Top 5 Cycling Routes for Families in the UK

Are you looking for inspiration for a family day in the great outdoors? Make the most of the UK summer with our Top 5 cycling routes and trails.

Do you want to get out in the countryside this summer? Why not take inspiration from the Tour De France 2015 competitors, who are being sponsored this year by one of Sandicliffe’s own franchises – Skoda. So round up the family, attach bikes onto your car and type one of these beautiful cycling routes into your sat-nav.

If you’re willing to travel further for a cycling day out, Box Hill is a family-friendly route based in the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The smooth trail inclines smoothly in a zig-zag through lush Surrey woodland. The track itself was resurfaced for the 2012 Olympic Games, making it a leisurely rural ride which stretches around 2.5km. If you or other riders in your group are cycling novices, Box Hill is ideal as it’s neither long nor steep. The summit is approached in a more round-about way, making a change from the common straight-line routes.

Box Hill at a glance:
Distance: 2.5km
Avg Grade: 5%
Lowest Elev: 54m
Highest Elev: 180m

If your group consists of seasoned cyclists, this is the route for you. However if you’re looking for a casual ride on a country trail, this isn’t for you! Winnats Pass is situated to the west of Castleton village, in the National Trust High Peak Estate. With its high gradient surrounded by huge limestone hills, Winnats is a great way to take in the Midlands’ famous Peak District on two wheels. Although the route stretches just 1km there are parts which have a 25% gradient, making it very hard to make casual stops and start back up again. We can’t stress enough – this route is for people with serious stamina for uphill cycling.

Winnats Pass at a glance:

Distance: 1.0km
Avg Grade: 14%
Lowest Elev: 258m
Highest Elev: 393m

Again, this cycle route will require a long car journey, but Great Dun Fell in Cumbria is the perfect spot for a long weekend or holiday in the northern countryside. Great Dun Fell is the epitome of peaceful, leafy British landscape, with windy rural paths and rolling hills. The route is 7.4km in length and runs up to highest point of the Pennines – a mountain range which is also popular with climbers. This route is best suited to cyclists with some experience though, as the terrain features many boulders and the track itself becomes very narrow and steep nearer the summit. But it’s worth sweating it out for the stunning view!

Great Dun Fell at a glance:
Distance: 7.4km
Avg Grade: 8%
Lowest Elev: 219m
Highest Elev: 844m

This route offers a fantastic day out for all the family. It stretches for just 1.61 km, is flat throughout and ends with a ride through Rowntree Park, alongside the attractive river Ouse. Rowntree Park takes its name from the Yorkshire confectionary giant who opened the park in 1921. An extra bonus for the kids; you can stop off and take a short walk to York’s Chocolate Story experience!

Take a look at the route map here.

Riccall To York at a glance:
Distance: 1.61km
Duration: Avg. 50 minutes
Rote name: Riccall to York via Old Railway Line
Avg Grade: 2%

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