Water You Know About World Water Day?

From World Water Day to amphibious cars, dive into some eye-opening facts about the current water crisis and join us for a quick discussion on our favourite car-boat hybrids here.

Water You Know About World Water Day?

Did you know 2.1 billion people don’t have access to clean and safe water at home? Due to poor sanitation and the dangerous consumption of dirty water, more than 700 children aged 5 or below die. That’s not taking into account the 800 women who face death due to preventable complications during pregnancy or childbirth.

In line with our obsession for cars, this World Water Day we explored, wait for it, amphibious vehicles! We’ve put together a list of our favourite car-boat hybrids, built for the sea and the motorway. Talk about off-roading!

Let’s start with the most mass-produced of the lot – the Volkswagen Schwimmwagen:

Next on the list is the Gibbs Aquada:

Thirdly, but perhaps one of the most exciting – the Rinspeed sQuba:

Flying the flag for Germany again - the Sealander Schwimmcaravan:

From caravan to bike, last but not least we have the Gibbs Biski:

On that note, if you could take one of these crazy hybrids out for a free spin, which would it be and why? And more importantly, what are you doing this World Water Day? Let us know in our social media comments where we’ll be sure to reply!

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