We’re Blushing for Red Nose Day!

1988 saw the birth of a national effort striving towards making the world a better place, find out how we took part in Red Nose Day this year.

We’re Blushing for Red Nose Day!

Every two years, the BBC put on a great night jam-packed of humour and entertainment sprinkled with inspiring heartfelt stories straight to our telly screens. It’s a day dedicated to raising awareness for those less fortunate in the UK and around the world. People do all sorts of crazy things for money! But how do you fundraise?

From bake-offs to digging out our favourite red jumpers, see how everyone at Sandicliffe (even our cars) gets involved with Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day 2019:

The ultimate fundraising classic – a cake sale:

From sweet tooth to 50 shades of red! Our teams dig out their favourite red threads in support of the great cause.

Our cars also joined in…

Join us in our social media comments and let us know how you fundraised this Red Nose Day!

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