What is included in a service?

In Order To Maintain A Manufacturers Warranty, You Will Need To Have Your Car Serviced By An Approved Dealer. But What Exactly Is Included In A Service?

What is included in a service?

If you want to save money and maximise the life of your vehicle it\'s vital that your car is regularly serviced. If you fail to have your car professionally checked at regular intervals you can end up with expensive repairs, an inefficient engine and you could even be putting you and your family at risk. There are dozens of benefits to having your car regularly serviced. So, we\'ve put together a guide to what a typical service will include and why it is important you have your car inspected on a regular basis.

What a basic service will generally cover

If you take your car into a garage for an interim service (sometimes called a \'summer\' or \'winter\' service) you will generally find that the mechanic will:

Drain your engine oil and refill

Check your windscreen wipers

You\'ll normally receive a report on the condition of your vehicle highlighting any recommended work that should be done immediately or is due in the next few weeks/few thousand miles. Having your car serviced in this way helps you avoid expensive repairs by spotting problems early. It also helps you avoid an accident by ensuring safety features such as brakes and tyres are always in roadworthy condition.

Full services help your car retain its value

All cars have recommended service intervals. The manufacturer provides you with a service record which tells you how often you should have your car serviced. This will normally be:

A time period - for example every 12 months
Dependent on mileage - for example every 12,000 miles
A full service will generally include all of the checks common to an interim service but will generally be more comprehensive. The mechanic may also:

Check your radiator and drain out your cooling system
Replace your fuel filter
Top up your gearbox fluid
Check your windscreen, number plates and seatbelts

It is often recommended that you take your car for a manufacturer\'s service, particularly if your car is new. This ensures that your warranty remains valid and you often get the most appropriate service based on your car\'s age, make and model. When you book your vehicle in for a manufacturer service you will normally be given the choice of original equipment parts or the aftermarket parts of the same quality. While having your car serviced at the recommended intervals helps you to avoid expensive repairs and ensures your aren\'t driving a dangerous vehicle, it can also help you to maximise the resale value of your car. This is because cars with a full service history are generally more attractive to potential buyers. These cars tend to hold their value better and achieve higher prices. Is your car due for a service? Find out more about how we can help you here.

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