What Is Car Part-Exchange?

Thinking of selling your car? See how you can part-exchange your current car to pay for your next one.

What Is Car Part-Exchange?

Part-exchanging your car is another way you can sell your current car for money, but this time the money goes towards buying another vehicle. In short, you are exchanging your current car’s value for ‘part’ of a new one, it is ‘part-payment’ towards your next vehicle.

Part-exchanging your car at Sandicliffe gives you the benefit of a free maximised valuation figure, meaning we can help maximise the value of your current car to ensure you secure an even better deal on your next purchase.

If you’re thinking of part-exchanging your car, you can receive a free online valuation quote – we’ll ask you some quick questions about your current car before we let you know how much we\'ll pay for it (we’re always looking for used cars to buy and sell).

Customer receiving in store car valuation

Use our free online car valuation tool to receive an indicative quote on your car. Alternatively, book a car valuation appointment today.

If you’re in the market for a new car and aren’t looking to keep your current one, you can exchange the value of your current car and trade it in as money towards the cost of your new car.

Best of all, we can offer you a Best Price Guarantee on both so you’ll get the best price for your current car and we’ll make sure the cost of your next car is the lowest in the market.

Browse our stock of vehicles and see what we have in store for you today by searching all stock.

A car valuation considers many different factors including condition, age, mileage and so on. To find out more about how your car will be valued, you can read our guide on car value and depreciation.

1) Search our range of new and used vehicles

2) Book an appointment at your nearest Sandicliffe dealership to arrange an accurate valuation

3) We’ll find you a personalised deal on your next car with the value of your current car taken off the total cost

4) You drive away your new car

Customer collecting new car from dealership

Depending on whether your next purchase is a new or used vehicle will affect the timing of delivery on your new car. If we have the vehicle in stock on the day, you may even be able to part-exchange and drive away your new car on the same day.

You will be asked to bring the following items to your appointment:

You may be asked to bring along additional documents if your current car is on finance. These include:

Smiling customer looking at new cars

Whilst some factors such as age can’t be changed to improve your car valuation, there are few things you can do to make your car more desirable. Read our guide on how to get the best price for your car now.

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