trade cars?

Save thousands of pounds when you choose to buy a Too Good For Trade car – our stock of slightly older, part exchange vehicles. Our Too Good For Trade cars are reduced to clear and put on the clock for 30 days before being sold to exclusive trade auctions.

Why are they priced so cheap? 

Too Good For Trade cars are priced lower than our usual Used Cars range because they will have recorded a few more miles, may have a few scratches or a stone chip here and there. In other words, they don’t quite fit the criteria of Sandicliffe’s normal pre-owned retail stock but are simply too good to go to auction.

Despite being reduced to clear, all Too Good For Trade cars will have been inspected by factory trained technicians under a comprehensive 50-point vehicle check and are prepared to MOT standards. You will also enjoy a valid MOT for a minimum of 11 months upon purchase as well as a 3-month Automation Warranty (Gold or Silver dependent on age and mileage). 

So not only will you be getting a car at a fantastic price, but you can rest easy knowing that it has undergone a full mechanical check and comes with a new MOT. Why not check out what we’ve got in store today? Remember, you have just 30 days or less to decide which one you’re taking home!

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